If you could look like a celebrity......

Who would it be?

I often, as I'm sure everyone else does ( or at least I hope so! ) look at certain celebrities and wonder what it would be like to look like them, even just for a day?

I'm sure it's not just me, as I get asked all the time by clients, to make them look like:
These are the top requested;

Kim Kardashian
Adele ( Its the eye makeup )
Cheryl Cole

I personally, if I could like like a celebrity for a day, would go for the following:
I am greedy and have chosen more than one.

Elizabeth Taylor - She was stunning. Her face, eyebrows and timeless beauty get's me every time. Look how radiant she was. Those eyes were truly hypnotic. She had such great features I'm pretty sure she would have looked great without any makeup on. She would be my No1 choice.

Penelope Cruz - I think she has such a sultry, mysterious look about her. I love her skin tone, hair colour and dark eyes. She also has amazing bone structure. I love Olive/Spanish/Meditteranean skin tones. They always look so healthy and that kind of skin tone tans so well. I also think warm skin, mixed with warm hair and warm eyes looks really beautiful.

I would also love to look like someone like Gisele for the day. ( I know, that's three.... ) I wonder what it is like to be so effortlessly beautiful? To wake up and look like that? I'd also love to know how it would feel to have a figure like her's.
To wear anything, and look great.

So, who would you love to look like for the day?

Past or present?
What would you do if you could look like that person?
Mmmmmmmm, the list is endless!


Aromanate - Gorgeous new company

I have been so busy the past few weeks I have not had any spare time, what so ever!

I did however receive some lovely products from new company, Aromanate. For which, I had to make some time for.....
Haven't heard of them? These guys opened online on the 25th of May, this year.

If you love pampering yourself. If you love luxury and real quality for your money, then read on. These products have truly got me hooked!
I was lucky enough to be given quite a range of goodies to have a play with. And I love, truly love, anything indulgent like this.
Give me a box of pampering, body loving goodies and I'll lock myself away in the bathroom and emerge several hours later.
And that's exactly what I did.

Now this new company has some truly gorgeous products. Don't be fooled into thinking they are just another 'online. beauty store '. Aromanate has truly captured the essence of 'luxury'.

I would say their prices are spot on for the quality you are given in return.
Any way, enough of me gushing and let's have a look at the products.

So, I was extremely lucky, and very, very happy to receive this absolutely, beautifully divine, tank candle.

Take a look.

I honestly wish that technology was so advanced I could somehow send all of you a micro chip of the amazing scent of this candle. Amazing.

What makes this candle so totally heavenly? ( I love this candle )
Just the packaging alone is so elegant and oozes luxury. The packaging reminds me of quaint, London boutiques. Lovely, elegant, deep boxes, wrapped in a rich, silky, chocolately brown ribbon. The companies name, Aromanate is printed in gold. Even before you open the exquisite box, you are filled with the anticipation of what lies beneath it.
When you open it, the scent of the candle hits you. The Candle is gorgeous, and has four wicks in the centre. The candle is placed in chocolate brown paper.
I can't stop talking about the fragrance of this candle. It's truly extraordinary. I've never smelt a candle like it.
Aromanates managing director informs me that ONLY essential oils are used to scent the candle, which would make perfect sense. In reality you are burning essential oils in a wax base which would explain why the scent is so strong. Don't get me wrong. Its not 'strong' in the 'quick, blow it out, its giving me a headache' sense, Its divine.
It smells 'rich' The scent speaks volumns.
I usually find cheaper scented candles give me a headache after a while. I'm guessing that must be the artificial fragrance. As Aromanate's candles are scented naturally, no headache came on. Bonus.
I left this candle on for hours. My whole home smelt of this fragrance! This is the perfect home accessory. A real, centre piece.
I personally think £50 is a bargain for the quality of these, considering I have used other 'top' branded candles. Not naming names, but I'm talking the 'top' ones. I can say, these are on par with quality, and sorry, but the fragrance of these candles are so strong, it's simply amazing.
I came home to my apartment today, after a 9 hr shift, and my whole home smells of this glorious candle.
You know the sort of things you cant live without? Food, water, chocolate, eyelash curlers.... Well Aromanate candles now have a worthy place there too. If you are looking for a special gift, these are perfect. A perfect gift for yourself!
I really didn't feel my camera did the candle justice, so I took one off the Aromanate official website.

These candles come in several fabulous fragrances, and also in smaller sizes, although I am a sucker for the tank size.......
Why not try classic French Vanilla and Lavender, or Warming, Spiced Apple and Pumpkin? What gorgeous names......

