The most requested - Jessie J

Known for her unique style and strong makeup. This girl has made black lipstick fashionable.

At the Brits it was her strong eye makeup and HUGE hair that made the impression. She looked Amaaaaaazing!

How stunning does she look here?! Her dark hair is so striking against her fair skin.

Well, starting with her eyes. Which really are the focal point.
I know Jessie Js makeup artist actually works for MAC. So Im gonna hazard a guess at the actual colours used.

Seeing as her eye makeup is so strong, I would be inclined to stick a base underneath. MACs paintpot in Painterly is a favourite amoungst MUA. It even's skin tone, makes your eyecolours appear stronger and prevents creasing.
Buff that allover the lid, right upto the brow bone.

Jessie J, here, her eyes look very green. So once again, im unsure if the shadow used is just a flat brown, or has a slight green hue underneath.
A great colour to use here would be the ever popular. Satin Taupe - MAC.
Buff that allover the eye, darken to your own preference.
If you want a deep green / brown colour with a slightly frosted finish, try MAC in Sumptuous Olive.

Stick some of MACs Smoulder Kohl pencil in water line.

The false lashes Jessie has on here, are very long and very thick. Try #3 from MAC.

Jessie's cheekbones have been ever so slightly defined. Try MAC in Harmony blush.

On her lips - unlike Jessie, the colour is very soft and pink. I would suggest one of the following.
MAC - Creme Cup. A creamy finish - soft, nude pink beige.
MAC - Angel. A frosted, natural, pink lipstick. A known favourite of Kim Kardashian.

Get out your haircurlers, the biggest earrings you own, and there you have it. Jessie J you are!

Photo courtesy of Glamour magazine online

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