Wedding Day Advice - The Dos and Dont's

Your Wedding Day will be one of the most important days of your life.
No doubt you have spent years not only dreaming of the perfect day, but also weeks, months and years planning it.

Any project that takes that much precendence in your life will also have an emotional investment attached to it. Many a day (and night) scouring Pinterest, countless hours pining over bridal magazines, filtering through hair and makeup looks, and not to mention the weeks leading upto the big day relentlessly checking the weather forecast.

Makeup: Ruth Elizabeth / Hair: Lauren. Plaits and Pincurls / Photo: Thomas Thomas Photography

If like me and countless others, you find it difficult to place your trust in numerous other people, it can be easy to single handedly try and arrange every fine detail for your big day.
Booking the right photographer, finding the perfect florist, ensuring your chosen wedding venue can cater to and create the vision you have assigned to them.
If you begin to feel slightly; frazzled, you are not alone. You are just one, in many brides to be.

Any personal goal or project you undergo in life that demands your time, finances, hopes, dreams, sweat ( and more than likely ) and tears, will be an investment you want to ensure produces the perfect end result.
So it's no suprise that so many brides to be find themselves completely overwhelmed the final few weeks and days leading up to the highly anticipated day.

Once you have decided upon the wedding professionals you will be booking for your big day, you are in turn, placing in them a responsibility to help make your day, all you have ever dreamt of and hoped for. A part of your vision, is now in their hands.

Makeup: Ruth Elizabeth Photography: Karen Masey

Any experienced, wedding professional, will have worked on hundreds, possibly thousands of weddings. They will understand the workings of a wedding morning. They will understand the timings and how everything fits into place. Every wedding morning is unique, but all will have the same checklist that every professional will want to ensure, gets a big tick.
Countless hours will be spent in correspondance with you, to help bring your Wedding vision, alive.
So like you, we want to ensure your day is the best it can be.

Taking advice from your chosen wedding professionals will not only help ease the pressure, but will also help ensure that they can do their job to the best of their ability and in turn provide the best possible wedding service, for you.

Taking on board just a few pieces of advice, even the smallest detail, can make all the difference to your wedding morning.

It's always a good idea to ask each of your professionals for an estimate of timings for the day.
Not just arrival time, but any specifics they may need to allocate for. It's very easy to just try and work timings out for yourself, but your professionals will have specifics they need to stick to, to ensure they can provide the service you have booked them for.
You also need to account for that on the morning of your wedding you will have many professionals working together, all needing to work on their specific role, but also work in sync and harmony with each other.

For many Hair/MUAS they need around 50-60 mins pp for hair and then makeup. So if you are booking your entire bridal party in for a pamper be realistic about timings, and expect an early start. There is no magic formula to getting everyone ready. Times need to be carefully planned and each professional will know the time they need to allocate.
The aim of all all Hair/MUAS is to ensure you are all perfectly, beautified, without it being a rushed service. We also have to ensure there is time left over for any possible delays but also time for you to get into dresses and then photos.

Makeup: Ruth Elizabeth / Hair: Helen Sutcliffe / Photo: Jenny McCare

Venues - What time can the bridal party arrive to get ready?
Unfortunately there are still venues that do not allow entry for the Bride and Bridal party until late morning. Many will allow earlier arrival of 7am onwards, but there are still some that will not allow you to arrive until 10.30 or later. This may not sound like a problem, but if you have a Midday or 1 pm wedding and want hair and makeup done for even 1 person this will cause issues. If you have your heart set on getting ready at your venue it may be a good idea to ask them when you are permitted to arrive. Alot of brides only find out after they have booked, which again can cause alot of upset.
Always find out this information as soon as possible, and then inform your booked professionals before proceeding with any plans.
Many of my brides in 2017 chose to get ready entirely at home, or they booked a hotel the night before.
I have seen first hand the chaos having to move an entire bridal party, mid morning. It rarely goes to plan and leaves everyone involved very stressed.
Always check with your hair/mua too, as I know from experience many will only offer to get a bridal party ready at one location due to the risks of moving and re-starting a job, mid way.