Next up are these goodies!
I was so excited about these, seeing as the sun decided to turn up this week. These product's came just in time for me to get my skin scrubed up and detoxed!

I love mud masks so naturally, I loved Aromanates PURE Dead Sea Mud. This mud is 100% Dead Sea Mud. You've seen all the pictures and videos of people on holiday in Egypt, covering themselves in Dead Sea mud whilst in the Dead Sea.
Well, here you have it, in the luxury of your own home! Love it!

This stuff is packed full of vitamins and minerals. It can be used on the face or body. I used it on my legs before I exfoliated.
Regular use is supposed to help reduce cellulite. Sounds good to me!

I'm guessing this product has been a hit for this company, all my friends love Mud masks, especially ones that come in tubs this size!

At £10.50, you can't complain. That price to help reduce Cellulite, Stimulate and Detox skin? Yes please!

I love these.
Aromanate sent me two soaps to try.
These are gorgeous, Great if you want a small pressie for someone. I just bought two for some friends as a little thank you. They loved them.
Wrapped in lovely brown 'parchment' paper. With the soap scent printed on the front.
Again, these are handmade and hand cut. Just lovely. They smell, just heavenly, made with natural ingredients and fragrances. Yummy. The Fig and Cassis smells good enough to eat. And at only £3.95 that is an absolute bargain. They lather lovely on the skin, and leave a delicate scent with it.

Apricot and Sea Salt

Fig and Cassis
 Take a look at their fantastic range of handmade soaps here. They have lots of fabulous fragrances!
Aromanate handmade soaps

Now, I have saved my second favourite ( after that amazing candle ) till last.
Aromanate, Turkish Rose, Dead Sea Salt Exfoliator,
Oh my.........
I have used a lot of exfoliators in my time. A lot, some are scratchy, some not scratchy enough, some are  too watery, some are not watery enough. I'm extremely fussy.
Aromanate have found just the right balance here.
I love the packaging. Again, in a lovely flip top jar, with the signature brown ribbon.
Look at the bathroom worthy packaging here.

In fact, all Aromanates products are bathroom worthy..... They love the attention

The scent of the product is to die for! The consistency is just divine.
Again, Aromanate have not scrimped on quality. This product contains 13 essential oils Did you hear that? Yes, thirteen.

Look at what's in this scrub:
Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba, Evening Primrose, Lavender, Patchouli, Lime ,Clove Bud, Roman Chamomile, May Chang, Ylang Ylang, Tangerine, Cedar Leaf, Geranium, Rose.

That's impressive, and that's gonna do your skin some serious favours.
The oils all rise to the surface, so when you first receive it it looks like a thick layer of oil is on top, you just need to mix it round before use.
Now you can see where the fantastic fragrance comes from.
Absolute luxury. An absolute must for your summer skincare regime. This stuff would be great to use before fake tan. After use the oils are left on the skin, and leave it so silky smooth and smelling delicious. There's no need for perfume after you have used this. The scent is just incredible.My skin was positively glowing after using this. I came out of the bath feeling so relaxed and de-stressed, even lying in bed I could smell the essential oils. My bed now smells of this fantastic scrub.I will be buying this when Ive run out of this one, and at this rate that will be pretty quick. The smell is addictive.
The salt is not scratchy and not too fine, just coarse enough to really slough away dead skin, but almost massage at the same time. I rubbed some onto my feet after a a long day's work. It worked wonders.
Priced at £25.00. Only PURE Dead Sea Salt is used in this particular scrub. Other scrubs include, Tranquility Dead Sea Scrub. They have two other scrubs. Click the link below to have a nosey!

Aromanate is the perfect name for this company.
Scents and fragrance, as we all know, are powerful in creating memories and provoking old ones, and Aromanate have captured this in their extraordinary products.
I love discovering new companies. Aromanate has something no one else has. Their products are divine and truly unique. They ooze luxury and wealth. An absolute must for any girl who loves pampering herself. Which girl doesn't?

I love this brand . What a little gem, I'm expecting big thing's from Aromanate. Watch this space!

Buy their gorgeous product's here

Makeup Artist Tips

I have been asked this week, several times, what my best tip's and trick's are as a Professional Makeup Artist.

I seriously had to rack my brains. I have so much makeup information running around up there, it was hard to slow it all down and catch it!

So, I have narrowed it all down and have chosen a few of my favourite behind the scenes hints and tips.

