Skincare diaries - Part Two

Following up from the very popular, Skincare Diaries, Part one - here are the most common questions I get asked about makeup in relation to skincare.
Your skin is a canvas, and will only look as good as the skin underneath.
I myself know, when I follow a strict morning and night regime, the difference in my skin is clearly noticeable. Not only that, but how much better my makeup looks once it is applied.
Implementing a tailored skincare regime is the only way to achieve the best results. 
Without investing in the health of your skin, you cannot expect makeup to look it's best, or last throughout the day.
Everyones skin is different, therefore everyones skin needs different products.
Here, Rebbecca Hubbard, from the Beauty Bubble, based in Desford answers all your questions about how skincare affects makeup application.

How important is skincare in relation to make-up application, and the overall finished look?
It's crucial to take care of your skin. Your make up artist can only do so much, it's essential that your skin is at its best health. No make-up can cover up a bad skin texture. Your skin is your canvas, imagine applying makeup to an unprepared canvas. It would look uneven, cracked, dull and probably not make it through the day. Then think about a canvas that has been prepared, your make-up will look even, glide on, be smooth, radiant, glowing, and still look as beautiful at the end of the day. You want to have the best canvas possible, the only way you will achieve that is through a good skincare regime and treatment plan.

If I don't follow a skincare routine for my skin type- does it matter? Wont the make-up just hide it all?
Yes it''s crucial that you are following the correct routine specific to your skin type. If you don't you will not see results and it could even worsen your skin concerns and condition. This is why it is so important to receive the expert advice and invest in a skin expert like me. You want to be getting good value for your money not wasting it on products that are not right for your skin. Make-up can not hide a skin that is not being cared for. Your skin is your canvas, a healthy canvas will radiate with make-up on. An unhealthy canvas will do the opposite, look dull, uneven and not last you as well throughout the day.

My make-up doesn't last and goes patchy after a few hours. Even if I use a primer. Why?
This could be due to using incorrect products to treat your skin. Are you exfoliating correctly? Are you using the correct products to treat your concerns? Again this is why it’s paramount to see an expert. If your foundation is doing that then something needs changing along the line. Primers again can only do so much, they are not miracle workers.

If I take care of my skin and invest in some good skincare, will my make-up look better and last longer?
Yes if you take care of your skin and invest in some skincare products your make-up will look better and last longer. As long as you are buying the correct products for your skin. So just buying products and hoping for the best will not improve your skin condition and could make it worse. That's why it’s essential to take expert advice. Or you could be wasting a lot of money that could have been invested in products that would have got you the results you wanted. Dermalogica may seem pricey to some, but you're making an investment. It’s better value for money as you will get the results you want. Rather than buying lots of lower priced products that do nothing for you and end up being a waste of money. All that money you've wasted on those products shoved in a draw soon add up. 

The final installement of the, 'Skincare Diaries', part three will be up this week, and it's the one all you Brides to be have been waiting for.

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