The best mascara....


Finally I have found the mascara I will buy again, and again, and again......

I have tried, God knows, how many mascaras.

Lancome ( which ARE good ) Bobbi Brown, Rimmel, Maxfactor, Loreal - Oh the list is endless!

I'm too down right fussy for my own good. I want it all ( what woman doesn't )

I want thickness, length. I don't want it too clumpy, but I want it thick enough to see I'm wearing it. I want seperation-definition, I want a brush that's not too big, nor too small. I want a brush that doesn't dry out within weeks. I also want to only have to use one, two coats MAXIMUM, to get a fabulous effect. Mmmmm, I think thats it.

God help the makeup consultant who asks me what I wanted from my mascara.

I think I've covered everything I would want from my perfect mascara, trouble is, I could never find one that did fit the above requirements.

I've found ones that do seperate beautifully, but give little volume.

I've tried ones that have a silly little brush, promising superior results. As if.

I've thrown away the ones that give fabulous results, then within a week - dried out.

Here it is. My perfect mascara.

Handbag worthy

MAC - In Extreme Dimension Lash - £18.00

Why is it perfect?
The brush - its one of those plastic ones. The funny thing is, I hate these brushes. I find they dont pick enough of the mascara and create no volume. MAC have a secret here, 'cus they have converted me! This one is large, and has 'canals' down the applicator. These hold 'reseviors', of mascara. So when you brush it through your lashes you are left with intensly black, thick, defined gorgeous lashes.

The brush is also fab for bottom lashes, it seperates perfectly.

This brush holds an immense amount of mascara

I just can't fault it.

I usually found with plastic applicators they never left enough lash impact for me. They left my lashes wimpy, in need of a good meal. Too skinny, waif like.

I want thick, blow you over if I so much as bat an eyelid at you, lashes.

Well here it is girls.

Finally, after 31 years, I have found the mascara I will buy, again.

Mascara in action. Lash inserts not included

What's your favourite mascara?



  1. I love the packaging of this mascara - my favourite is the nouveau lashes mascara i love it..


    1. Oooh never tried that one?! I am obsessed with this one!

  2. Will have to keep an eye on it then! My favourite at the moment, is Maybelline's Colosal Volum' Express in Smoky Eyes... I'm more into big-fat-regular mascara wands and this one has it! Lovely post and brilliant eye makeup!

    Love from Spain,

  3. I'll have to keep an eye on it! My favourite lately is Maybelline's Colosal Volum' Express Smoky Eyes Mascara. I'm more into big-fat-regular mascara wands, and this one has it!! Very nice post and amazing eye make-up! love it!


    1. See, I have phases. I like my big brushes, then the thinner ones, I'm never satisfied! ahahah, well, I hope this one is it!
      Thankyou for your comment :)


  4. Have you tried the latest Guerlain Maxi Lash mascara? Game changer. Sarah x