Wonderwoman Eye Makeup

I sometimes feel like I'm Wonderwoman. Minus the amazing figure, long flowing hair and special powers.

Running around, doing a million things at once - maybe I should design myself a special outfit.

In a way, makeup can transform us into someone else. Maybe you fancy being someone else for the day, makeup has the power to do that.

I was in a makeup mood this morning, and I have designed a look, influenced my our very own, Wonderwoman.

I'm calling it a 'power' makeup. It's strong, sharp and shows you mean business. Its definitely a look for a night out with the girls, probably not a first date makeup ( that will be coming later )

Why not try it this weekend and tweet me the pictures?

As the look I've created was inspired by Wonderwoman, it has alot of red and blue, with injections of gold and of course, black. ( Think long, thick, wavy jet black hair )

The products I used for this look are as follows:

Mac Paint pot in Painterly
Mac loose pigments in Bright Fushia and Old Gold.
Mac Lip pencil in Cherry
Ben Nye Palette. I used the blue and black from this palette. Ben Nye shadows blend really nicely, so are great for building up as they don't create strong colour immediately.

Brushes: All Mac
Again, they don't have to be MAC. But you will need an angled brush, and several buffing, eyeshadows brushes. I also use too many, you can just be more organised, and clean each brush in between colours. Im far too lazy for that.

Other essentials for a look like this are:

A black eyeliner, either in a liquid or gel. I prefer to work with gel, but again it's personal preference. I recommend Bobbi Browns in black.

A concealer, to clean up any shadows fall down and to use at the end to create the 'sharp' clean angle.

Makeup remover or face wipes. Trust me, it's a good idea. My kit is full of this stuff. I like to decante into smaller bottles like the above. Bobbi Brown Instant Long wear remover. Great little product. This particular one came in a Christmas Set, I kept it and just refill so I don't have to carry a huge bottle around with me.


Base. I love Mac Painterly because its a neutral tone, looks great on most skintones, and being matt and neutral it helps to make eye shadows 'true' in colour.

Apply and let it dry. Apply anywhere you will be applying makeup. It will act as a setting base.

Apply Mac Pigment in Old Gold to the inner part of eye:

Then apply your choice of Blue shadow allover the eyelid.

Take Mac Bright Fushia and apply as your crease colour.
Blend so the blue and fushia diffuse, but still visibly, look seperate.

Curl lashes and apply mascara, then apply your choice of false lashes.

Apply liner. Flick liner out, do not worry about taking shadow or liner too far out, this will be cleaned up at the end.

Then apply a black matt eyeshadow into the outer corner only, of your eye.
Bring the shadow underneath the eye.

Use Cherry lipliner in your waterline. Now, I'm not saying this is the best idea to do all the time. I didn't have a red kohl pencil to hand, so I improvised.

Adjust and adapt the look to your personal prefereences.

When you are happy with the shape, and colour intensity, take either your face wipe, or makeup remover ( using a brush or cotton pad / bud ) clean the area around the eye, upwards, creating a sharp angle to the shadow.

Use your concelaer to clean it up and sharpen it furthermore.

Voila. Done

Finish the look with a perfect base and choice of lipstick.

Go on, try something other than a smokey eye this Saturday night.


MAC Fakeness

I've been contemplating writing this post for a while, and now it seems there are so many complaints about this subject, I feel I have to.

Recent conversation with a client:

' I bought this foundation and it doesn't come out of the bottle'
'Okay, can I look at it?'
I examine the bottle. It looks just like your average Studio Fix Fluid. The writing looks the same on front. The lid feels the same. Odd.
I then open it.
I try to bang the foundation onto my hand. Now Studio Fix is thick, but not that thick. It was a full bottle, so it should come out.
In the end I had to get a cotton bud and pull the foundation 'cream' out.
I asked the lady.
'Where did you buy this' ( Knowing full well, it wouldnt have been from store )
'On the internet' She replied.

