Loreal Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

What do we want? Thicker, bouncier, fuller hair!
When do we want it? NOW!

I admit, I still get sucked in - I watched Blake Lively pouting at the TV screen, telling me 'she was worth it' - as her long blonde hair, with the aid of a wind machine - tumbled over her shoulders. I cracked - I had to try this.

Boots and Superdrug were offering (and probably still are) this new miracle, thickening shampoo at half the price.

I always envy girls who have full, bouncy hair. If I had the time and money, I would get a professional blow dry every day.

Yeah, you can attempt it yourself, but lets be honest - it never looks the same as after you have visited a salon.

So does the new Loreal, Thickening Shampoo live up to its claims?

To be honest, the first positive I noticed, was not the fact I turned into Blake Lively, but in fact the smell of this product is gorgeous!
After my hair was washed, and dried - it has the most fabulous scent, the fragrance was that intense my husband noticed. 
Those of you who have sensitive skin, that react to products easily - may be a little weary after hearing it's so highly fragranced.
My skin reacts to so much - it's ridiculous, I had no reaction to this. No itching, no scratching, no dry skin.
So thumbs up to Loreal for this product's lovely scent.

Now - let's get back to the reason I actually bought it!

How does it work?
Filloxane - According to Loreal, this penetrates the hair fibre, expanding it. This nifty substance then remains in the fibre and increases after each application - hair looks thicker after every wash. 
Does it now?

Did it thicken MY hair?
Mmmmmmmm....... I have mixed feelings.

Initally - I felt no difference, strangely enough - my hair felt thicker about two days after. Not only did it feel thicker, but it felt heavier?
I have used this Shampoo and conditioner for two weeks now - and the Filloxane doesnt seem to be doing that much for me!
The product seemed to thicken my hair towards the end, rather than the roots - or is that just me looking and trying to find if the product has had any effect?

Another significant factor with this particular product, was that it didn't leave a great sheen to my hair.
I want my hair to be fuller, bouncier, thicker and glossy - I know, hair diva or what?

Reading the info on the back of the products - it does state, that to achieve the best results, you should use both the shampoo, conditioner and hair booster.
Yeah, let's buy all three products ladies, and then see if it works.
No thankyou.

It also states, that the hair still thickens, after it has been washed, and thickens more, each time you wash.
So lets see how that goes.......

All in all - I wouldnt buy this product at full price - It made my hair smell great, but thats about it.
I feel - that anyone who has very fine hair, would maybe benefit from this product - if that fails, just go get a professional blow dry - I know what I would prefer to do.

Have you tried this? What did you think?



  1. I just picked them up on the same offer, so I am not too fussed if they don't work. But I totally, they smell divine!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. The smell lush! Worth the purchase, just for that.