Yes, basic but often overlooked. Many brides feel they cannot face even a crumb of toast let alone a fry up on the morning of their big day. But I see many before 10am already eyeing up the prosecco.
Most brides are up before 7am on their big day, so in the hustle and bustle of the wedding morning you can be in your dress and out that door by 12 and not a single morsel of food will have passed your lips during this time!
Your adrenaline and nerves will kick in on the wedding morning, so even just half a croissant is better than nothing!

Surround yourself with the right people on your wedding morning
I have seen many well meaning friends/guests/family members be part of a wedding morning, and unintentionally shift their anxieties onto the bride. Feeling anxious or nervous on your big day is perfectly normal, but you do not need everyone elses worries too!
Having visitors is nice, but again this can add to the nervouseness and anxieties of the morning.
Have the people you really need with you on the morning, there. Make it clear to any others, (possibly a few days before as to not cause offence) that you want your morning as relaxed and stress free as possible.
I have seen many a bride go from relaxed and joyful to stressed and tearful, in the space of seconds due to a room full of people.

Makeup: Ruth Elizabeth Photography: Beaulieu

Change of heart?
It's not unusual for a bride to want to change a few things on the day when it comes to her hair and makeup. Little tweaks here and there are perfectly normal and any experienced professional will handle it like a pro.
If however, you have decided upon a complete overhaul to your bridal look, do not leave this until the day.
The purpose of a trial is to have a play with ideas, and agree upon a look. A tweak of hair, a change of lips is easy done, but to completely change a look on the day can cause alot of problems.
There is no guarantee you will like the look once it is done, and if times have been allocated there may be no time to start all over again. This will cause a time lapse and subsequent stress for everyone involved.
Some professionals only carry the products that they will need on the day, so if you decide last minute to change something, there is no guarantee the professional will have all the products to hand.
If necessary contact your booked artist with any concerns and re arrange a second trial.

Last minute changes.
If for whatever reason you have last minute chages. ie, a location/address change for the morning, always inform your professionals as soon as you know.
Your professionals will need to have all upto date information, to hand.
Adding extra people on for hair and makeup can usually be rectified if your inform the artist before the day.

Makeup: Ruth Elizabeth Photography: Beaulieu

Purchase a nice clothes hanger
I can imagine many a confused face reading this tip. But many a photographer will be jumping for joy. ( I imagine. )
Almost all brides request, and every photographer wants to capture that perfect shot of the all important dress.
More often than not bridal shops provide a standard, plastic hanger. This does nothing to show off the dress, and even accompanied with the latest pair of Jimmy choos, nothing will detract away from it in photos. Many brides purchase personalised ones now. Even a fancy one covered in silk or fabric looks so much nicer! Trust me, your photographer will thank you for it. 

Crochet hook
If you have a dress with many buttons to do up, trust me, this will be a life, time and patience saver.

Cut all labels out of dresses, before the day. The number of times no one has a pair of scissors.

And finally, trust your professionals. If they have set times out, stick to them. They will all have reasons as to why they need them that way. All professionals will have small requests, which may seem odd or out of the ordinary to you, but will more than likely mean alot to them to ensure that they can provide you with the best service possible.

Wedding mornings are an exciting time, and remember, everyone is there to help make your day as perfect as it can be. Enjoy it!

What to look for in a Bridal Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist

If you are like me, you relish at the prospect of a clean slate. As I type this, we are only three days into the New year and with the anticipation of another 362 days of opportunities lying ahead, a flurry of Bridal enquries filling my inbox; I thought a blog post series was well overdue!

The start of a new year will always bring us to a place of reflection. A time to look back at times past, but also a time of refreshing as we plan the year ahead.

If you are a bride who is getting married this year you will in no doubt be planning all the finishing touches to perfect, your big day.
The venue, the Cake, THE dress; more often than not these are the go to, tick off the list immediates for all blushing brides to be.

