Duchess Katherine - Princess Bride

Okay ladies.

I seem to have a theme going on at the moment.

This Bride, isn't a bride to be.

Oh no, she is now a Princess bride.
Introducing. Kate Middleton.

It seems wherever you go at the moment everyone, everywhere is talking about this new Duchess.

She only has to buy a dress from a high street outlet and they are sold out within hours.
The perfume she wore for her wedding day sold out, and the waiting list for a bottle is now two weeks....

I get asked a lot, to recreate her makeup look. Her signature look is very fresh, natural and understated.

I was quite amused to find most of the products, she wears, I already have, stashed away in my MU kit. Two of which I wore on my own Wedding Day.

So, do you want to recreate her signature look?

Let's have a peek in her makeup bag.

Nice and Natural

It is claimed that Kate uses the Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow's.

I carry a few in my kit, being very natural they are great for Bridal makeup.

Kate uses the matte 'Ivory' colour all over the lid. This colour is great at evening out skin tone, and brightening the eye.

She uses 'Rockstar' all over the lid, upto the crease. Rockstar is a metallic texture. So it's not very high in pigment, just very high in shimmer. The colour is like a grey/slate. It does create alot of fall down on the cheeks. Apply before foundation.
You have to 'pack' this colour on to create any kind of build up.

She uses 'Slate' in the crease.This is matte, and a deep grey tone. Use sparingly

Priced at £15.50 each

I've used the above colours to recreate the 'Kate' Eye.

Bobbi Browns Ivory Eyeshadow as a base. Upto brow bone. Rockstar ( can you see the slight shimmer ) on the lid. Slate on the outer corner and crease. Kate Signature eyeliner has also been applied to top and bottom.

Renowned for her signature eyeliner, Kate uses Bobbi Brown's Black Ink, Gel Eyeliner.

This stuff is good. It stays put and creates a lovely defined line.

If you find this a little too pricey, at £16.50, try Maybelline's own gel eyeliner. Cheaper, and it comes with it's own little eyeliner brush.



£7.99 ( with brush )

The Duchess loves the Lancome Hypnose mascara.

These mascara's are great, I would go as far as to say, some of the best I have used.

They aren't cheap at £21.00 a pop.

I do tend to find they dry out very quickly, which is the only downfall. This may be due to their high water content.

But the colour pigment and richness of the actual mascara ( this particular one ) is fab.

Kate is another, supposed fan of the iconic, YSL, Touche Eclat. Who isn't? She can use it under eyes for shadows ( remove that Rockstar shadow fall down ) or on her brow bone to brighten.

The Duchesse's cheeks always seem to have a certain 'glow' to them. Would you agree? She teams it up with a blusher and soft shimmer.

 I used this very blusher on my Wedding Day. It's gorgeous. Don't let the colour deceive you. It look's bright in this picture, but also when you see it at a Bobbi Brown counter. When you apply it, it's so natural. The colour is perfect for fairer skinned girls. It complement's the skin beautifully and builds up gradually. Grab yourself one of these! £18.00

The very popular Shimmer Brick.
Bobbi brought this out as a limited edition but the customer response to it was so high she brought it out permanently. Along with quite a few other's.

Kate uses the Bronze Shimmer Brick.

Dust it directly over blusher or above the cheekbone for a subtle glow.

These are not 'glittery'. They are great when you feel a little under the weather or your skin feels a bit flat. They add an undeniable flush and glow to the skin.



I've never seen the Duchess wearing a strong lip colour, have you? I think she would look stunning with a strong red lip! Her everyday lip colour compliments the rest of her makeup perfectly.

Bobbi Brown has so many lipsticks, and there are a handful which are very popular for bridal or everyday natural use. Kate is keen on the Sandwash Pink colour which she has apparently used for quite some time......
£18.00 each

Kate sometime's like's to use Bobbi Brown's Crystal Lip gloss on top of her regular lipstick.

This particular lipgloss is one of my all time favourite's.
It's called Crystal, so you would think it would have some kind of shimmer running through it
Its just a clear gloss. Very thick, very glossy.
I love using this gloss on top of lipsticks. It brings the colour to life, and creates extra dimension.

Priced at £14.00

Kate alway's looks great head to toe. Her nail's are always polished to perfection. These two colour's were what Marina Sandoval of the Joe Hansford Salon in London combined to create Kate's Bridal Nails.

Essie. No 423 Allure.
And Bourjois. No 28 Rose Lounge

I have never used either, but the colours look so pretty I may have to invest in both!

Have you used either of them?

I'm a fan of the classic French manicure......

What do you think of Kate's makeup? I think she look's gorgeous whatever she wears. Clothes or makeup.
Have you used any of these product's? What do you think?

What ever will Kate wear next? Whatever it is, we can be sure of this. Makeup or clothes, it will sell out within hours.

Kate. The new Style Icon.


Sanctuary. Invest in this.

I rarely get excited over skin care.
It seems my whole career revolves around me searching out new makeup for my kit.
Till now.

Over two weeks ago I turned 30.

When I hit the big Three Zero, I decided it was probably high time to invest in some decent ( reasonably priced ) skin care.

Reluctantly, I went into Boots and skulked over to their Skincare Section.
Most of my teenage years had been spent here, in this very section. Spotty faced, looking at the latest blemish fighting, skin perfecting products, which funnily enough, never worked.

However, this time round I was hunting to find some new, miracle products to inject some life, radiance and moisture into my somewhat laggin, lackluster, sandpaper textured skin.

Nothing really grabbed my attention until I walked over to the Sanctuary range.

I had heard so many good things about this company. My own mother, who is a self confessed, bargain hunter, (will only pay decent money for quality kind ) has a bottle of the Sanctaury Cleansing Oil stashed away in her bathroom.

The one thing that grabbed me was the packaging. Yes. I admit it. I like nice packaging, it draws me in. Any packaging that is pink, and has words such as 'youth boosting' printed on the front in enough to get anyone's attention.
But, saying that, if the price tag and description does nothing for me. It's staying on the shelf.

