Ardere Eye Glitters

If Chanel made glitter......

The Winter months have quickly desended upon us, and suddenly Christmas seems just around the corner. What better time to get glammed up, than at Christmas? It's the perfect excuse to buy that dress you've been eyeing up for the past few weeks, and an even better excuse for upping your game in the makeup stakes.
Introducing Ardere, Eye glitters.

These little gems could have been made, for the holiday season. The packaging alone exudes luxury and glamour. With it's gold rimmed lid and clear casing, it perfectly showcases the gorgeous sparkles that are contained inside. Just like a pre-wrapped Christmas gift, you could quite easily pop it under the tree as it is, no fancy wrapping or tying of bows needed. 

I think I speak for all ladies, alike - when I say we all love a little glitter, right? I'm not talking bright green glitter, resembling the wicked witch of the west, reserved for children parties. I'm talking - grown up glitter.
Is there such a thing? There is now.

Ardere cosmetics have hit the nail on the head, with their colour range. The colours are rich, luxurious, tempting you in.
With names such as Mocha, True Gold, Peony, it's only a matter of time before you treat yourself to one (or two)

Being a makeup artist, I have used my fair share of cosmetic glitters. Unfortunately, alot look very pretty, but don't feel as great once applied. Scratchy, heavy, and gritty are my personal experience of many cosmetic glitters. Ardere's eye glitters are so fine, almost like small grains of glittering sand.
Weightless when on, you will forget you are wearing them.

I have all eight colours, and still find it hard to choose which one to wear!
Apply using the Ardere eye fix, adhesive. This glue is not gloopy nor sticky. The application using this is nothing like trying to use an eyelash glue to apply glitter, which let's be honest, ends up a sticky mess. Arderes glitter adhesive, feels more like a skincare product when applied to the skin, and leaves no residue. Amazing.

Displaying, Top right, downwards - True Gold/Silver/Peony/copper. Lower right: Amber/Peony/Taupe/Mocha

I like to mix the glitter in with the glue and pat the product where needed, layering it for intensity. You can just quite as easily, sport a fab smokey eye and add a few sparkles to add some extra glamour to your makeup. The possibilities are endless!
These pictures alone do not do these gorgeous glitters, justice. Head over to my Instagram page to see a short video showcasing them in all their glory! 

Head over to their website to take a look at these gorgeous products, along with other products. Perfect treat to yourself for Christmas or New Year.
Official Ardere Cosmetics Website
£10.00 each for 4g of product.
£7.00 for Eye Glitter fix adhesive