I love their makeup, what I don't love is the fact there are so many FAKE / REPLICAS floating around.
In fact, not even floating around. More to the point, blatent people, selling it without a care in the world.
I won't name and shame any websites, instead I am writing this post to say what everyone else is thinking.
Stop ripping us off.

I'm lucky, in that, Ive been working with their products in my kit for years.
I know a MAC product when I see it, I also know when the product is down right, FAKE.

It seems to be a full time job for some people, as I have come across some FAKES, which are pretty darn impressive.
The bottle looks the same, so does the packaging. So how would someone, who isn't used to the products be any the wiser?

I know for a fact that many markets, (you know the ones you get in cities, the indoor type ones) have makeup stalls that sell alot of fake MAC.
I had a friend who was so excited when she got back from a shopping trip, weighed down with bags of the stuff.
Not one of the products, genuine.

Now, if you know they are not genuine, but like the fact it has MAC printed on it, fine.
Otherwise it wrong.

I had another friend buy one of the MAC palettes from a 'supplier'. She went to a MAC store to fill the palette, only to be told it was fake and genuine MAC eyeshadow refills wouldn't fit into it. The palette, being a fake was too big for MAC shadows.
She had paid good money for the palette but now its empty and sitting on her bathroom window sill.

How to spot a fake
One fake for lipsticks, is one that is the easiest to detect. As many MAC fakers dont realise, just taking any unbranded lipstick and sticking MAC on it, aint gonna work.
All MAC lipsticks have the same smell. They are fragranced with Vanilla, so there smell is very distinct. Even the Sheen Supreme and Pro Longwear ones have the same scent.

If you are buying a MAC lippie from someone, a market, infact anywhere that isnt a MAC shop / official site. Check it. If it aint got the smell. It aint genuine.
Also, look at the packaging. MAC lipstick packaging is always domed. They do have limited editions, which can vary, but again, the smell will be the same. Vanilla.

Eyeshadow palettes.
Bit more difficult. Packaging can give it away. The writing is sometimes spelt wrong, and has a different font.
The quality of the shadow is usually very talcy.

Real MAC packaging - look for this info on back of products

Angled edges, not rounded. Magnetic closure.

MAC pre made palettes, which come as part of collections do not have rounded off edges.
If you are unsure of what you are buying, go into a MAC store and have a look at the products. Some fakes are that good at the moment its hard to see the defects.

Another good fake on the market. Difficult. I had a freelance client ask me why it kept breaking. I sharpened it, and straight away I could tell by the way the wood flaked off, and how hard the pencil was, it was not a genuine MAC Kohl pencil.

These are bad, oh so bad. Basically, people who deal in MAC fakery, are taking any old mascaras, literally anything, and sticking MAC on it.

Single eyeshadows.
This is a bad one. MAC single eyeshadows, do not come with a mirror and applicator inside. They just dont. I have seen these too. They are not MAC.

Oh dear. I had another Makeup Artsits friend who was just starting out, buy off the net, a roll of MAC brushes.
I knew when she told me they would be fake, 'cus I have seen the sites.
MAC do not sell a makeup roll with all their brushes in. They are a company that makeup artists use, therefore you go and buy individually the brushes you need. If they did sell a complete kit, with all their brushes, it would cost a bomb.
The brushes came. Awful. They started to shed, they fell apart, and the MAC logo wore off.
Now I have had some of my MAC brushes for over ten years. The logo has worn off, but MAC imprint the wood with their logo and the brush no. So when the silver eventually wears off, the imprint is still in the wood. The quality of the brush hair in a FAKE MAC brush is just ridiculous. You will also find the stippling brushes will eventually become so clogged and bushy you can no longer use them.
And you cant even get a refund from MAC because they aint genuine!