Pretty in pink

They have so much variety. Polishing cleansers, warming cleansers, brightening cleansers, oil cleansers, I didn't know where to start.
It probably didn't help I had walked into the store 15 minutes before they were due to shut and I was getting the evil eye off the shop assistant.

So, I chose quick. I know I wanted a cleansing oil. That was the easy part. Sanctuary, having so many gorgeous products I was torn between them all and time was ticking. In the end my very happy shopping basket had the pleasure of carrying. Sanctuarys, Warming Microbrasion Polish.

Rather impressed with my quick decision making ( I am very indecisive ) and excited with my new purchases, I paid and set off home to try them out.

Never one renowned for my patience, running my bath, I opened the products like a child would his or her sweet wrappings.

First I got started on the Ultimate Facial Cleansing Oil.
I pumped two loads into the palms of my hand and massaged it over my face.

Good enough to eat. But, don't.

The satisfaction that I felt as the oil some what dissolved away the remnents of the day, was truly worth every penny. The work, the travel the stresses ( the makeup ). All of it gone. 
The oil is divine. It is not highly fragranced, which I love, and anything that can dissolve all the makeup I have been wearing since 8am that morning gets the thumbs up from me.

I love facial oils as they balance the skin, rather than strip it of it's natural oils. This one contains four essential oils:
Argan Oil
Soya Oil
Avocado Oil and Organic Jojoba Oil.

Priced at only £12.99 for 150ml.
Check it out here.

Now, I could have stopped there ( as if ) but couldn't quite resist testing out the 'Warming Micro Brasion Polish.

Scrub up

'Youth boosting facial.
Warming Micro Brasion Polish.'

Bet that got your attention didn't it?

This has a very rich, full consistency when you squeeze it out into your hand.
I don't know how they do it, but the minute you start to massage the product onto the skin, it warms on contact.

The 'coarse' texture of the exfoliator, again, is balanced. Unlike some cleansers that feel more scratchy, or others where you struggle to find exactly where the exfoliating properties lie.
Any of you who are fans of exfoliators, I would highly recommend this.
You 'feel' the product working as you use it, you feel the benefits coming into play as you wash the product away.

I love to leave it on the skin whilst in the bath. The warmth of the scrub opens the pores, drawing out all the nasty little impurities.

Just Divine.

I'm sure Sanctuary would recommend massaging it for no longer than a suggested time, I'm pretty sure I massaged it far longer than necessary.

Containing Natural Kaolin, (clay) to draw out impurities, marine earth, to polish and Beeswax and Jojoba to soften and smooth.

Sanctuary use some of the best natural ingredients available, to provide a spa experience, for you, in the comfort of your own home.

Check it out here.

I love it.
Priced at £12.25 for 100ml

The following morning, my skin was glowing with health and vitality and my makeup glided on effortlessly.
I've been using them both for two weeks now.
My skin in just two weeks is already in much better condition than it was prior.
It's smoother, and any dry patches seem to have disappeared. Fabulous.

I did come out in a few spots after using the scrub, but that is to be expected. As with all products that claim to 'draw out impurities' , they are doing exactly that. So a few blemishes after use are perfectly normal.
After the blemishes had gone, my skin looked clearer and more refined.

So Sanctuary, you now have a new follower. The product's I have tried have lived upto the expectation and RuthE recommends you all get out there and have a look at their range. The range is large and varied. Not too large you feel overwhelmed, just large enough to find a product just right for you.

I'm looking forward to trying some other Sanctuary products very soon, and when I do, I'll let you all know about them.
I already have my eye on a couple, well maybe more than a couple.

Buy it online here:

Boots also stock this gorgeous range.

I feel a new addiction coming on.....

Ruth E - Wedding Makeup. Part Two.

Hello Bride to be!
Welcome to Part two of the Exclusive Ruth E, Wedding Makeup feature!

I enjoyed writing the last blog so much. Especially when I realised it just wasn't going to happen in one post, and I decided to break it down into more manageable chunks for you ( and me! )

I had so much great feedback, and alot of messages with lots of questions. Great!

So the most requested for the next installment was...

Now I'm sure you can appreciate that there are hundred's of thousand's of different skin / foundation / concealer /  powder products out there. Trying to advise you on and about every single one, or even attempt a few of each would take forever.

Your Bridal makeup, and especially this part. Is so unique to you, and with the amount of products out there it really is a makeup minefield. What you need to focus on during this article is YOUR skin, and what you are wanting to achieve with it on your Wedding day.

Use the information I will give you here to narrow down the vast array of products available, to find the products perfect for you.

As with all my posts. Please feel free to comment and ask questions. 

So ladies, are we ready to begin the next part of this HUGE blog feature?

Ding, dong the bells are going to chime.......

I am by no means a qualified skin therapist, ( although, I would love to be ) instead I fake the beauty so many of us wish we could obtain naturally. The number of brides I have consultations with who, genuinly, almost cry over the 'state' of their skin.
Many do not realise the potential, and possibilities that lie before them.
No, not me, but rather the years of experience I have contained in my (slightly worn, and to be honest, in need of desperate re-purchase ) brush belt, and the knowledge buried away in my somewhat, more creative, rather than academic mind.

The power is within you to create the skin you really dream of. Even if it is just for your Wedding day! 

Therefore I bring you.
RuthE. Part Two. Wedding Makeup.

Do you know which part of doing makeup I REALLY, REALLY love?
The base.

I mean, I love it. Im not talking, quick get the foundation on. Im talking, proper, full on, I wanna know your skin type.
I want to touch your skin ( I am perfectly normal. I promise ) I want to clean your skin right down and see it in all it's natural glory.

I don't look at your bare face, and your skin and think:
Oh good God. How am I going to sort this.
I look at it, and see.

Potential of what can be acheived. Knowing that I can transform YOUR skin into what ever you are dreaming of.

I know of many makeup artists ( me included ) who spend more time preparing the skin than they actually take doing the makeup.
It really makes all the difference.

