A lifesaver for dry skin

I had never really suffered from dry skin, eczema or anything like that.

Being lucky in that sense, I did have awful acne as a teeneger, and in my early twenties.

So I had skin problems in another form.

My sister, bless her, had acne as a teenager, and also bad eczema.
The eczema decided to take residence in places which were a really pain. In the crease of her arms and her hands. Basically anywhere, if she moved it could crack, and ultimately, bleed.
Not nice.

I have had friends with eczema on their feet, and inbetween fingers. Painful is not the word.

Now, during a particularly stressful time in my life, and when I had moved home about four times, in the space of a year. My skin suffered. Big time.

I had moved all around the country for my career ( and personal life ) and my skin clearly didn't like it.
I moved from Birmingham, to London, London to Cambridge, and Cambridge to Leicester.
Whilst in Cambridge I lived in 3 different homes.

 For whatever reasons. My skin flared up. My acne came back, but also, it brought with it, some extra friends.

I started to develop a dry patch of skin on my face, and the same on my arm, then the same on my chest.
The areas, gradually got bigger.
Bigger, redder, itchier and more irritating.

Now for any woman, as I'm sure most of you can relate. Having acne, or anything like that on your face can really hit your self confidence.
Always having problem skin in some way, shape or form, this was the last thing I needed.
I was working for a well known makeup brand at the time, and I was highly conscious of the fact I had something growing on my face.
Covering it with makeup didn't help. It covered it, but when I got home in the evening and took the makeup off, it was there. Staring right back at me.

During some time off I decided to go to the doctors. Surely, if anyone could fix it, he could?

'Looks like an infection' was the answer.
'I'll give you some antibacterial cream '

So thankful we had, apparently, discovered the cause. I started using this cream. For longer than he said.


It did nothing. So, naturally, I was stressed out. If it wasn't an infection, what the heck was it?

Feeling sorry for myself. I rang my mom.
My mom reminded me of what she had discovered one evening while watching a health programme.
Put some oats in a muslin cloth, pour your bath and hold the muslin cloth, containing the oats, under it.
I had completely forgot about this. It had worked wonders for my sisters skin.

So, delving into my kitchen cupboards I found my porridge making kit.
Finding a small cloth and carefully spooning the oats into it, I ran myself a lovely bath. The water turned a creamy, white colour.
The water feels almost milky as you lay in it.

So, it calmed down the redness, and I didn't emerge from the bath feeling as though my skin had pins and needles being poked allover it.

Now I dunno about you, but Im a busy kind of gal. I dont have time to do this every morn and night.
What a faff!

Introducing Aveeno!

Just what I needed.
Bear in mind, I had tried every 'other' skin cream for skin complaints. We all know the popular ones. And none of them had worked. Sick of spending my money on products that just didn't work. I had almost given up.

I bought the Aveeno, praying it would work. On the bus home, I read the back of the bottle.

'Aveeno Daily moisturising lotion combines concentrated goodness of finely milled naturally active collodial oatmeal, with rich emmolients.

The formula is CLINICALLY PROVEN to go beyond 24 hr moisturisation

It replenishes the skins NATURAL barrier function.

This is the best bit - to SIGNIFICANTLY improve the skins condition of dry skin in just two weeks.'

Sounds good to me!

Well. I started applying it straight away. I know it says it provides 24 hr moisturisation but I couldnt help putting it on at least three times daily.
It has a very rich, buttery, creamy texture. It feels like a rich ladies face cream.
I used it on all the areas that needed desperate attention.

Within a week my skin looked better, the areas were not as red, nor were they as risen.
Within two weeks, the areas that were once red, itchy, dry, risen and extremely irritating, had seemingly, disappeared!
Gone.I was one happy girl!

I no longer had to try and cover areas with concealer when I was at work, It saved alot of time in the morning.

Now, don't get me wrong. I still get dry areas on my body, especially during the winter months. When I get out of the bath the areas are red and taut, but not like they were. Putting my trusty Aveeno on it just takes the edge off straight away.

I will pay good money for products that work.
Aveeno, works.

I swear by it. Many of my friends now use it.

My mom bought me the Aveeno body wash for Christmas, knowing how much I love the stuff.
And in true Aveeno fashion, it hasn't failed to deliver.
Now I can nurse my eczema in and out of the bath!
Looking at their website, I had no idea they do Soy products for the skin, and Wheat products for the hair!
Wow. As with any company. It's about results, and trust.
Aveeno, I know, delivers. 

Aveeno, Ruth E salutes you!

Aveeno can be found in major chemists, supermarkets and online.
Check online for prices.


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