1) Use an eye primer to keep eye makeup on. Yes, yes it works. But I still get people complaining that their shadow is still creasing. Now, take it from someone who has seen some seriously greasy eyelids. Mine being one of them.

You need to follow these tips too.
DO NOT, under any circumstances, moisturise your eyelids before applying it. Why would you? Greasy eyelids will just break the product down. What a waste of time applying it.
Apply to a clean, dry, oil free eyelid, with a brush. Yes, brush. Your fingers contain natural oils, and again will break down the primer.
Oil free lid + brush + primer = happy eyeshadow.

See my bridal makeup blog for my eye primer recommendations

2) Always try lipsticks on your lip's, not your hand. Your lip's are a different colour to your hand, so it will never look the same. If your lips are warmer, that pink lipstick you're eyeing up may come out chalky on your lips.
If you have a naturally lighter lip colour, then the darker lip colour you like, will be very strong.
Try before you buy. If you really want the colour of the lipstick to be true, blank out your natural lip colour with lip erase or concealer before hand.

3) Has your fake tan streaked? Going out later in the evening? Use some gradual, moisturiser tan. Rub it over the streaks. By the evening your streaks should have disappeared. To prevent streaking in the first place put this tip into practice straight away, Apply your fake tan, then straight after, rub some gradual tan on top. The next morning your tan will have intensified and should be streak free.

Dove gradual tan. My first choice.

4) In a rush? Use your favourite lipstick as a blusher and lip colour.

5) Use a matte, face powder one or two shades darker than your skin as a contour powder. Great for use under cheekbones, or to 'shape' eyelids. Blend blend blend......

6) Always keep your lip and cheek in the same colour family.

7) Darkness and light. Anything dark in the makeup world, retratcts, minimises. Want to fake Kate Moss' cheekbones? Use a darker powder in the hollows of your cheeks. Want to slim the nose down? Use a darker powder on each side....
Highlighter bounces light away. So use it above your cheekbones to accentuate and 'PUSH FORWARD'

The best way I can describe this theory to people is like this. Darkness, makes features 'fall back' If you add darkness on the face, you will create a shadow. This is why we use crease colours on the eyelid, or bronzer in the hollows of the cheek.
Light brings features 'forward' Use brighter colours to 'open' an eye. If your eyes are more sunken, brighter, lighter colour's are great at bringing the eye 'forward'

A classic example of this highlighting / shading technique is the cheekbone 'trick'

Use a dark, matte ( remember shimmer / lighter products reflect light ) powder as a contour powder. Use this under your cheekbone. Blend until you are happy with the effect.
Use a highlighter, anything light, bright, shimmery or dewy on the top part of the cheekbone. Use this product in a 'C' shape from the brow bone, around to the top of the cheekbone.

A little thing you may notice, when you look at pictures of celebrities, is this.
A lot seem to have a lighter 'panel' through the centre of the face. the T zone, if you like. Then around the hairline, jaw and under the neck always seems warmer.

( Seriously, check out google images, it is subtle, but when you look for it, you will notice it )

Why do you think that is?

What does light do?
What does dark do?

Using light in the centre of the face enhances features, as the warmer colour around the jawline and hairline pulls everything in. This technique is almost like a mini facelift! And is sometimes referred to as the 'halo effect'.

This can be achieved with two different foundations, but it is so much easier to just use a highlighter and bronzer!

Do you have any other things you would like to ask? Maybe you have your own beauty / makeup query?


Face fascination

My husband agrees, I have an obsession with face's. In fact, I'm beginning to think I have far too many obsession's and I should probably seek some sort of professional help.


I do, I love faces. They fascinate me.
I love to study them, and have an inapt ability to recognise a face, even if I have only seen it just the one time.
I intentionally ( and unintentionally ) study faces.

I love how a face tells a story, and I love looking at a face at instantly knowing what makeup would look fabulous on it.
I love when a client says:
'I would never have used that, that looks amazing!'
Year's of working with and studying faces will do that to you!

I even find myself doing this exact same thing in shop's. Only the other day, standing in the queue at Starbucks I was studying the face of the girl serving, visualising her as a Greek goddess, with sun kissed skin and waved hair. Deciding just what colour's I would use if I had her in my makeup chair!

So, which celebrities would I love to get my hands on. ( In the makeup sense, that is.... )
Gosh, there are so many!