Skin needs to be prepared according to your skin type.
You need to inject your skin with the moisture it needs, for the makeup you are going to put on to sit right and look great.

So. After you have cleansed.
What do you do next?

To some people this may seem like a pointless exercise. But honestly? The amount of women I work with who don't even moisturise, and wonder why their full coverage, NW35 is sitting in any fine lines they may have and looks dry and goes patchy within an hour....

So get yourself a moisturiser that SUITS your skin. It doesn't have to cost the earth. It's no good splashing out, using the whole of your wedding makeup fund buying the latest £200 cream for dry skin, when your skin is oily.

Determine your skin type.
You know your skin better than anyone. You live in it and with it 24/7

Identify your skin type, and if you are getting married this summer or later in the year, you have time to put together a really good skin care regime that is personal to you.
Your skin will love you for it.

You dont need to go into a department store and be sold loads of products. Look at your skin yourself.
Do you cleanse, tone moisturise?
Do you think you need to change you skincare a little, invest in a rich night cream. Do you use an eye cream?
No? Thats why your under eye concealer isn't sitting properly.

I don't want to bore you all with skin care. It would take up the whole blog feature!
I'm just really trying to emphasise the importance of preparing your skin before applying makeup.
You get the idea.

When your base is right, the rest of your makeup looks right.


After your skin care is sorted and you are happy with it, you really need to consider purchasing a primer.
What is is primer you ask?
Your primer is applied after your moisturiser and helps smooth your skin, control oil and keep that Wedding face on all day.

Here, I have two.

Smooth Operator

Again. Because I have been doing this job, such a long time. It takes the hassle out of having to try so many products before I find the right one.
So it's makes it alot easier for you!

These are the two I have in my kit.

MAC Skin Visage
The MAC one I have been using for a few years now.
It's silicone based, so it glides on really smooth. It doesn't feel 'tacky' on the skin, nor does it go 'bitty' when I apply the foundation after.
It also contains mulberry extract, which helps reduce redness. So before you even put on your foundation your skin look more even!
It smooths the skin surface so your foundation looks great. The barrier it creates means it helps control oil production .This product leaves your skin looking shine free longer and your makeup fool proof longer.

Philosophy, The Present
Now. A friend recommended this. So I bought it.
To be honest, I am not that keen on it.
The positives of it are. It really mattes down the skin and fills pores in. So your skin does look perfected instantly.
The product details tell you that you have to let it to set for two minutes, then to apply your makeup. But even then I find when I apply my foundation the primer goes bitty and affectcs the foundation application. Which just annoys me as I have to take it all off and start again.

But my frind swore by it. Maybe my skin type ( slightly drier at the moment ) doesn't suit it.
The packaging ( as with all Philosophy) is lovely, and it also has a lovely lavender scent to it. It contains Lavender oil. Little word of warning to you ladies out there allergic to Lavender.

I would advise ( with any new skincare or primers ) to go into store and ask for a sample. .

What foundation is best for bridal?

Be careful not to get taken in with all the options out there. You need to decide on the kind of foundation you want, then get out there and find it!

Again. It needs to cater for your skin type. Not all foundations will suit you. Its frustrating, but it's a fact. You bridal makeup is PERSONAL to you. Your skin is unique, so your bridal makeup should be too.

Rules of thumb for bridal foundation.
Jot these down, or bookmark this page!

Are you wearing a low neck dress? Will your back be showing?
You need to consider all skin on show. Not just your face. In your photographs everything gets seen!
Refer to my 'NC or NW' Blog post,  if you will be taking a visit to your nearest MAC counter.

With so many foundation out there, no wonder most women, buy a few before they are happy with one. Decide on what finish you want. Glossy? Matte? Sheer? What sort of Coverage are you after? Full Coverage, Natural coverage, Buildable? Make a note of all YOUR personal requirments then pop into your nearest deaprtment store and get some samples. All counters offer small samples. Take in your own sample pots so you definitely come back home with a few to try.

You need to make sure all your skin is uniform. So, ideally getting your face, neck and chest to match.
Again, ask for samples. Go home, and test them, Jot down the ones you like the most. Try them over you newly invested primer, Wear it to work for the day. See how it wears!

Again I have had so many ladies tell me they have bought at least five wedding day foundations.
All that money could have been spent on buying the lipstick ;)

Do I really need to wear a foundation without an SPF? Ive heard it reflects the flash?
Yes. It's a pain. But the SPF element in foundation and moisturisers create a pasty, white look in your photographs. Far from the blushing bride.

For example.
Do you find some of your photograph's from a recent evening out, where your face looks alot lighter from your face?
Even though you left the house, thinking you looked, well, normal.
Yep. Its the Zinc Oxide that is present in the SPF that can give you that pale washed out look when the flash hits.

To be honest, on fairer girls it makes no difference. I wore Studio fix, for my Wedding day and that contains an SPF. But I'm an NC15. So you can't get much fairer!

MAC face and body foundations are extremely popular for weddings. Very, very sheer though.

How do I keep shine at bay? My skin gets ultra greasy.
Prime that skin! And invest in a good powder.

Again to be honest, I have used alot of blotting papers, or sheets in the past. Because they were the 'in' thing. But, I would use them and found nine times out of ten they altered the makeup. Which wound me up no end.
You take all that time getting your base great, then press a blotting sheet on your face and your nose looks patchy and the foundation on your head moves over your eyebrow. It just get's a little too messy.
Not a big fan. This lead me to thinking, there must be an easier way.

Introducing my favourite mac product at the moment for bridal skin.

MAC Blot powders.

This product is a must for any day, let alone your Wedding day.
MAC Blot Powder. You have been given a RuthE Stamp of Recommendation.

Get you!

'Blot powder would like to thank all the rest of his blot powder family for this award........ '

I love these!
What makes them so great?

They were designed, originally for photo shoots, so for close up use and for continual touch ups.
Unlike your typical face powders, that build up on the skin after continued use. These were designed with that in mind. They do not build up. Instead they absorb any oils on the skin.