Powders - Blushers - Bronzers
One tell tale sign is the back of the product is imprinted, into the plastic, with MAKE-UP ART COSMETICS LTD:

MAC do not sell PRE MADE eye shadow palettes that have over 100 shadows in. Any- pre made palettes by MAC come in multiples of 2 and 4. You can also buy empty MAC palttes in 2, 4, and 15 which you fill with their shadows. Their eyeshadows are NEVER domed, unless they are part of the mineralize collection.

Ebay, markets, MAC parties.... They are bad. Maybe some people hold MAC parties? What I will say is this. If they are holding MAC parties, where are they getting all their MAC products from?
You get a bag of goodies at the end, seems to good to be true? It probably is.
Just going to a MAC store and buying a foundation concealer and powder you are looking at a minimum £70 spend.

I do defend some ebayers. There are the girls and guys out there who are genuinly just selling there makeup they no longer want. Always look at the pictures they provide and details of the product.
Message them and ask where they bought it etc. Then its up to you to decide if you think it legit.

As always, there are the minority who spoil it for the majority.
These people are laughing all the way to the bank, while you are sitting there admiring your fake MAC products. These people are making a full time living, ripping YOU off.

There is also no guarantee what is in these fake products. God knows what you are putting on your face.

I could sit here all day and type about what I have seen and heard.
What I would say is this.
Do not buy MAC from any Tom, Dick or Harry.

Go to a MAC store. Period.

If you like a little detective work, go into a MAC store and see the quality of products. Smell them, even fake MAC foundations smell different. Get to know the products and after a while you will know just by sight and touch what a fake is.
I have had a look at my MAC makeup and it all has a batch no on. On the actual product. It is usually on the area the name of your product is.
IE: Bottom of a lipstick- Its called Costa Chic, and will have a letter and normally two digits. Say, A28. In this picture it is A41.

Lets stop these little liars profiting from your hard earned cash. If you really want a MAC product go to the store, pay the full whack knowing its genuine and you actually have in your makeup bag, what you paid for.

If you have any stories, queries or other tell tale sign of a fakey, let me know. Lets get the word around.

Ruth E

MAC Face and Body Foundation

I don't know about you, but I have seen a sudden surge in people wanting to find the perfect foundation.
I mean, a serious surge.

I currently work part time on a high end makeup counter, and every day I am inundated with the same questions:

I'm looking for a foundation to suit my skin.
I want the perfect foundation.
I always look white in photographs.
What would you recommend for a nice foundation

Now, in my freelance kit, I only have one.

I used to fuss around with all sorts of different kinds, but trust me when you have to carry it round god knows where, and constantly worry about the glass jars smashing, or the cream formulas melting in the summer you need to make some serious decisions about what needs to go and what needs to stay.

I decided, I needed to find one foundation, in several colours. That I could manipulate and adapt whatever the occassion called for.

I'm sure alot of you have heard of MAC Face and Body.

I know alot of girls ( and guys ) have probably invested in one, and those who haven't wanna know what all the fuss is about.


Now, I could end the post here. Invest is what you need to do, but lets talk about why.

I have always been a ( see older posts ) fuller coverage kinda gal.
I love to look like I have no pores, and no flaws, and no shine etc etc.

So, it took alot of willpower and self talk, to even contemplate trying this foundation, let alone thinking it worthy enough the have place in my kit.

This foundation is constantly flaunted around in the fashion world. Its endlessly talked about by beauty editors and used by countless celebrities worldwide.

Face and Body, you could say, is Iconic.

It comes in a lovely plastic bottle. So, in my mind, its portable. Not just for MUA, but for everyone.

It has a lovely consistency. It is a water based foundation. So its very 'fluidy'.

The name face and body, indicates just that. It can be used ALL OVER. It's perfect for use when you are wearing more revealing clothes. Great for backless dresses, low tops, short skirts. It magically covers over every pore to give you an airbrushed, flawless look.

Now the top thing I love about this, is it gives the skin a healthy glow. See this foundation as a 'second skin'
You can't see it on, but it look gorgeous. It give a glow, not a matte finish.