And for so many reasons

I always thought Elizabeth Taylor was beautiful. I remember watching her as Cleopatra as a child and being mesmerised by her. She truly was, a rare beauty. Now there's a face that would stand out in a crowd. She didn't need to spend hours in makeup to look this incredible. If I could look like anyone, even for a day, I think I would choose Elizabeth Taylor. No one can deny this beauty. How I would have loved to have worked my makeup magic on her. Look at those brows!

My obsession with faces continues as I see a striking resemblance to a young Elizabeth Taylor here.

Look. Lily Collins.

Megan Fox, I don't know what it is, but I love her face. I think she has a quirky likeness to Lauren Hill. With her face shape, eye shape and lips. Again, I love her brows. Her makeup artist is fantastic. He/she really knows how to play up her features. She always look's stunning. Smoky eyes are her trademark and the plum lips with her raven hair is just perfect.

How versatile is Natalie? It seems like she is up for anything makeup wise. She looks great au natural or the complete opposite. She suits it all. I love her 'fresh' look, I love her skin and brows. Her bone structure and cheekbones are to die for. I imagine she look's great even when she first wakes up. She has truly been blessed in the 'looks great without makeup' gene.
Jealous, me? Yes.....

Kate. I will be honest, I never 'got it' when I was younger. Everyone was crazy over her it seemed, except me. Now when I look at pictures of her, especially her early years.
Wow. She had the most amazing cheekbones ever. Her face seemed to 'glow'. Minimal makeup would be her best look. Glossy skin, sculpting powder, maybe a little clear lipgloss. In the words of Gordon Ramsey. Done.
This face could really carry off so many different looks. Maybe that's why she was such a successful model

In all honesty, I prefer to study a face, without the war paint.

A blank face / canvas, like a picture has so much potential. Makeup, can enhance someone's best feature's, but also, if applied incorrectly, and many a time, without realisation, it can also hide someone's best feature.

Some people I work on, come to me with a full face of makeup.
Yes, they come to me for a make up lesson / appointment, with a full face on. Most of the time it's because this person has become so attached to their makeup they feel 'naked' without it.

Some of the best makeup's I have done have been on girls who AFTER taking all their makeup off, I have discovered have amazing bone structure or fantastic skin.

And to think, all that was all hidden, under makeup.

Embrace what you have girls. Don't let the media tell you what is beautiful, don't let them fool you into thinking unless you wear the false lashes, seven inches of foundation and red lips, you don't fit the bill. Because, let's face it, the same magazines that make you feel that way, are the same magazines that air brush the celebrities in them to look that way anyway!

Go figure!

So, who's face would you love to study? Who's features do you envy? Do tell......

Ruth E

Hey, Sailor!

 What have we here?

Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder. Limited Edition in Sundipped - Red Toned.
Natural. Best for NW Skintones. 

Gorgeous 'Sailor' packaging. Reminds me of beach holidays when I was young....

This bronzer is just delicious. If I recommend just one item from this range, then it would be this. Anyone who is a fan of the MAC Pro Longwear Eyeshadows, the texture and durability of these bronzers are just the same. They blend beautifully, they adhere to the skin, and do not need topping up. I have oily skin, and this lasted on my face the whole day. This particular colour, Sundipped, is perfect for fairer, warmer skinned girlies. On my NW15 skin, it's perfect.

Nude on Board is a bronzy, yellow tone, ideal for cooler skin tones. ( NC )

Confused with all the NW NC talk? Check out my blog post on it here:

 Salute! Neutral peach ( Amplified )

Now, I'm sure by now, you all know, I love, MAC lipstick's.
This is not just 'another' MAC lipstick. I adore this colour. Any of you ladie's who love either Myth, Shygirl, Peachstock or Cherish. Try this. In fact, just everyone try this. It is an Amplified color ( strong pigment ) which is also lovely and creamy. If your lip colour is a little warmer I would suggest you 'buff' this colour in, as it can 'blank' your lipcolour out.

Orange Tempera Lipglass - Pale Peach

Orange Tempera Lipgloss. This colour is fantastic on its own, or on top of a lipstick. It look great on top of Salute! Lipstick

Swatch book time

Mmmmmmmmmm. Sneak preview at the new Sailor range, out ( in stores ) in the UK on Thursday. Isn't it lovely! I love the packaging, and visuals surrounding it. Very 1950s.

This collection will not be around for long.
Other items included in this range include highlighting powders, tinted lipglosses, eyeshadows, body oils..... Oh the list is endless.
Needless to say, I want them all. I think every girl will....

Available online now

Get yourself down to your nearest MAC counter on Thursday and treat yourself. Bring on summer!