So you can pop it on all through the day and no build up will be seen. Instead oil free, beautiful skin.
If my memory serves me correctly, the lightest shades have no colour running through them. They are not a powder to give colour.
The slightly warmer skins. Med upwards, have a little colour in them to ensure you don't look pasty when they are applied.

£19.00 Each
Check out the full range here.

If you are on the look out for a product that will fix makeup in place, absorb surface oil which doesn't adjust your already beautifully made up face.Then invest in this.

I have pigmentation and spots. I have so many areas that need evening out. Do you recommend using green concealer?
One answer.No.
Step away from the green concealer.

I have small thread veins on the sides of my nose, and after someone made a comment about them, I frantically raided all the chemists in the hope of finding something.
I did find something. I really wish I hadn't bothered.

Green concealer, just makes you look green.
Looking like ET on my wedding day wasn't my dream look, and I'm sure it's not yours.

My recommendation?
Using anything yellow based, this knocks out redness. It neutralises.
Again, its all to do with warmth verses cool, and colour theory.

Yes, green is opposite red on the colour wheel. And this looks great when you team up a gorgeous red head with a vibrant red lipstick and green dress. Stunning. But I find sticking anything green on the skin, to be honest, just looks odd.

My under eyes are so dark. They make me look tired. How do I over them?
The under eye area is always a problem for many.

Now lets take a vote.
Who, be honest now.
Who, goes for a lighter concealer in the hopes of  'brightening'  their under eye bags?
Come on...

I hold my hand up. I used to.
Till I was taught other wise.

In comes the colour theory. Its the same when someone who has a darker, pigmented area on the face. You reach for the lighter concelaer in the hopes on covering.

Take a moment to think. The best way of explaining it, is like this.
If you have a black paint and you mix in a little white. What colour does it turn?

That, in a nutshell is what you are doing to your face.

The darker colour of your under eye still shines through, even though you have applied a lighter concealer. So you get the 'panda eye' look, only in reverse.

You need to match the colour.
Am I making sense?
You will be amazed at how amazing your under eye will look when you match a colout to it, instead of trying to lighten it.

Is your ender eye, more purple undertioned? Go for a yellow toned concelaer. So try a MAC NC tone
Are you more blue? Go for a warmer toned concealer. Try an NW.

I know I harp on about MAC, but I have been doing this job for such a long time, I know these girls are thoroughly trained. They have to be to work there. They are great at matching under eye concealers and foundations.
They have so many colours it ridiculous. When you see the difference when a concealer os matched to your underyee, I promise you this. You wont look back. Go in, ask to be matched up to a concelaer. Tel them its for your wedding day.

Do I use concealer before or after foundation?
Again. Foundation is your base. It goes on to even the skin tone. When its on, you can step back and take a  look at where needs extra coverage, and stick the concealer on those areas. Set with a powder.

Finishing Powders. The little extras.

My loyal Benefit powders. Yes, they look all old and tatty. But it's what's on the inside that counts....

I have always loved Benefit's Finishing powders. I have yet to try their new ones. Do you use them? Let me know. These are the staples within my kit.
Use them allover the face to give a subtle boost and brightening effect.

Dandelion - Pastel, soft pink. Lovely brushed allover. Looks great on a fairer skin, or even as a soft blusher.
Hoola - Ahh, hoo-la-la. I love this bronzer. It has no orange pigment, so its like a real tan is being brushed onto your skin. No shimmer, just matte and dirty looking.
Dirty looking for a bronzer in the makeup world is good!

Buy them here:

Yes, Georgia, this has been discontinued :(  I still use it on myself.  Im putting a plea out to Benefit, Bring back Georgia. Please! Mine is running out and I want a new one!

Can I wear shimmer on my face?
Again, this is very vague. Ideally, don't. Why? Because the dreaded camera will pick it up. Sometimes it look's pretty, other time's it can make you look like you have serious grease overload.

If you really want a highlight, go for a more frosted finish as a pose to a glittery one. Or even try a cream based higlighter. They give a healthy glow.

MAC soft and Gentle. ( Left hand side ) Very popular. Frosted. Use just a tiny amount to give a lovely candle lit glow.
MAC Strobe Cream - ( Right hand side ) Use it anywhere you want a glow. dont use it ontop of foundation. Bare skin, or under makeup is the way to go with this product.
Benefit High Beam. Gorgeous. has a similair consistency to strobe cream, but much more vibrant. Lovely pinky undertone. Best on fairer skins. Moonbeam is better on warmer skin tones.
MAC Cremebase. These come in quite a few colours. Again, depending on your skin tone and the desired effect you are looking for.

To conclude Part Two, RuthE Wedding makeup. Lets set a little task. I will be posting the third, and possibly final installment of this series, next week
Lips and cheeks.

Sometime this week. Have a look at your skincare regime and see what needs tweaking.
Make a list of:

Your skin type, it's needs and how you would like it to look.
Pop into your local MAC store, or indeed favourite branded makeup, for a consultation.
MAC do not charge to match a foundation or give advice on under eye concealer.
Get yourself a sample of primer and a few foundations to try. These are free, so don't let them fool you into thinking you have to buy to get a sample.
In fact, take your own little pot in. Alot of counters, beacuse they are so busy, run out of sample pots. But are happy to fill one of you bring it in.

Let me know how it goes. Which foundation have you chosen for your big day? What new skin care products have you purchased and what did you think of the primer?

Stay tuned for Part three. As always, if I have many questions regarding this post, I will put together a special post to address you all :)

If you haven't already. Check out the very popular Part One of RuthE Wedding makeup.
Have a great rest of your week lovelies.

Don't forget to prime.


Here comes the Bride

Wedding Season is upon us. Well, it's most definitely the wedding season for Makeup Artist's.
Makeup Artist's diary's will now be in undated with Bridal Makeup Trial's, all leading up and preparing for your Big day.

So when is your big day? June, July, August?
Or maybe it's a winter wedding? October, November, December? Wow, Christmas bride! Very Exciting.

Well, whether you will be doing your own makeup, or hiring your own personal artist for the day. I'm here to give you some insider tips, the products I'd recommend, and the ones I wouldn't.

