Embryolisse - Creme Concentrate

Everyone knows the great feeling, when you discover that 'Cult' beauty product.
Whether it be your perfect red lippie or that foundation you can't now live without.

Being a professional Makeup artist and working on hundreds of faces a year - It may be a brides special day or a celebrity on a photoshoot so having the very best products in your kit that this growing beauty industry has to offer, is imperitive.

I've narrowed down my kit, to products I absolutely love. Products that have taken me alot of time, testing and money to find, but all, very much worth it.

Finding a product so great, deserves recognition, and finally after years of trying and testing ( some of the most expensive, and sought after face creams ) I have found my perfect mosituriser.

All hail. Embryolisse Creme Concentrate.

Yes, you may have seen this in your latest glossy magazine, and maybe you have seen it on the latest Makeup artists, post on Instagram. Maybe you think, it's just hype? Yes, it's a hype, but an honest one....

In my job, alot of the time I dont get to meet the client(s) before hand. I never know the kind of skin I may face. Dry, dehydrated, oily, it's anyones guess. I dont have the time, space or arm/back capabilites to carry around a whole case of skin care, so what I do carry needs to be pretty special.

This cream is a miracle worker. It somehow works on any skin type. Dry skin and dry patches, 'dissolve', combination skin looks fresh, and dehydrated skin looks plump.

The texture of the cream is not oily, but leaves a lovely 'feel' to the skin and a fabulous, fresh glow. Clients always comment once it's been applied on how great their skin looks and feels.

Shea Butter to hydrate and smooth.
Beeswax, which helps protect, seal in moisture and soothe the skin.
Aloe Vera, renowned for its healing and anti - inflammatory properties.

Throw away your primers, ( I did a long time ago ) as this seems to do that aswell. This gorgeous cream instantly prepares skin for makeup application, making foundations and concealers glide on effortessly and like a dream.

This handy tube contains 75ml for only £20.00 on  Look fantastic. (Pricing correct as 7/1/2017) That's a bargain, as you only need the smallest amount.

They also have a smaller tube 30ml, £13.00 ( buy the larger one ... )

Have you tried this? If not, you need to! I'm dying to try more of their range!


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