Crown brushes

Im really, very fussy when it comes to the right kind of makeup brushes to have at hand. The old saying,
'A craftsman never blames his tools' doesnt seem right to me. I think it absolutely imperitive that a Makeup Artist have the best possible tools at his or her disposal - and if they are not the best, I do blame my tools!

I've tried very cheap brushes, and they are. Well, crap.

One thing I will not skimp on, are my makeup brushes.

I have a few staples in my kit - and a few that I constantly have to renew.  Blending brushes are an absolute must in my brush belt - I could not, and would not be happy trying to create most eye looks without several blending brushes.

Once again - there are several makeup companies out there, who are - knowingly or not, bringing out brushes that are replicas of the more well known makeup brands.

I've tried them - uninpressed.

The craze for the 'duo fibre brushes' seems to be in full swing now - and I have to admit, I do like applying a liquid or cream foundation with a large duo fibre brush.

Recently, I have been on the look out for more of a dense, foundation buffing brush. I currently have a big obsession with creating a enviable, flawless foundation look on all my clients, aswell as myself.

I love the look of a flawless, full coverage base, but to not to be able to see the makeup on the skin.

After what seems years of looking - finally I found what I was looking for.

Introducing the Crown, Deluxe Buffing brush.

I love this brush. So do my clients! Everytime I use this brush on a client, they always ask where they can purchase one.
This brush is fabulous at applying foundation of all types. Liquid, cream and even powder. The density of the tight packed bristles ensure the product you are using is buffed onto the skin, creating the most flawless finish possible.

I've also used this brush for pressed powder and bronzer - it leaves any product, virtually undetectable on your skin.

I've yet to find a brush similiar to this anywhere else. Yes, other brands do the 'buffing' brushes that advertise they can be used for foundation, but I still find the bristles too loose, not densley packed into the barrel, therefore not giving the buffed look I so desperately wanted!

Another great thing about this brush? It doesnt malt allover your face - I've washed it several times, and it still hasn't shed any hairs. The brush hair is also, NOT DYED. I have one buffing brush which, every time I washed it, it would malt, and the water was alsways black after from the dye - this from a brand who charges the most for their retail, high end brushes.

Another singing praise for this particular Crown brush, is the fact it doesnt make your face itch! Alot of brushes similiar to this, leave the face so tickly, you are in great danger of scracthing all your makeup off after using it!

The handle on this brush is also the perfect length. Unlike some makeup brushes which are very long, you can't get too close to the mirror you are working in front of.

This brush provides ease of use, due to its length - it also feels comfortable to hold. The feel of the brush on your skin as you work the makeup onto it - is sublime, almost like a mini face massage.

I believe all budding MUAS, experienced muas, in fact anyone who wears makeup should buy this brush.

If I believe a brush or makeup product to be worthy of praise, I will shout it from the rooftops - and this brush is most certainly worth climbing to the top of any rooftop - and me, scared of heights.....

Use the link to take you directly to all details of this brush - and until the end of this month - get 10% off using this code: FINGC2014 - Hurry! This code can be used for ALL products on Crowns website, including all brushes, makeup and accessories! - This brush sells out QUICK!

Deluxe Round Buffer


ELF HD Blusher

Its no secret, that I love makeup. Being a professional makeup artist has been my life for the past, 12 years.

I am constantly on the look out for fabulous, new makeup to adorn my makeup kit - and as most of the work I do is going to be seen on camera, I have to be sure the makeup I create looks exactly the same in the photographs, as it does to the naked eye.

Maybe I'm making so sense? But have you ever noticed that your makeup looks fabulous when you apply it in front of your bedroom mirror - but then when the photographs appear on Facebook the next morning?
Your face looks chalky? Whiter than your body? It looks powdery and stark?

If your face is going to be infront of the camera, your need to be looking at what your are putting on your face, not only 'cus it looks pretty, but because its compatible witht the flashing lights.

HD makeup has seen a huge rise in makeup circles in the past couples of years. With HD foundations, concealers and even powders readily available.

I hear some people dispute it's just another way to get everyone into a new craze, buying, yet more makeup to weigh down our makeup kits.
I beg to differ.

I work with hundreds of brides, creating their bespoke Wedding Day makeup. Their makeup looking impeccible is paramount - when they get their photographs back, they want to be looking their very best.
I also work on alot of photoshoots - where the minute the model walks onto the set he/she is surrounded by photography lighting. If the makeup isn't compatible, you will notice. Likewise if the makeup is HD - this is also noticeable. It looks fantatstic!

High Definition products are usually:
SPF free
Talc free
Contain low amounts of Mica.