So. Before you get comfy. Put that kettle on ( or get a glass of wine, champagne you say? ) Turn the phone off, and let's make sure to get you to that church on time. Beautiful bride to be!

Im getting married in the morning........

So, you've already made the biggest decision. You are getting married! Congratulations!
Flowers sorted? Honeymoon? Dress? The list goes on.......
I dont claim to be a wedding planner, but I do know a darn site about wedding makeup! I've been doing it for so long now, and in all honesty, it's my favourite makeup to do.
Because it's such a pretty makeup. Pretty, elegant, fun. It's your big day and on your big day you should feel and look at your most beautiful.

Now, I have been spending the whole week ( while working full time, and to be frank, some truly vile work shifts ) trying to get this wedding feature written. I was getting extremely stressed out because I didn't feel like I was putting my everything into it, and you wouldn't be getting the best out of me.

Not good enough, I decided.

So, this morning I had a brain wave. I am going to do this HUGE blog post, in stages. This way, you will get alot more info, you won't get bored ( it would be alot of writing ) and you can look forward to next week's section.
Which I will let you choose by the way. 'Cus Im nice like that.

So Ive spent all last night, and today, cutting, editing, writing, swatching... just for you, bride to be.

So, welcome to Ruth Elizabeths Wedding Blog. Part 1!


Yes. Eyes. The eyes have it, they are ( so they say ) the windows to your soul.
I love bridal eye makeup. It is rarely very varied, and more often than not it's a very natural look.

Now, you could spend, pretty much, the whole of your wedding makeup fund, buying different eyes colours.
Many counters have so many, it can be a little stressful to even pick just a base colour.
So, why not buy a pre-made palette? So much easier ladies. And there are some pretty darn good ones out there. Great thing about them? Being natural, they can be your wedding/honeymoon/after honeymoon/having babies/having grandchildren makeup! You get the idea. Its an all rounder sort of makeup palette, for use whenever you fancy it!

Which palette would I genuinely recommend?

Well, I was very, very lucky to receive in the post the other day, a lovely little palette. With the name, Stila? On it :) Thankyou Stila Cosmetics!
Very happy girl.
The Stila. In the Light, Eyeshadow Palette.

The colours in it are PERFECT for a bridal look. Truly.
I was amazed at how perfect to be honest.
To look at the palette, it has the very typical 'natural' colours, and it has a few darker colours too.

Ive taken my swatch book for you and noted down the colours.
Wanna have a look? Okay then. Here you go.

 My famous swatch book. This book will sell for thousands one day ;) I carry it round everwhere with me. Never know when you may need it......

It also has, which I thought was lovely.. A little booklet with suggested looks using the colours from the palette. It contains six looks. Some uber natural, others a little more daring.

Nifty 'lookbook'

In the pics ive uploaded ( further down the page ) I have done these two looks for you. The first look, was my personal favourite. Very 'Bridal'.

Now, the one colour Kitten, is absolutely, to die for, gorgeous. I mean, it's perfect. I actually was that impressed with this particular colour, I will be using it, in replacement of another colour, for my standard freelance kit. Just Beautiful. Why?

It's a perfect texture. It's a powder, but it almost feels creamy because it is so soft. You would be fooled into thinking, because it was so soft it would have little pigment, right? Wrong. The pigment in it is better than most other companies who sell a colour that is similiar.

The minute you put this colour on the eye, it brightens it. Its like a magic wand! I love it. I've actually worn it to work a few times this week ( I had to test the longevity :))
Everytime I wore it, I received many a compliment.

How can I desrcibe it?
Well, it has a frosted, illuminating magic element to it. I dunno how, but it does. The colour is like a peachy gold with a little champagne thrown in. It even sounds like a bridal colour!

This colour would look fabulous on its own, if you like your makeup, uber natural. Even better with a little of the darker colors in the palette just pressed into the crease of the eye.

Here I have Kitten allover, with the Bliss colour in the crease. This look is from the step by step look one, in the look booklet.

Purrfect Cat Eye ( yes, thats how they have spelt it :) )

Gorgeoues. My camera, really does not do the Kitten colour justice. But if you look at my eye on your left. In the inner corner you can see the colour of Kitten. Not glittery or sparkly. Frosted and illuminating.
Bliss, which is the matte pink/beige toned eyeshadow has been used in the outer crease. Now. The eyeliner..... is actually the Ebony colour from the palette. Used wet. with my favourite MAC #266 angle brush. Look at that 1950s flick! The Ebony is great used as a liner. and it didn't budge all day.

So, with my already makeup crush on Stila evident, I am now in love with this Palette. Oh, and the colour Kitten.

Stila - Kitten Eyeshadow. Ruth E loves you and you have received the first RuthE Stamp of Recommendation!
Great news ladies, you can get this colour in the palette and you can buy it in single form. Oh yes!
 'Cus what is more annoying than a company bringing a colour out in a palette you love, but not in a single form too?
£12.00. Thats pretty much the price of high quality makeup brand eyeshadows. It's so worth it.
Get it here

Now can you see why I had to do this wedding feature in sections? It would have taken me the whole year to write it, and you would have already been married with one baby boy and a little girl on the way before it had even been published.......

Little MUA tip for you.
Do you find your eyeshadow creases after a couple of hours, or the colour you see in the palette isn't the colour you get when you apply it?
Do you use an eye base / eye primer before applying eyeshadows?
No? Well this is what you need.

Eye base is crucial in keeping your eyemakeup on.
Now, I have tried so, so, many of these. It was getting tedious.
They were either way too greasy, the colours were too dark etc.

I finally found a product last year that works in these ways.
It is close to skin colour. So it brightens the skin colour on eyes and blends into nothingness.
It dries to a matte finish
It stops you eye lids from getting greasy and ultimately creasing your eyeshadow.
What is it?

MAC Paint pot in Painterly.
Fan dabbie dossie.
Love it. It works.

