Sanctuary - Lipid Recovery Facial oil.

After leaving a hell hole of a job in 2013, and with the decision to work for myself - I made a promise that once a week, I would dedicate a day for me alone.
When I say a day for myself - that's a day I turn my phone off, pop on a favourite DVD and hibernate under a duvet. 
One word, heaven.

Not only do I do sod all on my 'day', but I also love to re-create my own spa/pamper sanctaury. I'm sure all women reading this can relate to how relaxed you feel when you've had a nice hot bath and used a few of your favourite skincare products.

It was my mom who got me hooked onto Sanctuary skincare. She got me using their oil based face wash which is still a staple skincare product of mine, and has pride of place on my bathroom shelf.

I have tried so many of thier products, I've lost count.
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Now, unless you've been living on a different planet, ( or hibernating under your duvet like me ) you will have noticed the huge craze surrounding hair oils? Morroccan, Argan, you name it - it's out their.
Now, the latest craze is oils to use on the skin - not just the body, but also the face.

Now I'm no stranger to this, Sanctuary have been doing a 'spa, therapists oil ' for years and I have used it for just as long.

It seems the beauty industry are finally cottoning on to the benefits of natural oil in beauty care and the fantastic results they give.
As much as I love trying 'new' skincare products sometimes I can look at all the products I'm putting onto my skin, and wonder, is this REALLY doing my skin any good? What's really being absored into my blood stream and what are the long term effects?
I've had countless reactions to so many skincare products but never to an oil based product.

I love, love, love, massaging a skin oil into my skin after a long hot bath or on a day where I have no intention of wearing any makeup or leaving the house.
It feel luxurious on the skin, improves circulation, leaves a glow, hydrates, balances - what's not to love?

The other day, whilst in Boots ( always dangerous ) I was having a nosey down the skincare aisle, (as you do) when I noticed  (I'm unsure if it's a new product, but I had never seen it until recently) a new addition to the Sanctuary skincare family.

I just can't help myself.

Sanctuary - Lipid Recovery Facial oil.

98% Organic - Concentrated 5-lipid complex to tone, noursish and rejuvenate.
I mean, that already sold it to me.

From the description - this particular oil seems to be targeted at the more mature skin -

'Over time skin becomes delicate, dry and easily damaged, while wrinkles deepen ( well I've noticed this )
Our active reverse facial has been specifially devised to reduce the signs of ageing.

Well, my skin is always dehydrated therefore can look haggered. Im now also 33 so I have the first, second and third signs of ageing.
So I tried it, and what did I think?

This oil feels rich and luxurious. When massaged into the skin it instantly comforts and gives a glorious glow.
The smell is divine, the staggering 5 essential oils contained in this oil when massaged into the skin, diffuse the scent. That in itself relaxes you.
Sunflower, Jojoba, Wheat, Lavender and Orange Oil are the essential oils contained.

I love this particular products packaging. It comes in a lovely frosted, glass bottle with a 'dropper' to evenly and consistantly use the product without waste. ( who'd wanna waste this! Its liquid gold! )

'Visibly reduces fine line and wrinkles'
'Skin is noticeably brighter and more radiant in just 4 weeks'

I love Sanctuary and I love facial oils, so I was on to a winner from the start! Sanctuary skin care, is without doubt one of best ( if not the best ) skincare brands out there. Their products never disappoint.

This little beauty from Boots, retails at £22.00 for a 30ml

If you have yet to try a facial oil - do so! The results really do speak for themselves - if you have tried a facial oil - which one? I'd love to know!


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