Decleor - Aromessence - Rose D'orient

As well as having a makeup obsession, ( it's a problem ) I also have a slight obsession with skincare at the moment.
Maybe it's because I am now in my 30s, and I am noticing the small differences in my skin.
Larger pores, fine lines - The early symptoms.
My skin has never been fantastic - see previous posts about my skin woes.
My skin is so tempremental. Oily, dry - spotty - the list is endless. I'm constantly on the hunt for new skin care products - and I tend to steer towards the more 'natural' products - as my skin tends to react or flare up to products with too much fragrance, or too many chemicals.

I love nothing more than to pamper/beautify myself - I think like many women, it make's me feel better about myself, not just physically - but emotionally too. Show me a woman who doesn't like a good old, pamper session?

The lovely people at Decleor sent me this fabulous product.
Aromessence, Rose D'orient - Soothing serum.

Thank you Decleor Angels - Its heaven sent, for my skin - in a bottle.

Its 100% natural - perfect for me.
It smells just like Turkish delight - yum.
Cares for sensitive skin
Is jam packed, full of natural oils. Look at the list:
Sweet Almond oil
Black Currant seed oil
Bitter orange peel oil
Corn oil
Sunflower seed oil
Bitter Orange oil
Soybean oil
Rosa Damascena flower oil

How on earth do they fit all that into a bottle?

I pop this on every morning and night before my moisturiser - and it instantly calms my skin.
It's called a serum - but the actual product, when used, is an oil.
It doesn't feel greasy like some face oils can - it sinks into the skin, and leaves a lovely glow and calming effect to not only your skin, but your mind.
The oil feels like an elixir, rich and soothing - another selling point.
I'm in love.

Decleor do several of these serums - in the range, all for different skin types. I would love to try each and every one.
This rose one is perfect for those of you who have sensitive skin - who's skin is prone to behaving like a stroppy teenager.
Perfect for balancing the skin - its great to use after you have exfoliated too.
£44.00 for a 15ml bottle.

I have been using this for three weeks now - and I have seen an amazing difference to my skin. The blemishes I tend to get on my cheeks and chin have significantly calmed down - and are fewer.
The dry patches, that my foundation clings to - have vanished.
I even popped down to my local shops with no concealer on - that only happens when my skin is looking half decent!
Paying for good skin care is an investment - and if it works like this product has, I'm only too happy to pay the full price for it.

Have you tried this - or any other Decleor products?