It is a beige/pink undertoned cream. It dries on the lid, to a matte finish. When you put your shadow on, it goes on bright and stays in place.
My eyelides are greasy. My whole face is, but never mind that. If it works on my lids. It should work on yours.

Tip. DO NOT moisturise your eyelids before hand. People do. Dont. It needs to be applied to a dry eyelid, and preferably with a brush.
Oils, as you know break down makeup. Thats why makeup removers, the majority are oil based.
So can you see why you need to prime skin before makeup and use brushes, not fingers to apply? Your skin contains natural oils. Using your fingers to apply the eye base, will break down the formula before you even get your eyeshadow on.

So apply with a clean brush. Allow to dry and apply your favourite eyshadow.
Your eyeshadow should stay in place until you decide you want to take it off.

Wanna see a swatch?

Left hand side - Eyeshadow without Paint pot.
Right hand side - The same colour, WITH Paint pot underneath. The same amount of shadow has been applied. See the intensity difference?

All eyeshadows need a primer underneath. You see the difference in the intensity of the colour, the longevity of the shadow and it will look so much better in your wedding pictures. Bonus.

Painterly - this colour is great for fairer skins, and even slightly warmer as it will brighten the eye, as well as prime it.
MAC also do a colour called Groundwork -  Great for asian skintones.
Or Consructivist. Great for deeper/darker skin tones. Have a look and buy them here.


Now, in this divine pallete. Is a gorgeous, full size ladies, smudgestick, waterproof eyeliner.

It's smudgy.

One word.

I have so many eyeliners in my kit. Alot are very good, and alot are from the same brand, because I know what I like and what works. I like this, and it works.
It's a retractable one, so it needs no sharpening. The colour is gorgeous. It looks like dark chocolate, in a pencil form. Its called 'Damsel'.

I like it, because it is 'smudgy' But also waterproof!

Smudgy heaven. Ive added it to the bottom lashes and softened it, and also to the top lash line. Can you see the difference from the more natural look before? It adds alot of intensity, so less is more. Unless you're going for the rock chic bridal look.

I did my lil test, stuck it on my hand, run it under the tap. It stayed in place.

Now, what I will say is this.

I love this, and its great for a smokey look.
Now, if you think on your wedding day, there will be, alot of tears, on your part....
Maybe stear away from anything that is smudgy. ( I love this word )

Smudgy,will smudge, It's meant to.
If you want to wear this though, what I would recommend is buffing it into you top lashline to give a soft eyeline, that will also give the illusion of thicker eyelashes.
I wouldn't recommend it in the waterline or under the eye for your wedding.

Smudge stick + Crying + rubbing eyes = panda eyes = alot of photoshop on pictures.

I used the smudgestick for an evening out in the week, and for a stronger makeup the other day. And it was perfect.
Its perfect also for the 'rock' smokey eye. The pencil is really rich in colour. It is not dry, which is great, so it doesn't drag your eye. It glides on with perfect ease.

Just lovely.

Now any eye would not be complete without a touch of mascara, ( I will be doing a whole blog on Bridal mascara, so stay tuned ) and without doubt, brow finisher.

You need to fill your brows, even if you have very light or very dark. Its finishes off the look, and frames the face. It can make or break your look.

My favourite product for eyebrows?

 I love MAC retractable brow pencils. They are wax based and soft. So they help control hairs whilst giving great colour to your brows. I have used two on myself  in these pictures. I have used Lingering. A light brown on the inner part, and above my brow. Then Spiked to create the arch. Strut is great for you peeps with red hair. As it has a slight red hue running through it. They also do one called Stud. Very dark brown, almost black. And Fling. Great for very fair hair. Not blonde, but more grey, white, or platinum.

Don't take all morning perfecting your makeup, then neglect your eyebrows. It will just upset the rest of your face. It all wants to look beautiful. Your eyebrows don't want to be left out.....  

Do you want to see my bridal pose?
Ive concluded part one with this picture. My skin, is airbrushed, most undeniably. The eye makeup, is not, as this was the focal point.
Here I have used the Stila, In the Light Palette.
I have used the Stila booklet and created the no 2 look.

Ombre Sultry Eye.

 Bare allover the eye. Sandstone on the lid, and blended. Gilded Gold on the crease. Softened. Luster on lashline, and blended. I added a little of the smudgestick too. Because I like it.

All in all I think we can be in agreement. I love this palette.

Who wouldn't? You're getting ten, gorgeous shadows, a little look book, and a full size smudge stick. The colours are so versatile, and theres a colour scheme available to all skin tones and eye colours.

I hope you have enjoyed the first instalment of Ruth Es Wedding Feature.
Do you have any questions about this section? Is there anything you want me to add ? Are there any bits from here you want me to re - cover in nexts mondays feature? And more importantly, which section do you want to see next week? Lips/cheek colour, or skin? Let me now! Leave your comments below or email me.

Get your lovely little self onto the Stila website, or down to your local Boots/Harvey Nichols and have a play. I dont think this palette will be around for long......

Buy this lovely palette here. http://www.stila.co.uk/collections/palettes
Oh, and ladies. It's free shipping. Bonus time again.

Did I mention I love the Kitten eyeshadow?

RuthE x

Stila UK are back!

Yes ladies, you heard me right.


When I worked in the Selfridges Beauty Hall, ( many moons ago ) I had a slight obsession with this brand.
Well, slight couldn't be further from the truth.
In all honesty, I spent more time on their counter, than I did on mine.

I loved the individuality and packaging of this brand. I loved the names, the unique products and more than anything I loved the makeup!

Now, when Stila, seemed to disappear off the face of the earth I was, it is fair to say, slightly upset.

Where would I buy my convertible colour from now? Petunia had been taken away from me and I was not a happy bunny.

These are just heavenly. They are the ultimate makeup bag acessory, the colours are gorgeous and they smell and taste just delicious. Yes, delicious.Stila Lip Glazes. Yummy.

Getting over it.

Having to accept the loss of Stila was hard, but it had to be done. So I was a grown up, and slowly discovered and built relationships with new makeup brands, but I never found another Petunia.........

