If you could look like a celebrity......

Who would it be?

I often, as I'm sure everyone else does ( or at least I hope so! ) look at certain celebrities and wonder what it would be like to look like them, even just for a day?

I'm sure it's not just me, as I get asked all the time by clients, to make them look like:
These are the top requested;

Kim Kardashian
Adele ( Its the eye makeup )
Cheryl Cole

I personally, if I could like like a celebrity for a day, would go for the following:
I am greedy and have chosen more than one.

Elizabeth Taylor - She was stunning. Her face, eyebrows and timeless beauty get's me every time. Look how radiant she was. Those eyes were truly hypnotic. She had such great features I'm pretty sure she would have looked great without any makeup on. She would be my No1 choice.

Penelope Cruz - I think she has such a sultry, mysterious look about her. I love her skin tone, hair colour and dark eyes. She also has amazing bone structure. I love Olive/Spanish/Meditteranean skin tones. They always look so healthy and that kind of skin tone tans so well. I also think warm skin, mixed with warm hair and warm eyes looks really beautiful.

I would also love to look like someone like Gisele for the day. ( I know, that's three.... ) I wonder what it is like to be so effortlessly beautiful? To wake up and look like that? I'd also love to know how it would feel to have a figure like her's.
To wear anything, and look great.

So, who would you love to look like for the day?

Past or present?
What would you do if you could look like that person?
Mmmmmmmm, the list is endless!



  1. Hard to choose just one but if I had to I'd say Sofia Loren so uniquely beautiful x

  2. Ohhhhhhh, thats a good one! She was stunning! They still use old photos oh her to advertise stuff! She was on 'guess' clothing bags a while back. Beautiful! Italian, figures! :) Thank you for your comment :)))))

  3. Great post and blog! It is so hard to choose just one... maybe Scarlett Johansson because she is probably the exact opposite of me! I'd love to see what its like to be blonde & curvy for one day haha.
    Im following you would be awesome if you could do the same :)

  4. Ahhh, I would love to be curvy like Scarlett. Lovely figure :) Thank you for the comment and follow :)

  5. Hmm... Beyonce', Jennifer Lopez, or Zoe Saldana.:)

    1. Jennifer Lopez has the most amazing skin. Beyonce has a great face and figure and Zoe Saldana, I had to google her, but recognised her straight away. She is also stunning! Don't you just love beauty! All so unique....
      Thank you for your comment :)