Being water based, its hydrating.

One of the most beneficial things about this foundation is, it contains no talc.
You know when you do your makeup, and you go out thinking you look good? All your skin matches.
( Well, you thought it did )
You get the photographs turn up on facebook the next morning. De-tag.

Your face looks like a ghost. A lot of foundations ( especially full-coverage ) contain talc. When photographs are taken the flash makes you look lighter.

Not a great look, and even worse for wedding photographs.

Face and Body is HD - High Definition makeup. Looks great in photographs, and close up.

Those of you who maybe feel more comfortable in fuller coverage, you can rub the foundation between your fingers, so the water contains evaporates. This leaves a creamier and fuller finish to the foundation.
You can always add a little concealer on top and powder too if you want to feel a little more 'polished'.

I love the feel of this foundation on my skin. It feels weightless and clean. I also love how this foundation dries on the skin. Once dried, you look like you are ready for a photoshoot. Glowing.

Pop into your nearest MAC store and get a sample.

You'll soon see why all the celebs are a fan.

Ruth E

Elegance in a lipstick

I don't know about you, but I have a slight thing for vintage/expensive looking/dressing table worthy perfume bottles and makeup. I don't think that my new obsession ( and I completely blame ITV for this ) with such TV shows as, Downton Abbey and Mr Selfridge have helped the cause.
I love the style of the Grantham girls in Downton. Their hair, clothes and the homes they live in..... Ahhhh.
I also love how they had such ornate, delighful bottles and accessories on their dressing tables. I've starting to see ( or maybe I'm just searching out ) these kind of pretty things, slowly making their way into our shops and beauty halls.I have always loved the more 'vintage' look to makeup, as a 'pose to the more modern look of some brands.
I love the elegance of Chanel. Their perfume and makeup packaging, I'm sure, plays a huge part in what sells them. Imagine Chanel or Dior packaged in Modern, black packaging. Or cheap plastic. Doesn't really have the same feel does it?
Hands up those who have bought a cosmetic product more for the packaging than the actual product? You stand their weighing it up.

' I don't need it, but it looks so beautiful, it's not that expensive... '

One brand I am loving for the gorgeous packaging at the moment is, Tom Ford. Yum.
Now, brace yourself, its a bit darn pricey, but wowie. Its on another level. His lipsticks in particular are dressing table and handbag worthy. You know, the kind of lipsticks you want to get out after lunch and apply in front of your work colleagues. Not the £1.99 ones that only grace the staff toilet mirrors.
This lipstick cost.....ahem..... £36.00 I know, I know..... but, look.
The colour I purchased, was Blush Nude. ( and sorry, no swatches. I still can't bring myself to use it )

I was tempted, so tempted to buy so much more. But, I need to eat....

Look at it. The minute you take it out the box, the expense speaks for itself. It's evident this wasn't bought from your local chemist. The weight of it ( for a lipstick ) is quite extraordinary. The colour of the actual case is a glossy, inky black that's fringed with a gold lining. The top is imprinted with the initials. TF.

When you open the case, the tip of the lipstick bullet is also imprinted with the same initials. The smell of it is also lovely. Usually, I only like the smell of MAC lipsticks. The well known Vanilla scent.
Most lipsticks I have found let the whole experience of buying it, down.

Nice packaging - Check
Nice colour - Check
Smell of lipstick? - Chemicals. Major fail.

This one smells of what I think, Angel delight. Try no to eat it.
When you have revelled in applying your favourite Tom Ford shade, be satisfied with the sound it makes as you shut it.
Yes, crazy as it sounds, Tom Ford has actually 'created' ( I'm not sure if he has, knowingly ) an experience for you when you purchase this lipstick. From the moment you see it in the shop, all the way to getting it home and every time you use it, its heavenly.
I think, if Lady Mary was around in this day and age, she would pick this as her favourite lipstick to adorn her dressing table.