Hair and Makeup should also be a priority when planning your big day. Like many venues and photographers, the majority of Makeup Artists/Hair Artists also get booked up around 12 months before a Wedding date.

Makeup/Hair stylists, like any business, will have a business plan for the year ahead which they will implement a good 10 - 12 months beforehand.
For most established artists it's not unusual to receive a number of enquiries per day, and in turn receive multiple enquiries for the same date. So in this ever evolving, demanding market, it's more important than ever to get your favourite Makeup/Hair artist booked as soon as you have a Wedding date set.

Brides to be now are alot more diligent when searching out that perfect artist, and rightly so.
Many want to know your background/experience, the products you use, how you will plan the wedding morning timings, but more importantly; are you the artist they are looking for?

When booking an artist, there are a few key factors you should look for.
Working in the industry, you hear all the horror stories from concerned and expectant Brides to be.
Here's a guide to helping choose the perfect artist for you.

Makeup Ruth Elizabeth. Photography Karen Massey.

Is the artist insured? If the artist is qualified in their field, they should then apply to be covered by Public Liabilty Insurance.
Insurance means they are qualified, and also take their role of Makeup Artist/Stylist and business seriously. If you are not sure, ask them.

The majority of Industry Makeup Artists will have been working in their chosen profession, for many years.
With this in mind, you will have Makeup Artists who are 'specialists' in a particular field of makeup.
Makeup Artistry is a large umbrella that covers many different areas. You will have Special Effect Makeup Artists, Editorial makeup artists, Makeup Artists who specialise in Fashion makeup and so forth.
All of these different areas, will call for and demand a particular skill set.
You will have Makeup Artists who choose to specialise in Bridal Makeup, which will also require a competent level of skills and expertise.
Lots of Makeup Artists cover a wide range of these skills, but choose to specialise in one area.
A Makeup Artist who specialises in Bridal Makeup should have a honed skill set in the application of Bridal Makeup and the correct makeup products to use, but also how the makeup will wear during the day and how it will photograph. The artist should also have experience in understanding how a wedding morning works, how timings need to be set out and how to work alongside other professionals.

Makeup Ruth Elizabeth. Photography Bealieu.

Every bride will be on tender hooks, ensuring that the professionals she books for her Wedding day are reliable.
The one concern I hear from brides is that everyone will turn up on the day, and no one will let her down or cancel her last minute.
One of the upsides of social media is clients now have the option to leave a review for a business. Whether it be on Facebook, or on a Google business page.
Reviews will help give you more insight on how reliable a professional is.
Be mindful about reviews, take all reviews into account and over a set amount of time.
Word of mouth is the best recommendation to booking a professional.
Did they cancel/rearrange a trial more than once? Did they communicate effectively throughout your booking? Were they punctual on the Wedding day and did they get on with the bridal party/other professionals? All of these answered questions will help you give you an idea of a businesses integrity and values.

Again, experience in the industry will give any Makeup/Hair artist the edge many clients will be looking for.
An experienced professional should have a portfolio that may show a signature look, but will also offer a variety of different options for a potential client.
If you are planning a vintage wedding, you will want to cater towards a makeup look that will complement your Wedding theme. If you have a Boho wedding theme planned, again you will want a makeup look that will cater for this.
An experienced Makeup Artist will be able to adapt their skills and knowledge to help work towards the kind of look you want for your big day.

Makeup Ruth Elizabeth

Makeup Knowledge.
This can be filed under, 'experience'. But not always.
Makeup knowledge and understanding work hand in hand with time spent working in a chosen field and the experience gained from it.
Someone who has worked in a specific field, full time for many years will have invaluable  knowledge of products and application techniques that can only be obtained through trial and error.
The more experience someone has applying makeup, trialing and testing many different products, the more confident you can be in the advice they can offer to help create a makeup look, perfect for you.

