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I love working for myself, and I love how I can work from home too. I'm a self-confessed Social, media fiend. I'm obsessed. I'm constantly checking my Instagram, Emails etc etc. What did we do before mobile phones? Seriously? I couldn't do my job, successfully without mine.

The one dowfall from constantly surfing the net, and working from home, is I can't resist, as the temptation is too great, TO NOT BUY MAKEUP.

I am a full time, Makeup artist. So yes, it's part of my job. But some days, I do find myself wondering, do I need yet, another nude, eyeshadow palette?

So once again I succumb to the Makeup buying devil on my shoulder, and bought more stuff for my kit.
In my defence, this was stuff I actually needed, and in that I found consolation as my poor bank balance dwindled, even more.
I had heard alot about Freedom Makeup, and had seen they were offering 3 for 2 on all products. I knew I needed some Brush cleansing spray, and I had run out of my Anastasia Beverley Hills, Dipbrow but was reluctant to spend another £15 to replace it.

So out came my debit card ( no moths in my wallet ) and I purchased their Brush bath, Brush shower and their own version of Brow Pomade in Dark Brown.

Pro Studio - Brush shower - £5.00
I cannot, tell you guys and gals just HOW much I love this stuff. I have a hectic work life. I work on Photoshoots, Film sets, and with huge Bridal parties. Yes, I have alot of brushes, but all MUA's will sympathise, sometimes you don't have enough and you need something you can use quickly and efficiently to clean, and more importantly, sanitise your brushes to use again asap. I can't be carrying around 10 Blusher brushes, 10 Foundation brushes etc etc.
Just spritz the fab stuff, onto your brush 3-4 times and wipe onto a clean tissue. Done! It doesn't saturate or leave any residue, so brushes can be used straight away!
I have finally found a brush spray that work's. It's not greasy, leaves no nasty residue on your brushes, and (yes there's more) smells amazing? How does it smell so good? Freedom makeup? TELL ME!

This is now a permanent addition to my kit.

Pro Studio - Brush Bath - £7.00
I was working away a few weeks ago, and this would have been a life saver. It's a round 'block' of solid, brush cleaner. Gone are the days of swishing the cleanser in you hands, and using baby shampoo.
'Wet brush, swirl around in jar until it lathers. Work brush in palm of hand to clean. Rinse well. Sqeeze off excess, leave to dry.'
The only downside with this, was it was advertised as an 'on the go solution to cleaning brushes' my small mind assumed it was a quick swirl, clean and done. 'On the go', I now see, means you can take it with you, pack it away and use where you are.
You will need to source some water, so if you were on a job, you would need to take a spray bottle, already filled. You wouldn't be able to use your brushes after, as they would be saturated. This little beauty is perfect for the dreaded, deep cleansing brush days. Worst than leg day at the gym.

EyeBrow pomade - Dark Brown- £5.00
So happy to have found this. I wanted to try it before purchasing any others. They have a fab range of colours, and it's an exact dupe of Anastasia Beverley Hills, at a quarter of the price. £5.00 is a bargain for this.
It's light, creamy and glides onto the brow - Another product I am so glad to have found and will be using it on set next week!
They also have some new skincare launched, I also want to try. Dear God, help me.

Im so impressed with this range! I would love to try the brow powders they stock. Have you tried their products? What would you recommend?


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