Tom Ford, I applaud you. You have made the PERFECT lipstick experience, who can follow? I'm sure, that door is firmly shut.


Six months on.....

Hello fellow bloggers.

Well, the last time I logged on here was just over six months ago.

Seems strange typing up a new blog post.

I have had a few people get in touch, regarding my sudden 'disapperance' from the blogging world, so thought it only fair that I reply.

I wondered what to say. What excuse I could make. Then I thought, no. Lets just be honest.

Last year I was diagnosed with depression. Depression and Anxiety. I was also experiencing panic attacks.
Now the reasons behind this I will not bore you with. Lets just say it's been a difficult couple of years and it had finally taken its toll.

I reacted to it by completely withdrawing into myself, and from everything 'familiar'. I suppose I withdrew from all the familiar people, daily situations ( including my work life ) by avoiding it all.
In a way, dealing with all the things I had done the past few years reminded me off all the past struggles, and I just wanted to leave it all behind.

You may wonder why I, a Beauty Blogger, is deciding to write a post about this.

I have known people who have had depression ( far worse than what I had/have )
I have heard people say: Can't they just get over it?'
And the worst one: 'Smile, it can't be that bad'
I have known people who have suffered from Mental illness for years, and it is still treated with stigma.

Let me tell you now, if just 'smiling' was the answer to depression, then wouldn't the world be a perfect place?

It is not only reserved for those who are described as:
Attention seekers
Feeling sorry for themselves
Those who cant 'handle life'

Depression is available to all. The rich, poor, men, women, young old. It is real, and it is a big deal.

Going through what I have, has given me a new perspective on life.

Never, ever judge a person. You never know what they are going through. Even the saying, 'Imagine yourself in their shoes' is not true.
Because everyones shoes are a different size and shape. Unless you go through the exact same thing as someone ( which you never can, because everyone is unique, and everyone reacts to things differently ) you can NEVER know how they are feeling.

For people who ask how does it feel? Having depression?

It feels hopeless. It feels like all the hope in the world has been sucked out of you. You feel as though the world and everyone in it has given up on you, even if in reality, they haven't.
Dark - evey step you take is scary, and you are left wondering will I fall down at the next one and not be able to get up?

I withdrew in a way that only being at home, I felt safe. Within my four walls, I could hide from it all.

I feel the issue of 'depression' is still frowned upon. I mean, its better than years ago where you could be locked up for writing something like this.

But its not the 1800's, we live in 2013 and more people than ever are experiencing depression, anxiety, panic attacks etc.

It can ruin your life, it can leave you in a place where you feel like a statue. So scared, so petrified of moving forward. You awake, dreading what the day may hold, you freeze in fear, unable to move.

If you are reading this now, and think you may have symptoms of depression, don't bottle it up. Seek help. Talk to someone. The relief of talking to someone you can trust is the first step.
You are not crazy, you are not 'weird', you are not weak. You are human. 

Don't suffer in silence. I did, for too long, and it affected and manifested itself in me, physically and emotionally.

But, I am back and I am back doing what I love.

I logged on to my email and this account for the first time since last August, today.
I saw how many comments people had left on posts, I saw how many more twitter followers had followed, I saw emails from people concerned.

I have missed you all, and I cannot wait to start blogging again.

2013 is a new start. Life is hard, and it will always throw things at you which will take you by suprise. Sometimes it will throw more than one thing at once, but I will be damned if I let it suffocate me.
As an old lady at the bus stop said to me the other day ( 90 yrs old, to be exact ) you have to keep going, or you will just give up.
Its true, its easy to hibernate and avoid. I did it. Its harder to get up, get ready and face the world.
But just think, what have you missed out on today because you let life scare you into staying within your four wall security?
I have found the days I have 'made' myself get up and get ready, I have had the best days, and usually the most productive.

What are your goals for 2103?

Let's do this.

Over and out. ( for now.... )