I could easily write a blog on all things HD - but lets keep to why I am here. Introducing ELF HD blushers.

I discovered ELF Makeup last year - trialing a few of their products. The range of products they have are great, and the prices are also fantastic.

Im fussy at what makeup products become destined to take pride of place in my professional makeup kit. I always trial a product on myself - before deciding if its worthy for travelling with me far and wide.

I discovered these little gems a few weeks back and at only £4.50 each I decided to buy one of each colour. Well, it is for my kit.............
I also couldn't help but notice they could easily be a dupe for another well known brand of HD blushers. The only thing that wasn't a dupe was the price......

The blushers took around two weeks to turn up - I could have kissed the postman when he arrived with them.

Positives and first impressions.
Packaging looks very modern and is definitely dressing table worthy.
The range of colours is impressive. Elf currently do 5 colours in this range. To some people this may not seem enough, but really, it is. I find some companies stock way too many colours - trust me, a few staple colours in your kit, is all you need. I have far too many blushers, as it's one of my favourite beauty products. In all honesty I only usually take around 8 with me for each job I work on.
The range of colours ( see below ) means there is, without doubt a colour for all skin tones. Well done ELF - no skin tone will miss out with this product.

Superstar - This is a deep pink tone - with what I would say a peach undertone. This colour is perfect on olive skin tones. I am a NW15 in MAC foundations - I did try this on my skin tone, and it was quite deep in tone. I found day time use it was too strong, but for evening wear, it was perfect. I use this colour alot on brides - Asian skin tones look lovely with this colour.

Headliner - This is my favourite colour for myself - and fairer skintones. Its a light, pastel pink. Dont be deceived thinking as it is the lightest colour it wont give good colour pay-off. Only a small amount is needed to give a lovely flush of colour. Another favourite for bridal makeup.

Diva - I compare this colour to a MAC lipstick - 'Girl about town'. This colour is very richly pigmented and looks best on warmer skin tones.

Encore - A deeper version of the colour, Diva. Again this colour would look great on the deeper skin tones out there.

Showstopper - Love this colour on the darkest of skins. Gorgeous. A deep, rich purple.

Diva, Encore and Showstopper are great blushers to use on photoshoots - fantastic on camera.

How to apply
I read a few of the reviews of this product on the elf website. The one things which seemed to pop up time and again was some people decided this product 'horrendous' or 'made you look like a clown'.
It doesnt.

Its very difficult when you buy a product, especially if it is offline, as you have had no demonstration of the product, nor have you had the chance of trying it before your buy, as you could do if you were buying it instore.
HD products as always richer in pigment - as is this product.
This is one of the best things about this product! I would rather have a product that was richer in pigment, which when used correctly, gives fantastic results, than a watered down, low in pigment product that needs constant build up ( hence using alot more ) and wears off within a few hours. What a waste of money.

The ELF HD blushers are so rich in pigment - when I first tried them on my hand - the smallest amount left the most fantastic colour pay off. I find products low in colour pigment, easily rub off just with the hand or a tissue. This stuff had to be removed with makeup remover. Thats a good start.

I applied the colour Stargazer - at 8am. I was working all day, and got home around 6pm.
The blusher hadn't moved, it hadnt slid down my face. It was still on, where I had applied it, with the same colour intensity.

Apply this product correctly - and you are onto a winner.
Apply this product incorrectly, rubbing it into your skin, will, quite obviously give you clown looking cheeks - whatever colour your choose.

The best way to apply this product is with a brush - if you apply using your fingers, dont expect fantatstic results, you've been warned.

A brush means you have control over how much is applied, and where it is applied. The best brush I found for applying this was the ever popular Crown Duo fibre brush. Choose the medium size brush. Too big, and you cant control the placement of the product - too small, I find it holds too much product and gives alot of colour payoff.

When using the ELF HD blusher, make sure you shake the bottle before use, as any water/oils can easily seperate whilst it is standing.
The pump bottle keeps the product hygenic and gives ease of use. Apply a small amount to your hand, and using your duo fibre brush, apply the product to the cheek area, gradually.
Again - I find this product is best applied to a fresh, foundation applied face. Dont cake your cheeks in powder, than expect a cream product to apply seamlessly - it will just clog and go patchy.

I find it hard to find any negatives with this product. I have tried - but in all honesty, for me, there aren't any.
Buy your ELF HD blushers here:

e.l.f. Studio HD Blush

Why not try it for yourself? ELF also do some HD foundation - I have my eyes on those! Has anyone else tried these?

Let me know what you think!