Now, just when I had got over the breakup, and decided I would have to move on. Stila, like the boyfriend you never get over, came across my path the other day in Boots.

I was snooping around the cosmetics part of Boots, as you do. And from the corner of my eye, I glimsed, what I knew, was a Stila Lip Glaze.

Palms sweating, heart racing ( yes, I am this sad ) I walked over.
There, in front of me, lay all the goodies I thought had gone forever!

Lip Glazes, New face primers, and, yes... my long lost Petunia Convertible Colour!

Oh how I missed thee.... Beloved Petunia. So pretty and pink.

Now, I do not have this on any authority, but I am pretty sure that Petunia is cheaper than it was previously. Bonus! Only £16. Considering most major brands charge at least £17.50 for blusher colours.
These, what can only be described as 'pots of pretty for the cheeks' are so creamy and richly pigmented. They do not feel greasy or heavy on the skin, but fresh, dewy and light.
They are so richly pigmented, they are worth every bit of your makeup fund. Even if it means you cant afford that starbucks for the journey home. Buy this.
Mine lasted me, what seemed years. That was with constant use. You only need a small amount to fake a healthy glow.

The beauty world are very quickly recognising the potential of this brand. Check out the Stila Blog for press release details. http://stilapress.blogspot.com/

The colour, Camilla, was among some of the products used at London fashion week by Stila Makeup Artists.

Stila have brought back our old favourites, and have brought with them some new friends. New Primers, new foundations and even a new HD Beauty Balm.

If you have never used this brand, I seriously recommend you get yourself accustomed with it.
Stila makeup has a certain, undescribable magic, which will always have a spell over me. Like kid's in a sweet shop, you will want to pop all their pretty products into your basket. And the best bit, this 'sweet' shopping adds no extra calories ( maybe just a minus to the bank balance..... )

Stila can be found online. With FREE SHIPPING. So, now..... there is no excuse!
Boots and Harvey Nicholls also stock.

Check out my Wedding blog post. Part one to see a new Palette from Stila Cosmetics.
See you soon lovelies!

Ruth E

My makeup kit.... Some of it

I'm always being asked just how much makeup I have.

Well, I have been collecting it for ten years, so, the answer to that question is. I have alot!

I have to go through my kit every so often, and get rid of products that I have had far too long. Or products that may smell a little funny! Or just to see what stuff I am running low on.

Any makeup artist will know, and tell you, your kit, is your life.
Without it, I would feel lost. Without it, I can't do my job.

Sad as I am, I even have days ( yes, on my days off ) where I will just go though my kit.
Look through, try things on, get ideas and think of new looks for future projects.
Proof I think, that I take my work home with me! But proof also, I love my job!

Do you want to have a look then?

This is my basic kit. So, I do have more. I have my theatrical kit too. Which doesn't get as much use as I would like sometimes. I may do a little feature on that one for you next week!
Ok. You ready? You might want to sit down and get comfy. Get yourself a drink, maybe a notepad and pen to jot down any questions you may have when reading through? I love questions!
Ive also tagged my favourite products,brushes,accessories. These are the products I cant live without.
Bear in mind, this is not all of my kit, it would take a very , very long time to photograph it all. And to be quite honest you would probably find it all extremely boring!

( I have included links, for all companies mentioned at the end of this feature )

So lets start with the favourite part of my kit. Lip, lips, lips .................

Yes. My lipsticks are very much MAC. Why? Because they are fab. I can pretty much find any colour I want at MAC, and pretty much, any texture.
The colours are known within the Makeup Industry. As a Makeup Artist, or even lipstick crazy lady ( that's me either way ) you can look at many photographs in magazines/advertisments, and know the colour the artist has used on that particular model. Because the MAC colours are so recognised. A few that are MUA faves, and ones that are used regularly are:
 Russian Red and Ruby Woo. Both Matte Reds.  
Russian Red : A Creamier Matt, Deeper Red and  
Ruby Woo : Very dry, completely Matte. Blue undertoned red. Great for making your teeth look whiter.
Other's you ask? Okay. Well you have Myth. Great nude colour. Completely blanks lip colour out. Good for a 1960s look. Pink Nouveau. Satin Finish. Cheryl Cole wore it. The bright blue pink. Strong colour. Looks great with a tan.
Other favourites would be: Frosted Finish, Angel and Lustre Freckltone. Both, famously worn by Kim Kardashian. Both very pretty, natural colours.
I could go on forever, because there are so many popular colours. Did I mention Rebel, Cyber, Snob, Costa Chic, Vegas Volt, Impassioned.... Maybe a MAC Lipstick Blog is on the cards? What do you think?

Being a Makeup Artist, I am always on the look out for new products, and you will be amazed at the stuff you can find which doesn't cost the earth. Great if you are starting out as a makeup artist, or looking to bulk up your kit at little expense.  
Barry M Lip Paints are fab. I love them. I find his Pinker Lipsticks have amazing pigment throughout. Infact, I wore one the other night and trying to get it off was interesting. My lips were still pink the morning after. Ahem....
You can buy ( if you look to the left of the pic ) stack pots from makeup shops. These particular ones were from Screenface. Great if you come to the bottom of a lipstick and have alot left, scoop it out and pop it in the stack pot. Also great if you don't want to be hauling all your lipstick around with you. Which is what I used to do. #Nightmare. Sometimes I even use the Barry M Kohl pencils as lip pencils. The two on the right hand side. The pink and the Orange are great, They are strong and matte. Now, I do not have it on any authority to use them on the lips. but us makeup artists love to improvise. Ive been doing it for a while, and I'm ok. Almost ;)  If you are unsure get in touch with Barry M.  
Nars Lipglosses are lush. Very rich in colour, but I have to say they don't taste too great. I love to use Nars Orgasm lipgloss on top of lipsticks to warm them up as it has a little gold running through it.