Makeup Kit
A professionals makeup kit should be full of a different variety of brands and products.
A true professional will have a passion and enthusiasm for their craft. It's a makeup artists job to know the products that are available and to trial and test them, before they are deemed worthy of being in their kit.
A professional kit will more than likely have many products in, you do not recognise. Professional makeup brands that are used by industry trained professionals are not available in Department stores nor are they mainstream. These have to be sourced from specialist makeup shops.
With the rise in demand for Cruelty free/Vegan makeup, a Makeup artist should also be able to offer advice on products that can be used to cater for this.

With so much time planning your Wedding, researching and picking the best Bridal Makeup artist/Hair Stylist is so important.
Know what you want from your artist, and then research to find that perfect MUA for your big day.

Next week:
Wedding day advice for the Bride and Bridal Party.

Skincare Diaries - Part three

Welcome to the final instalment of the hugely popular, Skincare Diaries!
This is the the one all you brides to be have been asking for - how to get your skin to it's best possible health, before your big day.
Makeup CAN and WILL only do so much, so read Rebeccas tips on how to achieve the best canvas possible and ensure great looking skin and makeup that lasts all day.

Is it really necessary to take care of my skin before my big day? Won't makeup just make it look good?

It's crucial to take care of your skin before your big day. Your make up artist can only do so much, it's essential that your skin is at its best health. No make-up can cover up a bad skin texture. Your skin is your canvas, imagine applying makeup to an unprepared canvas. It would look uneven, cracked, dull and probably not make it through the day. Then think about a canvas that has been prepared, your make-up will look even, glide on, be smooth, radiant, glowing, and still look as beautiful at the end of your Wedding day. It's your big day you want to have the best canvas possible, the only way you will achieve that is through a good skincare regime and treatment plan.

Skincare products are so expensive. Can't my make-up artist just use her skincare on the day to make my skin look better?
Skincare does not need to be expensive. There are options for all budgets and I can tailor your skincare/treatment plan around your budget. Skincare is an investment and commitment but worth it. Many people waste money on buying cheaper shop brands of skincare, yes they are lower in price, but are you getting the results you want? It is false economy. You have a basket of cheap products you keep changing and seeing no results with or you make an investment in a product you will use and get results from. When you look at it like that you are making a better investment long term.  People so easily part with their money for clothes, bags, makeup, nails. Your skin is your biggest organ, it's representing you for your whole life, it's definitely an investment well worth making.
To get your skin to its best health you need to make a commitment it's a journey not a race. There's no magic wand or miracle potions, it's an investment and commitment. It's impossible for the skincare applied before your make-up on your wedding day to achieve those results.

What skincare advice would you give to a bride to be?

I would invite the bride to be in for a full bridal skincare consultation and Dermalogica Facial treatment. Discuss her main skin her concerns and goals. Then create a bespoke treatment plan leading up to her big day.
It's essential that the bride is following a good routine at home. This will include cleansing, toning, moisturising/protection and exfoliation. There are also many other skincare products that can be added to the routine to get the best results. The main thing is to get the skin hydrated, calm and gain that great surface texture for the big day. You should always seek expert skincare advice when taking on a new skincare regime so you are using the correct products for your skin.

A bride has 6 months before her wedding day, what steps should she take to ensure her skin looks it's best on the day?

Six months before your wedding gives you enough time to make big changes with your skin. Get booked in with me I'm a skincare expert. Book for a consultation or a Facial treatment that way your skin can be analysed and a detail consultation performed to offer you the best course of treatment in preparation for your big day. Everyone's skin is different don't just pick up a product off a shelf, see an expert.

A bride has only a month before her wedding day, do you have any advice on what she should/shouldn't be doing to ensure her skin is in tip top condition?

There is still time with a month before your wedding day to get your skin in a healthier condition. But ideally if you can its best to start making changes as soon as possible, for the best results. You don't want to make too many changes too close to your big day as skin can be a bit unpredictable. I would still recommend getting in touch with a skin expert, even with only a month to go. You don't want to be buying incorrect products for your skin that close to your big day. Bin those baby/skin wipes, worst thing for your skin. Get cleansing, it's the most important part of your skincare routine. Exfoliation is also crucial, but always seek expert advice.

