Skincare Diaries - Part three

Welcome to the final instalment of the hugely popular, Skincare Diaries!
This is the the one all you brides to be have been asking for - how to get your skin to it's best possible health, before your big day.
Makeup CAN and WILL only do so much, so read Rebeccas tips on how to achieve the best canvas possible and ensure great looking skin and makeup that lasts all day.

Is it really necessary to take care of my skin before my big day? Won't makeup just make it look good?

It's crucial to take care of your skin before your big day. Your make up artist can only do so much, it's essential that your skin is at its best health. No make-up can cover up a bad skin texture. Your skin is your canvas, imagine applying makeup to an unprepared canvas. It would look uneven, cracked, dull and probably not make it through the day. Then think about a canvas that has been prepared, your make-up will look even, glide on, be smooth, radiant, glowing, and still look as beautiful at the end of your Wedding day. It's your big day you want to have the best canvas possible, the only way you will achieve that is through a good skincare regime and treatment plan.

Skincare products are so expensive. Can't my make-up artist just use her skincare on the day to make my skin look better?
Skincare does not need to be expensive. There are options for all budgets and I can tailor your skincare/treatment plan around your budget. Skincare is an investment and commitment but worth it. Many people waste money on buying cheaper shop brands of skincare, yes they are lower in price, but are you getting the results you want? It is false economy. You have a basket of cheap products you keep changing and seeing no results with or you make an investment in a product you will use and get results from. When you look at it like that you are making a better investment long term.  People so easily part with their money for clothes, bags, makeup, nails. Your skin is your biggest organ, it's representing you for your whole life, it's definitely an investment well worth making.
To get your skin to its best health you need to make a commitment it's a journey not a race. There's no magic wand or miracle potions, it's an investment and commitment. It's impossible for the skincare applied before your make-up on your wedding day to achieve those results.

What skincare advice would you give to a bride to be?

I would invite the bride to be in for a full bridal skincare consultation and Dermalogica Facial treatment. Discuss her main skin her concerns and goals. Then create a bespoke treatment plan leading up to her big day.
It's essential that the bride is following a good routine at home. This will include cleansing, toning, moisturising/protection and exfoliation. There are also many other skincare products that can be added to the routine to get the best results. The main thing is to get the skin hydrated, calm and gain that great surface texture for the big day. You should always seek expert skincare advice when taking on a new skincare regime so you are using the correct products for your skin.

A bride has 6 months before her wedding day, what steps should she take to ensure her skin looks it's best on the day?

Six months before your wedding gives you enough time to make big changes with your skin. Get booked in with me I'm a skincare expert. Book for a consultation or a Facial treatment that way your skin can be analysed and a detail consultation performed to offer you the best course of treatment in preparation for your big day. Everyone's skin is different don't just pick up a product off a shelf, see an expert.

A bride has only a month before her wedding day, do you have any advice on what she should/shouldn't be doing to ensure her skin is in tip top condition?

There is still time with a month before your wedding day to get your skin in a healthier condition. But ideally if you can its best to start making changes as soon as possible, for the best results. You don't want to make too many changes too close to your big day as skin can be a bit unpredictable. I would still recommend getting in touch with a skin expert, even with only a month to go. You don't want to be buying incorrect products for your skin that close to your big day. Bin those baby/skin wipes, worst thing for your skin. Get cleansing, it's the most important part of your skincare routine. Exfoliation is also crucial, but always seek expert advice.

Lifestyle changes that can be made to help get that glowing skin for your wedding day

It's not just what you apply to your skin that affects it's appearance and condition. What you eat and the sort of lifestyle you lead has a massive impact. Below are a few tips to support your skin wellness:
Drink 8 glasses of water daily
Reduce your caffeine intake, swap for herbal/green teas
Eat those greens
Cut sugar intake
Reduce alcohol
Wash your makeup brushes weekly
Slow down, take time out for yourself
Get your 8 hours sleep

What skincare advice would you give a mature bride who wants to ensure her skin looks the best it can on her big day?

Dermalogica have an amazing range of products that treat the concerns of a mature bride. She would be looking at getting her skin well hydrated then more skin specific products could be used in Facial treatments and at home to treat her concerns. Uneven skin texture and tone, lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, hormonal acne, redness sensitivity, and dryness can all be addressed. Allowing her skin to look at its best for her wedding day.
One of my favourite dermalogica products is power rich. This amazing product is a bit like a boot camp for the skin and is a fabulous product to prepare for your wedding day. Helping to reverse those signs of skin aging with a three phase formula targeting  fine lines, increasing elasticity, and retaining moisture. This product has a three in one action not only is it your moisturiser it's your eye cream and exfoliator. This is one of those wow products that you won't want to put down!

What skincare advice, if any would you give to a bride to be the night before her wedding day?

I would hope to have seen the bride way before the night before her wedding day. That way we will have worked together to establish what would be the best most effective products to use specific to the bride's skin before her wedding day. I would not recommend trying anything new the night before her wedding.

Taking care of your skin every day, not just before your wedding day is vital for skin health. Makeup is fantastic at helping to enhance features and boost your confidence but having the best canvas underneath is what's going to help makeup look its absolute best.