My trusy palettes. I couldn't do my job without these! Major makeup houses. MAC/Bobbi Brown have realised that Makeup artists and women allover, want to be able to create THEIR OWN palettes, with THEIR colour choices. With MAC and Bobbi, you can do this. Their prices vary, but with both,they are adaptable. So your chosen colour slots in, can be changed around and replaced when you run out!
 This is great news for MUA worldwide. I have palettes for different hues of colours, and can change them around if I have a particular job coming up with the relevant colours slotted in. How much time does this save? Loads. Women everywhere can now take their colours in one palette. Forget your heaving makeup case, and eyeshadows falling out wrecking your clothes!
 Both companies also do blushers palettes. Bobbi has the upper hand here, with her blusher and eyeshadows the same shape. So technically, you can fit her blushers AND eyeshadows within ONE palette. Bonus.

MAC 15 Pan Palette on top left hand corner. My favourite new/limited, Sleek blusher palettes in middle. Love, love, love these. Great colour pigment. Can be used for various looks.

I love finishing powders, and highlighters. Highlighters have come a long way the past few years. They haven't got to be shiny, glittery or overly frosted. The brushes you use will slightly manipulate your chosen medium. I like to use MACs Soft and Gentle Mineral Skinfinish in a 'C' shape around the brow bone down to the cheek bone. Buffing it as I go. Everyone will ask what you are wearing as it gives a beautiful 'glow' to the skin. Gorgeous.

Blushers: Another of my little obsessions. Too much blush can break a look, too little can do just the same. Keep your blusher and lip colour within the same colour family for a 'pulled' together, polished look to your makeup.
MAC have a great selection of colours, in cream and powder.
 Dark skin looks amazing with 'Fever', a deep/dark/matte, claret red popped on the apples of the cheek. 
 'Gingerly' looks fab on NC35 - NC40 Skintones.
 Lighter skinned? Pop a little 'Pink Swoon' on, or try 'Tenderling'. Beautiful on a fairer skinned bride to be.

I love these 'extras'. Fake bakes wash off brozer. Great for emergency touch ups if someones fake tan has gone 'wrong'. Washes straight off. Strobe cream. MAC ( are we seeing a theme here?..... ) An apparent favourite of Kylie. I've heard she uses it on her Derrier.... It firms skin, but more to the point, it illuminates. Great if you want a glow to skin. Not great if you have acne ( i do ) it illuminates the scarring and spots. You will need to use a concealer to cover, which will then take away the glow... slightly pointless :( Great on porcelain skins, illuminates. 

I don't particularly rate Bobbi Browns eyeshadows for pigment. She does bring out lovely limited colours, which are usually high in shimmer and great for evening use. She has a few particular colours in her permanent line that I do use, Bone, being one of them which is ideal for a base colour. But all in all alot of her colours are very powdery and need alot of buildup.
MAC eyeshadows on the other hand, are great for colour pigment.

Barry M Nail colours are a staple in my kit. I always try to keep upto date with the latest colours in and the camel colour on the right is very popular right now. #310 Mushroom.

MAC Pigments are a must! You have to have these. They can be used multi - purposely. Cheeks/lips/eyes/body. Always check with the leaflet you get inside when you buy as certain ones will warn they can be used ONLY on certain areas. They are so rich, you only need a small amount. At only £16.50 they last years. Little tip. Try your favourite MAC pigment, mixed in with your body cream. Apply it anywhere you want to sparkle!

I've chosen a few of my fave brushes for you. People ask all the time for the best brushes. It's all about what kind of effect you are hoping for. Because, contrary to belief. Retail artists, when they say you can't achieve all looks with one brush? They are telling you the truth. If you want smokey eyes, you need a blending brush. If you want a flawless base, you can't expect to achieve the skin envy you have of the makeup assistant who is serving you, with a sponge. These tools, are essential. They take time to collect, but a few, good ones will stand you in good stead.
These are my faves. Bottom to top.  
MAC #130 Short Duo Fibre Brush. Great to 'buff' products into the skin. Good for all liquid/cream/powder. Gives an 'airbrush' finish to skin. 
 #224 Tapered Blending Brush. Great for concealer, under the eyes, on the face. Perfect for smokey eyes. It gives a lighter application of colour due to the 'looser' hairs. Perfect for natural/buildable application. 
 #242 Shader Brush. Great for concealer and for applying cream eyeshadows. My oldest brush here!
 #217 Blending Brush. A firmer/shorter version of the #224. Gives quicker colour build up. Also good for buffing concealer under the eyes.
 #168 Large Angled Contour Brush. My personal favourite. Great for giving depth and contour to the cheekbones. Gives a sharp finish to your blusher choice. 
#266 Small angle brush. Fab for use on brows, and for gel eyeliner. The angle does the work for you!
The two NARS brushes I have had for a long time. Check their website out for details. The no's have rubbed off them! The large one, I love. It wasn't cheap. But I love it, If I lost it I would have to buy one immediately! It buffs bronzer into the skin so well, you would be fooled into believing you have a natural tan. The bristles are so packed together and soft its just a pleasure to use it! Looking on their website, Im pretty sure it is their #19 Bronzing Brush. The other, smaller one I love to use for small work. Its similiar to the MAC pencil brush. Thinly packed and great for contour work, or smudgeing eyeliner into the lash line. I prefer the NARS one over the MAC because it isn't scratchy/ So soft. Beautiful. Look for Nars brushes here .http://www.narscosmetics.co.uk/accessories

Well, I hope you enjoyed having a snoop round my kit! If you have any question, get in touch. Would you like a blog feature on anything I have mentioned here? What do you think to a MAC lipstick/ Celebrity wearing feature? Leave your comments below. :) As always, it has been a pleasure writing for you all! Have a fab weekend, and stay tuned for a exciting blog post next week :) Ruth E x

Links for companies mentioned, here:

Screenface: http://www.screenface.co.uk/
MAC Cosmetics Uk : http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk/
Barry M: http://www.barrym.com/
Sleek : http://www.sleekmakeup.com/
Bobbi Brown : http://www.bobbibrown.co.uk/
Nars: http://www.narscosmetics.co.uk/?gclid=CKnvyPrc3K4CFcYntAodkin1Zg