Lifestyle changes that can be made to help get that glowing skin for your wedding day

It's not just what you apply to your skin that affects it's appearance and condition. What you eat and the sort of lifestyle you lead has a massive impact. Below are a few tips to support your skin wellness:
Drink 8 glasses of water daily
Reduce your caffeine intake, swap for herbal/green teas
Eat those greens
Cut sugar intake
Reduce alcohol
Wash your makeup brushes weekly
Slow down, take time out for yourself
Get your 8 hours sleep

What skincare advice would you give a mature bride who wants to ensure her skin looks the best it can on her big day?

Dermalogica have an amazing range of products that treat the concerns of a mature bride. She would be looking at getting her skin well hydrated then more skin specific products could be used in Facial treatments and at home to treat her concerns. Uneven skin texture and tone, lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, hormonal acne, redness sensitivity, and dryness can all be addressed. Allowing her skin to look at its best for her wedding day.
One of my favourite dermalogica products is power rich. This amazing product is a bit like a boot camp for the skin and is a fabulous product to prepare for your wedding day. Helping to reverse those signs of skin aging with a three phase formula targeting  fine lines, increasing elasticity, and retaining moisture. This product has a three in one action not only is it your moisturiser it's your eye cream and exfoliator. This is one of those wow products that you won't want to put down!

What skincare advice, if any would you give to a bride to be the night before her wedding day?

I would hope to have seen the bride way before the night before her wedding day. That way we will have worked together to establish what would be the best most effective products to use specific to the bride's skin before her wedding day. I would not recommend trying anything new the night before her wedding.

Taking care of your skin every day, not just before your wedding day is vital for skin health. Makeup is fantastic at helping to enhance features and boost your confidence but having the best canvas underneath is what's going to help makeup look its absolute best.

Skincare diaries - Part Two

Following up from the very popular, Skincare Diaries, Part one - here are the most common questions I get asked about makeup in relation to skincare.
Your skin is a canvas, and will only look as good as the skin underneath.
I myself know, when I follow a strict morning and night regime, the difference in my skin is clearly noticeable. Not only that, but how much better my makeup looks once it is applied.
Implementing a tailored skincare regime is the only way to achieve the best results. 
Without investing in the health of your skin, you cannot expect makeup to look it's best, or last throughout the day.
Everyones skin is different, therefore everyones skin needs different products.
Here, Rebbecca Hubbard, from the Beauty Bubble, based in Desford answers all your questions about how skincare affects makeup application.

How important is skincare in relation to make-up application, and the overall finished look?
It's crucial to take care of your skin. Your make up artist can only do so much, it's essential that your skin is at its best health. No make-up can cover up a bad skin texture. Your skin is your canvas, imagine applying makeup to an unprepared canvas. It would look uneven, cracked, dull and probably not make it through the day. Then think about a canvas that has been prepared, your make-up will look even, glide on, be smooth, radiant, glowing, and still look as beautiful at the end of the day. You want to have the best canvas possible, the only way you will achieve that is through a good skincare regime and treatment plan.

If I don't follow a skincare routine for my skin type- does it matter? Wont the make-up just hide it all?
Yes it''s crucial that you are following the correct routine specific to your skin type. If you don't you will not see results and it could even worsen your skin concerns and condition. This is why it is so important to receive the expert advice and invest in a skin expert like me. You want to be getting good value for your money not wasting it on products that are not right for your skin. Make-up can not hide a skin that is not being cared for. Your skin is your canvas, a healthy canvas will radiate with make-up on. An unhealthy canvas will do the opposite, look dull, uneven and not last you as well throughout the day.

My make-up doesn't last and goes patchy after a few hours. Even if I use a primer. Why?
This could be due to using incorrect products to treat your skin. Are you exfoliating correctly? Are you using the correct products to treat your concerns? Again this is why it’s paramount to see an expert. If your foundation is doing that then something needs changing along the line. Primers again can only do so much, they are not miracle workers.

