New Makeup series - Katy Perry!

Happy New Year to you all, fabulous followers!

I had a fantastic 2013 in regard to work - and have decided to up the game on my lovely little blog, which Im afraid to say has taken a back seat, for quite a while.

Welcome to my new makeup series called, 'Celebrity'.

Here I will be taking a well known celebrity and recreating, their signature makeup look.

So here we have to introduce this new series - Katy Perry.

I love Katys makeup - her signature look is full coverage, flawless skin - eye liner with full on lashes, and more often than not a fabulously strong colour on the lip - with a lovely flush of colour on her cheeks.


This is my favourite look of Katys. She also, sometimes will wear bright colours on her eyes, and I've noticed she loves to wear golds too - as this enhances her beautiful blue eyes.

Makeup products I used and placement of them if you would like to recreate ths look are as follows:

1 - My eye makeup saviour - Urban Decay Primer Potion. All over eye. Then sweep a light matte colour over the eyelid. I opted for MAC, Blanc Type
2 - Katy has blue eyes - Ive noticed her MUA uses a alot of golds - and yellow/orange based browns to enhance her eye colour. Here I used MAC Wedge eyeshadow to contour above the crease, to give more of a rounded shape to the eye, and make my eye colour 'pop'.
3 - Katy always has well groomed brows - and her brow bone is always clean and highlighted - here I used one of my Sleek makeup palettes - using the matte white to create a clean, crisp brow bone.
4 - If you look at her makeup closely - Katy often ears a white eyeliner instide her waterline - this brightens and open up the eye. Here I used NYX white Kohl pencil.
5 - I always recommend ensuring your brow is the right sahpe and correct length before you apply eyeliner, as its a good guide to create an axis for you liner 'flick'. Here I used MAC Spiked brow pencil with a little brown eyeshadow powder to set.
6 - Eyeliner. I used Illamasqua gel liner in Infinity. In my opinion, the best gel liner out there. Waterproof, and jet black. Not wishy - washy like some, it only need one application. Katy lines the whole eye, and flicks out the end.
Lashes were NYX. I only had these to hand - Katy normally goes for a much fuller, flirty lash, but with my eye shape, if I had applied these kind, you wouldnt have seen the makeup!

For my base - I kept it very full coverage - and very Matte. I can't ever remember Ms Perry having a dewy, highlighted complexion?

I used:
Bobbi Brown Long Lasting Foundation - in Ivory.
MAC - Light boost Prep and Prime pen - for brightening under the eyes.
MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC15 to set and add to the coverage.
For a pinky flush to the skin I used MAC Pink Swoon Blusher.

Lips - Katy loves, loves, loves her bright lips.
For this look I used two products. I used MAC Chromographic pencil ( available in pro stores ) in Magenta Madness allover the lip - and MACs iconic lipstick, Ruby woo on top. This gave the most gorgeous colour - and also satying power. No gloss on top, as Katys look is very matte.

I hope you like ladies - I have a few more makeup recreations up my sleeve - is there anyones makeup you would like to see re-created?
Let me know!

So now I can recreate Katys makeup - I'd love to recreate her figure for myself too? Hmm, that one may be a little tricky!


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