MUA Eyebrow - Pro Brow

Always one to shy away from the cheaper makeup brands, I have been trying and testing a few things to see how they compete with the more expensive brands. Its not that Im a makeup snob, more the fact I know what works and I like to stick to it.
I'm currently loving Barry M and Sleek do some, fantastic products ( some of which are in my kit )


I've heard alot about this company, and to be honest, what I have heard, has always been positive.

Now, as some of you may already know, I have a slight obsession with eyebrows. I am always on the look out for new makeup products to use on them. Even if I find a product I love, I still search out new ones....

A friend of mine recently had her brows threaded, and they looked... Good.

Then she used this product, and they looked. Fierce.

I needed to know, what have you got on your brows?!!


Its gorgeous. Handy, portable. In a word, eyebrow heaven.
Or are looks deceiving? 

It contains three powders, and a clear wax. It also contains the most fabulous, dinky tweezers ( again, perfect handbag territory ) and a little brush.

Now, being the obsessive I am. I'm not keen on the brush. Sorry. It's not awful, its just not what I'm used to.

I like my brow brushes, really fine. I think this particular brush would work best on the thicker browed beauties out there.

Now the idea is, you choose the colour closet to your brow colour, brush is through. Then pop some of the wax on, then highlight the brow bone using the lightest colour.

Lets give it a go...

Now, for the purpose of this post, and to test the product fully, I did use the brush. It was to denser a brush for my brows, so I switched to a finer eyebrow brush of my own. I used a little concealer to clean up and then popped the highlighter under the brow.

I think this is another case of, lightest skin and darkest skin cop out.

And I hate it.

The 'highlighter' is too dark for my skin. Its a light peach/pink tone. Very similiar to MAC Eyeshadow Malt.

So, my browbone now looks a peach / orange tone. Not a good look.

Shame really.

On one hand, its a great price. At only £3.50 - I had to try it.
But on the other. what's the point in buying something ( great price or not ) that doesn't work for you?

I loved the compact, stylish packaging.
I loved the dinky tweezers.
I loved the dark shade of shadow.

I don't like the cheap brush.
I don't like how the highlighter makes me look orange.

If you are light skinned or dark skinned, you are only gonna get away with using one of the colours in the palette. And forget highlighting.

If you have thinner brows, or like to 'sculpt' them more, the brush is a no go.

All in all, I wouldn't buy it again.

I'm gonna stick with my eyebrows pencils, concealer and my own choice of highlighter.

Shame really. I was pretty excited with the prospect of a new brow obsessive product.

Instead, I'll be using it as an eyeshadow palette.

Have you tried this? What did you think? What MUA products would you recommend?



  1. Loving the eye look in the last pic. i like the look of this product -

    I have nominated you for a versatile blogger award check it out here :)



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