If I take care of my skin and invest in some good skincare, will my make-up look better and last longer?
Yes if you take care of your skin and invest in some skincare products your make-up will look better and last longer. As long as you are buying the correct products for your skin. So just buying products and hoping for the best will not improve your skin condition and could make it worse. That's why it’s essential to take expert advice. Or you could be wasting a lot of money that could have been invested in products that would have got you the results you wanted. Dermalogica may seem pricey to some, but you're making an investment. It’s better value for money as you will get the results you want. Rather than buying lots of lower priced products that do nothing for you and end up being a waste of money. All that money you've wasted on those products shoved in a draw soon add up. 

The final installement of the, 'Skincare Diaries', part three will be up this week, and it's the one all you Brides to be have been waiting for.

Check out The Skincare diaries part one here.


Skincare Diaries - Part one

As many of my clients will know, I am always trying to educate you on the importance of good skincare.
I specialise in Bridal Makeup, and I know better than anyone the difference a good skincare regime makes to the longevity and overall apperance of a beautifully, applied makeup.

Makeup artists spend thousands of pounds on their kits, to bring you, the client, the very best of what's out there. Our kits are full of the latest foundations and highlighters, but any Makeup Artist worth their title will tell you, makeup CAN and WILL only do so much.

I have interviewed a lovely lady - Rebecca Hubbard. Rebecca is a trained, Dermalogica skin care expert, with years of experience and has her own Beauty room, 'The Beauty Bubble', based in Desford.

She has kindly answered all your skincare queries. Here you will find a wealth of knowledge, from a lady top of her game.

The first part of Skincare diaries, relates to skin care, in general. Stay tuned for part two which will answer the most popular questions in relation to makeup/skincare and part three, which will provide skincare tips for all you Brides to be.

Let Rebecca help you on the journey to your best skin yet!

"Hi my name is Rebecca Hubbard. I am a Professional Skin Expert and trained dermalogica expert."
  •  I have achieved the highest accolade in Dermalogica training.
  • I started my journey with Dermalogica over eight years ago. As a therapist I have completed an on-going postgraduate education at the International Dermal Institute. Training with the worlds leading professional skincare brand, Dermalogica. I am recognised as one of the best trained skin professionals in the industry.
  • With over fourteen years experience as a therapist, I have worked in many different areas of the beauty industry giving me a huge amount of knowledge and experience.
  • I have worked in salons, spas, and on beauty counters. Qualified as a trainer/assessor I have also educated future therapists.
  • I am extremely passionate about what I do. I'm constantly training and learning to offer you the best possible advice and treatments to get the maximum results for you and your skin.
  • When you visit me you will receive not only a Facial treatment but a new bespoke skincare regime and treatment plan. You will receive my continued support and advice throughout your skincare journey. I'm always at the end of the phone to offer you ongoing support.

Rebecca, Is it really necessary to cleanse, tone and moisturise?
'All three steps are important for different reasons, and are all necessary.
Cleansing is the most crucial step of your skincare regime. If you are not cleaning your skin any other products you are applying can not work effectively. 
Toning is often overlooked in a skincare regime but again is an essential part of skin health. Toning is a great way to prepare your skin by hydrating and refreshing. There are specific toners for different skin needs and concerns. Treating hydration, protecting, age defending, and calming inflammation and redness. Dermalogica’s toners can also be spritz over the face throughout the day for extra benefits. 
Moisturising is vital regardless of your skin condition. Moisturising helps to keep your skin soft and smooth. Also helping to protect your skin's natural defenses and preventing moisture loss. These can be compromised by the environment and other lifestyle factors. As we age your skin's barrier may also become compromised, or slower in replenishing itself. You can get a variety of different moisturisers suitable for all skin conditions and types.'

Do I need to use a serum? What do they do?
'To start with you need to get the basics in place first with your skincare regime. Then you can begin to add other products like serums. Serums are great to target more skin specific concerns, but get the basics in place first.' 

