Skincare Diaries - Part one

As many of my clients will know, I am always trying to educate you on the importance of good skincare.
I specialise in Bridal Makeup, and I know better than anyone the difference a good skincare regime makes to the longevity and overall apperance of a beautifully, applied makeup.

Makeup artists spend thousands of pounds on their kits, to bring you, the client, the very best of what's out there. Our kits are full of the latest foundations and highlighters, but any Makeup Artist worth their title will tell you, makeup CAN and WILL only do so much.

I have interviewed a lovely lady - Rebecca Hubbard. Rebecca is a trained, Dermalogica skin care expert, with years of experience and has her own Beauty room, 'The Beauty Bubble', based in Desford.

She has kindly answered all your skincare queries. Here you will find a wealth of knowledge, from a lady top of her game.

The first part of Skincare diaries, relates to skin care, in general. Stay tuned for part two which will answer the most popular questions in relation to makeup/skincare and part three, which will provide skincare tips for all you Brides to be.

Let Rebecca help you on the journey to your best skin yet!

"Hi my name is Rebecca Hubbard. I am a Professional Skin Expert and trained dermalogica expert."
  •  I have achieved the highest accolade in Dermalogica training.
  • I started my journey with Dermalogica over eight years ago. As a therapist I have completed an on-going postgraduate education at the International Dermal Institute. Training with the worlds leading professional skincare brand, Dermalogica. I am recognised as one of the best trained skin professionals in the industry.
  • With over fourteen years experience as a therapist, I have worked in many different areas of the beauty industry giving me a huge amount of knowledge and experience.
  • I have worked in salons, spas, and on beauty counters. Qualified as a trainer/assessor I have also educated future therapists.
  • I am extremely passionate about what I do. I'm constantly training and learning to offer you the best possible advice and treatments to get the maximum results for you and your skin.
  • When you visit me you will receive not only a Facial treatment but a new bespoke skincare regime and treatment plan. You will receive my continued support and advice throughout your skincare journey. I'm always at the end of the phone to offer you ongoing support.

Rebecca, Is it really necessary to cleanse, tone and moisturise?
'All three steps are important for different reasons, and are all necessary.
Cleansing is the most crucial step of your skincare regime. If you are not cleaning your skin any other products you are applying can not work effectively. 
Toning is often overlooked in a skincare regime but again is an essential part of skin health. Toning is a great way to prepare your skin by hydrating and refreshing. There are specific toners for different skin needs and concerns. Treating hydration, protecting, age defending, and calming inflammation and redness. Dermalogica’s toners can also be spritz over the face throughout the day for extra benefits. 
Moisturising is vital regardless of your skin condition. Moisturising helps to keep your skin soft and smooth. Also helping to protect your skin's natural defenses and preventing moisture loss. These can be compromised by the environment and other lifestyle factors. As we age your skin's barrier may also become compromised, or slower in replenishing itself. You can get a variety of different moisturisers suitable for all skin conditions and types.'

Do I need to use a serum? What do they do?
'To start with you need to get the basics in place first with your skincare regime. Then you can begin to add other products like serums. Serums are great to target more skin specific concerns, but get the basics in place first.' 

Why is exfoliation an important skincare step?
'Exfoliation is vital in a skincare regime. Exfoliation makes a dramatic difference to your skin and it's appearance. Without exfoliation your skin will appear dull, lacklustre and your products will be less effective. Exfoliation will improve product penetration, allowing your products to be more effective. Exfoliation is like a personal trainer for your skin. As your skin ages it slows down, exfoliation helps to speed it back up improving it's appearance. Exfoliation is a crucial step for all skin types. Advice is essential in what type of exfoliation is right for your skin type and condition. Some skins may need hydrating or calming before exfoliation can be introduced.'

Do you recommend face oils? How do they work?
'Face oils can be a fantastic addition to your skincare regime. Though only if you have the basics right first, an oil alone will not give you any real benefits. Dermalogica do some fantastic face oils, that reinforce your skin's protective barrier. Help to retain your skin's natural moisture, replenish, protect, revitalize giving you a dewy luminous skin. Once you have spoken with me we can look at which oil if any would be suitable for your skin.'

Do I need to have a different skincare regime AM/PM?
'Yes, there are some differences between your AM and PM routine. In the morning you will be wanting to apply a sun protection to your skin along with your other skincare products. In the evening you will be wanting to double cleanse your skin. This will remove any make-up and dirt build up from the day. You and your skin are more relaxed at night so it's a great time to use overnight oils and treatments the work more effectively when your skin is relaxed. Retinol is also a fantastic product to be used overnight, only recommended through the winter as your skin becomes more sensitive in the summer months.'

If a lady has dry skin what steps should she be implementing into her skincare regime?
'If your skin is dry you need to be using products that will be repairing its natural barrier. Exfoliation is also crucial, as there will be a build of of dry skin. During an expert consultation these things can be addressed and the correct treatment plan can be designed with a suitable home care regime created.'

If a lady has oily skin what products should she be using to help regulate her oil production?
'An oily skin needs hydrating, a thorough cleansing regime and exfoliation. There is often a lot of confusion with oily skins. I find oily skins are very rare and a lot of people can feel and appear to have an oily skin when they have not. This is often due to the incorrect use of products or the wrong types of products being used on their skin that creates an oily complexion. This is why it's essential to get the correct advice when it comes to skincare. If your skin is naturally oily then there are some fantastic Dermalogica products that can help to reduce the oil production. Oil controlling lotions, mattifiers and primers.'

Does an oily skin need to moisturise?
'Yes an oily skin needs to moisturise. It may naturally produce more oil but this does not mean it doesn't need hydrating. An oily skin will also benefit from oil free moisturisers and mattifiers to help reduce the shine and oil production through the day.'

Do you recommend baby wipes/face wipes as a skincare step?
'No no no! Baby wipes are the worst thing for your skin. You are simply smearing the dirt around your face. Can you imagine how much bacteria and dirt you're leaving to fester on your skin? Then moisturising over the top? It doesn't bare thinking about. The wipes are also not made with the most sensitive quality ingredients so will be causing friction and dragging, damaging the skin's surface. Dermalogica have a wipe called 'precleanse wipe.' This contains their popular cleansing oil, the wipe allows you to apply it but then you will still rinse off after.'

Is an eye cream essential? If so why do you recommend this skincare step?
'Yes an eye treatment is essential. The skin around your eyes is a lot thinner therefore needs treating differently. It produces less oil so is more prone to dehydration and lines. Our eyes have 22 muscles that are constantly working when using facial expressions. Your eyes are the first place that show stress. Make-up application and removal also add stress to the delicate eye area.'

How long after using a new skincare regime should I see results?
'This all depends on your skin type. But you should notice an improvement in your skin condition within the first week. All depending on how committed you are to professional treatments and your homecare routine. Professional treatments and a homecare routine work fantastically together. Using the products at home with expert guidance will give you results but you will get far better and faster results if you use them alongside professional facial treatments'

Pop back this Bank holiday weekend, where Rebecca will discuss skincare in relation to makeup application.

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