Aromanate - Gorgeous new company

I have been so busy the past few weeks I have not had any spare time, what so ever!

I did however receive some lovely products from new company, Aromanate. For which, I had to make some time for.....
Haven't heard of them? These guys opened online on the 25th of May, this year.

If you love pampering yourself. If you love luxury and real quality for your money, then read on. These products have truly got me hooked!
I was lucky enough to be given quite a range of goodies to have a play with. And I love, truly love, anything indulgent like this.
Give me a box of pampering, body loving goodies and I'll lock myself away in the bathroom and emerge several hours later.
And that's exactly what I did.

Now this new company has some truly gorgeous products. Don't be fooled into thinking they are just another 'online. beauty store '. Aromanate has truly captured the essence of 'luxury'.

I would say their prices are spot on for the quality you are given in return.
Any way, enough of me gushing and let's have a look at the products.

So, I was extremely lucky, and very, very happy to receive this absolutely, beautifully divine, tank candle.

Take a look.

I honestly wish that technology was so advanced I could somehow send all of you a micro chip of the amazing scent of this candle. Amazing.

What makes this candle so totally heavenly? ( I love this candle )
Just the packaging alone is so elegant and oozes luxury. The packaging reminds me of quaint, London boutiques. Lovely, elegant, deep boxes, wrapped in a rich, silky, chocolately brown ribbon. The companies name, Aromanate is printed in gold. Even before you open the exquisite box, you are filled with the anticipation of what lies beneath it.
When you open it, the scent of the candle hits you. The Candle is gorgeous, and has four wicks in the centre. The candle is placed in chocolate brown paper.
I can't stop talking about the fragrance of this candle. It's truly extraordinary. I've never smelt a candle like it.
Aromanates managing director informs me that ONLY essential oils are used to scent the candle, which would make perfect sense. In reality you are burning essential oils in a wax base which would explain why the scent is so strong. Don't get me wrong. Its not 'strong' in the 'quick, blow it out, its giving me a headache' sense, Its divine.
It smells 'rich' The scent speaks volumns.
I usually find cheaper scented candles give me a headache after a while. I'm guessing that must be the artificial fragrance. As Aromanate's candles are scented naturally, no headache came on. Bonus.
I left this candle on for hours. My whole home smelt of this fragrance! This is the perfect home accessory. A real, centre piece.
I personally think £50 is a bargain for the quality of these, considering I have used other 'top' branded candles. Not naming names, but I'm talking the 'top' ones. I can say, these are on par with quality, and sorry, but the fragrance of these candles are so strong, it's simply amazing.
I came home to my apartment today, after a 9 hr shift, and my whole home smells of this glorious candle.
You know the sort of things you cant live without? Food, water, chocolate, eyelash curlers.... Well Aromanate candles now have a worthy place there too. If you are looking for a special gift, these are perfect. A perfect gift for yourself!
I really didn't feel my camera did the candle justice, so I took one off the Aromanate official website.

These candles come in several fabulous fragrances, and also in smaller sizes, although I am a sucker for the tank size.......
Why not try classic French Vanilla and Lavender, or Warming, Spiced Apple and Pumpkin? What gorgeous names......

Next up are these goodies!
I was so excited about these, seeing as the sun decided to turn up this week. These product's came just in time for me to get my skin scrubed up and detoxed!

I love mud masks so naturally, I loved Aromanates PURE Dead Sea Mud. This mud is 100% Dead Sea Mud. You've seen all the pictures and videos of people on holiday in Egypt, covering themselves in Dead Sea mud whilst in the Dead Sea.
Well, here you have it, in the luxury of your own home! Love it!

This stuff is packed full of vitamins and minerals. It can be used on the face or body. I used it on my legs before I exfoliated.
Regular use is supposed to help reduce cellulite. Sounds good to me!

I'm guessing this product has been a hit for this company, all my friends love Mud masks, especially ones that come in tubs this size!

At £10.50, you can't complain. That price to help reduce Cellulite, Stimulate and Detox skin? Yes please!

I love these.
Aromanate sent me two soaps to try.
These are gorgeous, Great if you want a small pressie for someone. I just bought two for some friends as a little thank you. They loved them.
Wrapped in lovely brown 'parchment' paper. With the soap scent printed on the front.
Again, these are handmade and hand cut. Just lovely. They smell, just heavenly, made with natural ingredients and fragrances. Yummy. The Fig and Cassis smells good enough to eat. And at only £3.95 that is an absolute bargain. They lather lovely on the skin, and leave a delicate scent with it.

Apricot and Sea Salt

Fig and Cassis
 Take a look at their fantastic range of handmade soaps here. They have lots of fabulous fragrances!
Aromanate handmade soaps

Now, I have saved my second favourite ( after that amazing candle ) till last.
Aromanate, Turkish Rose, Dead Sea Salt Exfoliator,
Oh my.........
I have used a lot of exfoliators in my time. A lot, some are scratchy, some not scratchy enough, some are  too watery, some are not watery enough. I'm extremely fussy.
Aromanate have found just the right balance here.
I love the packaging. Again, in a lovely flip top jar, with the signature brown ribbon.
Look at the bathroom worthy packaging here.

In fact, all Aromanates products are bathroom worthy..... They love the attention

The scent of the product is to die for! The consistency is just divine.
Again, Aromanate have not scrimped on quality. This product contains 13 essential oils Did you hear that? Yes, thirteen.

Look at what's in this scrub:
Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba, Evening Primrose, Lavender, Patchouli, Lime ,Clove Bud, Roman Chamomile, May Chang, Ylang Ylang, Tangerine, Cedar Leaf, Geranium, Rose.

That's impressive, and that's gonna do your skin some serious favours.
The oils all rise to the surface, so when you first receive it it looks like a thick layer of oil is on top, you just need to mix it round before use.
Now you can see where the fantastic fragrance comes from.
Absolute luxury. An absolute must for your summer skincare regime. This stuff would be great to use before fake tan. After use the oils are left on the skin, and leave it so silky smooth and smelling delicious. There's no need for perfume after you have used this. The scent is just incredible.My skin was positively glowing after using this. I came out of the bath feeling so relaxed and de-stressed, even lying in bed I could smell the essential oils. My bed now smells of this fantastic scrub.I will be buying this when Ive run out of this one, and at this rate that will be pretty quick. The smell is addictive.
The salt is not scratchy and not too fine, just coarse enough to really slough away dead skin, but almost massage at the same time. I rubbed some onto my feet after a a long day's work. It worked wonders.
Priced at £25.00. Only PURE Dead Sea Salt is used in this particular scrub. Other scrubs include, Tranquility Dead Sea Scrub. They have two other scrubs. Click the link below to have a nosey!

Aromanate is the perfect name for this company.
Scents and fragrance, as we all know, are powerful in creating memories and provoking old ones, and Aromanate have captured this in their extraordinary products.
I love discovering new companies. Aromanate has something no one else has. Their products are divine and truly unique. They ooze luxury and wealth. An absolute must for any girl who loves pampering herself. Which girl doesn't?

I love this brand . What a little gem, I'm expecting big thing's from Aromanate. Watch this space!

Buy their gorgeous product's here


  1. I would have so much fun with this i love new smells and candles,great post!

  2. These candles are the best I have ever used. Gorgeous! Thank you for the comment :)

  3. They make me want to go buy some right now! Yum!

  4. Do it! Highly recommend their products. Delicious!