Why is exfoliation an important skincare step?
'Exfoliation is vital in a skincare regime. Exfoliation makes a dramatic difference to your skin and it's appearance. Without exfoliation your skin will appear dull, lacklustre and your products will be less effective. Exfoliation will improve product penetration, allowing your products to be more effective. Exfoliation is like a personal trainer for your skin. As your skin ages it slows down, exfoliation helps to speed it back up improving it's appearance. Exfoliation is a crucial step for all skin types. Advice is essential in what type of exfoliation is right for your skin type and condition. Some skins may need hydrating or calming before exfoliation can be introduced.'

Do you recommend face oils? How do they work?
'Face oils can be a fantastic addition to your skincare regime. Though only if you have the basics right first, an oil alone will not give you any real benefits. Dermalogica do some fantastic face oils, that reinforce your skin's protective barrier. Help to retain your skin's natural moisture, replenish, protect, revitalize giving you a dewy luminous skin. Once you have spoken with me we can look at which oil if any would be suitable for your skin.'

Do I need to have a different skincare regime AM/PM?
'Yes, there are some differences between your AM and PM routine. In the morning you will be wanting to apply a sun protection to your skin along with your other skincare products. In the evening you will be wanting to double cleanse your skin. This will remove any make-up and dirt build up from the day. You and your skin are more relaxed at night so it's a great time to use overnight oils and treatments the work more effectively when your skin is relaxed. Retinol is also a fantastic product to be used overnight, only recommended through the winter as your skin becomes more sensitive in the summer months.'

If a lady has dry skin what steps should she be implementing into her skincare regime?
'If your skin is dry you need to be using products that will be repairing its natural barrier. Exfoliation is also crucial, as there will be a build of of dry skin. During an expert consultation these things can be addressed and the correct treatment plan can be designed with a suitable home care regime created.'

If a lady has oily skin what products should she be using to help regulate her oil production?
'An oily skin needs hydrating, a thorough cleansing regime and exfoliation. There is often a lot of confusion with oily skins. I find oily skins are very rare and a lot of people can feel and appear to have an oily skin when they have not. This is often due to the incorrect use of products or the wrong types of products being used on their skin that creates an oily complexion. This is why it's essential to get the correct advice when it comes to skincare. If your skin is naturally oily then there are some fantastic Dermalogica products that can help to reduce the oil production. Oil controlling lotions, mattifiers and primers.'

Does an oily skin need to moisturise?
'Yes an oily skin needs to moisturise. It may naturally produce more oil but this does not mean it doesn't need hydrating. An oily skin will also benefit from oil free moisturisers and mattifiers to help reduce the shine and oil production through the day.'

Do you recommend baby wipes/face wipes as a skincare step?
'No no no! Baby wipes are the worst thing for your skin. You are simply smearing the dirt around your face. Can you imagine how much bacteria and dirt you're leaving to fester on your skin? Then moisturising over the top? It doesn't bare thinking about. The wipes are also not made with the most sensitive quality ingredients so will be causing friction and dragging, damaging the skin's surface. Dermalogica have a wipe called 'precleanse wipe.' This contains their popular cleansing oil, the wipe allows you to apply it but then you will still rinse off after.'

Is an eye cream essential? If so why do you recommend this skincare step?
'Yes an eye treatment is essential. The skin around your eyes is a lot thinner therefore needs treating differently. It produces less oil so is more prone to dehydration and lines. Our eyes have 22 muscles that are constantly working when using facial expressions. Your eyes are the first place that show stress. Make-up application and removal also add stress to the delicate eye area.'

How long after using a new skincare regime should I see results?
'This all depends on your skin type. But you should notice an improvement in your skin condition within the first week. All depending on how committed you are to professional treatments and your homecare routine. Professional treatments and a homecare routine work fantastically together. Using the products at home with expert guidance will give you results but you will get far better and faster results if you use them alongside professional facial treatments'

Pop back this Bank holiday weekend, where Rebecca will discuss skincare in relation to makeup application.

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New Year Resolutions

With Christmas, well and truly over, thoughts have moved towards the New year. A new you, a new healthy lifestyle and possible, new career prospects.

