Artdeco - Rich Treatment Foundation

A brand I feel doesn't receive, near enough recognition. Artdeco.

During one of my, scouring the internet, hunting down makeup - sort of days, I stumbled across several reviews about this lesser known brand and the following, gorgeous product. So decided to invest in a few for my professional kit.
Introducing, Artdeco Rich Treatment Foundation.

I'm a sucker for foundations and base makeup. I have tried a ridiculous number of brands and numerous formulas. Some failed, and very few passed with flying colours.

Artdecos' Rich Treatment Foundation, didn't fail to leave a lasting impression.

I tend to reach for this foundation if my skin is a little drier, and in need of some serious TLC.
It provides a gorgeous, comforting layer of medium/full coverage goodness - leaving a radiant glow which is perfect for a more dry/dehydrated skin.

As I get further into my 30s, Matte foundations/base products are much less forgiving. For me, they leave me looking tired, flat and dull - and if that isn't enough, by the end of the day my skin looks like it's in dire need of a good drink as fine lines look all the more obvious.

At £18.50 a bottle, ( Pricing correct on Beauty bay as of January 2017 ) it's at the higher end of the foundation prices. The bottle contains 20g of product, which compared to other brands, is somewhat smaller. But in all fairness - with such a rich, quality product you need only use a tiny amount to get the desired effect.
The bottle comes with a handy applicator, which is a great idea as the product is a thick consistency.

The important stuff and what you really want to know.

£18.50 for 20ml - Pricing correct on Beauty Bay as of 4th January 2017.

Rich, comforting texture.
Great for dry/dehydrated skins.
Gives a luminous, healthy glow to the skin.
Works well on more mature skins.
Wears well - without dulling or oxidising.
Handy applicator, to ensure you use the desired amount and finish, every last drop before re-purchasing.

Higher price range
May not work as well on oilier skins. Always check your skin type before purchasing a foundation.
Not so much a con, BUT from the colours I have tried this foundation seems more pink based, so may not be ideal for those of you with an olive/golden undertone. Hunt out samples on Ebay, before purchasing.

Overall impression
Gorgeous, glowy skin with a fabulous coverage. I always get compliments when wearing this foundation. A dusting of powder is all I need to help set it and it still looks great after a days wear.

Buy again?
Yes. A lovely find, perfect for drier/more mature skins. 

All in all, a big thumbs up for this foundation. It's perfect for my drier skin during these winter months.
Have you tried any other Artdeco products? What would you recommend?

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