Best Mac Foundation. Part one. Studio Fix Liquid

I have been inundated with emails, facebook messages - and just in general chit-chat ( when people realise I'm a makeup artist ) asking what the best MAC foundation is.

Seriously girls ( and guys ) I've never known a generation so obsessed!

It seems everyone is on a lifelong mission of finding that perfect foundation which will leave them with that completely, mannequin looking skin.
Now, I know not everyone wants THAT sort of look, but be honest, what's the main reason you want a foundation? Even the individuals who say they want it to look 'natural' still want it to hide every flaw and imperfection.........

People are obsessed with MAC foundations, what am I saying? Peole are obsessed with MAC full stop!

I had a lightbulb moment the other day, why not do a series on MAC foundations?

I've used them ALL. I have my preferences, but they all have differences, and all will suit a different skin type and individuals needs.......

So, stay tuned, I will be uploading a post each week, with an indepth look at a different MAC foundation.

But, with which to start?

I think it has to be their most popular.
Studio Fix Liquid

Even if you haven't used this, I'm pretty sure you will have heard of it

You want full coverage? Here it is.

This was one of the first foundations I used on myself, and to be honest, I'm pretty sure it's their most popular foundation.

Whos it good for?
Great if you want quick buildable coverage. It's advertised as full coverage, but if you apply a little with a MAC stippling brush ( on a well moisturised skin ) it looks flawless but not 'heavy'
Fantastic if you have oily skin. It contains Silica, which absorbs oil on the skin surface. It also contains 'soft focus' powders to minimise skins imperfections....

Who shouldn't use it?
I've always felt the same about this question. My personal opinion is, if you wanna use it. Use it. In my experience if someone is adament they want it 'cus their best friends auntie uses it, they will buy it.
I would say, if you are a drier skin, it will not 'help' or enhance your skin. Due to it being an oil-controlling foundation.
If you are drier, it will show that as it will stick to any dry patches.
Now, that doesn't mean its not a good foundation, it just means it's not the right foundation for you.
Just because it looks good on your best mate, doesnt mean it will on you.

Other benefits?
Contains SPF 15.
Contains Vitamin E - Which helps protect skin.
Dermatologist tested
Studio Fix Liquid has the largest range of colours out of all the MAC foundations.
You are sure to find a colour for you. They have even brought out an NW10 and NW13 now. Fabulous.

How to use it.
Yes, this may sounds daft, but, necessary. Trust me.
When you are offered to buy the pump for it, don't be stingy. Its £3.50. And you actually get more use from the product with a pump. Its very difficult to get the last remnents out of the bottle without one.
I personally think MAC should sell it with the pump, but what do I know....

Use it with the right brush.
I love to apply this with MAC #187 Stippling Brush. It builds up beautifully.

Want a sheerer finish? Spritz your #187 with a little FIX+, then apply the foundation. This will also give the skin a nice glow.
It's advertised as matte. To be honest, I don't think it is completely matte. Its still leaves a glow on the skin when I use it. If you want it Matte Matte, use a powder on top. Hell, use the Studio Fix Powder on top for extra coverage....

This product does contain talc, so isn't ideal for photographs. It tends to make you look alot lighter. Not great for big nights out or wedding days.....

Well there you have it. Part one of Foundation Nation.
Do you use Studio Fix Liquid? How do you find it? 
Post any questions you have about this foundation below.

If you are unsure, pop into your local MAC store and get a sample.


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