Over the past four years, I have built and grown my own business. Countless, sleepless nights, working more than 60 hours a week, spending far too much time on my laptop and phone; each and every day pushing myself that little more 'I will work harder, I will succeed'.
But, succeed at what?

For me, Christmas is a time where I can spend quality time with family and friends, but also a time for reflection.
I am lucky that with my business, I can pick and choose if I want a busy Jan/Feb. So with that in mind, I decided to take a well deserved, three weeks off to recuperate and recharge.

Easier said than done.

I am all for women building their empires; young, rising entrepreneurs, and for most doing all this while they are also bringing up children and running a home. Superwomen.

But have we reached a time where it is now acceptable, that if we don't kill ourselves trying to succeed in all we do, we are not trying hard enough?
To feel guilty to want or need to take a day off? To want to spend some of that hard earnt, cash on yourself?

Why do I feel guilty If I want some time off? Why do I feel like I'm letting myself down if I don't try each and every day, to further progress my business or improve myself in some way?
Why do I struggle to relax and switch off, during my time off - to then come back into the business feeling just as exhausted as when I left it?

In all honesty, once the Christmas chaos is over, I wait in dreaded anticipation for all the NY resolutions (yawn) to start. Posts about, 'New year, new you', This year do this, this year be better.... *rolls eyes*

Why do we need to make changes, only in January?
During my time off, I decided a few things needed to change, but they would be lifestyle changes. Small adjustments to help me through the next few months, not just the year.

Here are a few of my 'lifestyle changes'. Changes that don't involve you getting a gym member card, going on the soup diet or overloading your instagram feed with, what are deemed, inspirational, NY posts. I avoid the word 'resolution', it may bring me out in hives.

Does that thing, really need doing now? Today? Can it wait?
I don't know about you, but I can become a little OCD once I get an idea in my head. I need to do it now, it must get one, if I don't the world might end, and I will die, sort of OCD. That's not healthy, and I'm slowly learning to chill. If I know I will be having a particularly busy week, I now make a list of things I need to do, to stop me from feeling overwhelmed. It's also a great feeling to know I don't spend the whole of my work life procrastinating, as I tick the odd thing off the list.

How much of your life so you spend working/stressing/worrying/spending time with loved ones/doing things you enjoy.
I Spend most of my time working, with the second largest part worrying about things I cannot change. How is that healthy or beneficial?
We must work to live, and if you are building/running a business you will feel like it takes over your entire life, but you are allowed a break.
I try to find a little time each day, where I do something I enjoy. I love reading, and alot can be said for just sitting down with a cuppa and a slice of cake.

Put that bloody phone down
I am the worst for this. In all fairness, I could not do my job without my phone or laptop. But I have now developed the habit of checking my phone every few minutes. Proof again, I have a relationship with my business/work life/ Not good.
Yes, you may need to have your phone with you at all times, but does it need checking every five minutes? Do you have to reply to an enquiry 8pm at night? Answer - No.
I now, either turn my phone off or leave it in a different room. This 'new change' is still in, baby steps mode, so will take me a while to break!

TREAT yourself
When was the last time you treated yourself? I love a little time to myself. Pop out for a quiet coffee, or catch up with a friend, have a long soak in the bath. Buy yourself that pair of shoes you have been eyeing up for the past few weeks. Again, nothing too elaborate, just a small treat here and there - why not?

Be KINDER to yourself.
This is a big one for me, and many other women I know.
There are days, where nothing seems to go right, and I mean nothing. From the minute I wake up, I seem to be a walking disaster. Inevitably, from that, I then blame myself for everything, and before I know it I have created a whole host of new problems, I never had to begin with!
I'm very good at pointing out all the things I have yet to succeed in, all the things I haven't done and all the things I've messed up on. It's amazing when you share these thoughts with a close friend/family member and they remind you what you have actually acheived in the past year. If you are doing your best, what more can you do? Stop beating yourself up, and keep going.

Implement a few of these things, in your life - and I'm pretty sure after a few weeks they will become new, positive habits in your life too!
What positive changes have you made this year, so far?