What to look for in a Bridal Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist

If you are like me, you relish at the prospect of a clean slate. As I type this, we are only three days into the New year and with the anticipation of another 362 days of opportunities lying ahead, a flurry of Bridal enquries filling my inbox; I thought a blog post series was well overdue!

The start of a new year will always bring us to a place of reflection. A time to look back at times past, but also a time of refreshing as we plan the year ahead.

If you are a bride who is getting married this year you will in no doubt be planning all the finishing touches to perfect, your big day.
The venue, the Cake, THE dress; more often than not these are the go to, tick off the list immediates for all blushing brides to be.

Hair and Makeup should also be a priority when planning your big day. Like many venues and photographers, the majority of Makeup Artists/Hair Artists also get booked up around 12 months before a Wedding date.

Makeup/Hair stylists, like any business, will have a business plan for the year ahead which they will implement a good 10 - 12 months beforehand.
For most established artists it's not unusual to receive a number of enquiries per day, and in turn receive multiple enquiries for the same date. So in this ever evolving, demanding market, it's more important than ever to get your favourite Makeup/Hair artist booked as soon as you have a Wedding date set.

Brides to be now are alot more diligent when searching out that perfect artist, and rightly so.
Many want to know your background/experience, the products you use, how you will plan the wedding morning timings, but more importantly; are you the artist they are looking for?

When booking an artist, there are a few key factors you should look for.
Working in the industry, you hear all the horror stories from concerned and expectant Brides to be.
Here's a guide to helping choose the perfect artist for you.

Makeup Ruth Elizabeth. Photography Karen Massey.

Is the artist insured? If the artist is qualified in their field, they should then apply to be covered by Public Liabilty Insurance.
Insurance means they are qualified, and also take their role of Makeup Artist/Stylist and business seriously. If you are not sure, ask them.

The majority of Industry Makeup Artists will have been working in their chosen profession, for many years.
With this in mind, you will have Makeup Artists who are 'specialists' in a particular field of makeup.
Makeup Artistry is a large umbrella that covers many different areas. You will have Special Effect Makeup Artists, Editorial makeup artists, Makeup Artists who specialise in Fashion makeup and so forth.
All of these different areas, will call for and demand a particular skill set.
You will have Makeup Artists who choose to specialise in Bridal Makeup, which will also require a competent level of skills and expertise.
Lots of Makeup Artists cover a wide range of these skills, but choose to specialise in one area.
A Makeup Artist who specialises in Bridal Makeup should have a honed skill set in the application of Bridal Makeup and the correct makeup products to use, but also how the makeup will wear during the day and how it will photograph. The artist should also have experience in understanding how a wedding morning works, how timings need to be set out and how to work alongside other professionals.

Makeup Ruth Elizabeth. Photography Bealieu.

Every bride will be on tender hooks, ensuring that the professionals she books for her Wedding day are reliable.
The one concern I hear from brides is that everyone will turn up on the day, and no one will let her down or cancel her last minute.
One of the upsides of social media is clients now have the option to leave a review for a business. Whether it be on Facebook, or on a Google business page.
Reviews will help give you more insight on how reliable a professional is.
Be mindful about reviews, take all reviews into account and over a set amount of time.
Word of mouth is the best recommendation to booking a professional.
Did they cancel/rearrange a trial more than once? Did they communicate effectively throughout your booking? Were they punctual on the Wedding day and did they get on with the bridal party/other professionals? All of these answered questions will help you give you an idea of a businesses integrity and values.

Again, experience in the industry will give any Makeup/Hair artist the edge many clients will be looking for.
An experienced professional should have a portfolio that may show a signature look, but will also offer a variety of different options for a potential client.
If you are planning a vintage wedding, you will want to cater towards a makeup look that will complement your Wedding theme. If you have a Boho wedding theme planned, again you will want a makeup look that will cater for this.
An experienced Makeup Artist will be able to adapt their skills and knowledge to help work towards the kind of look you want for your big day.

Makeup Ruth Elizabeth

Makeup Knowledge.
This can be filed under, 'experience'. But not always.
Makeup knowledge and understanding work hand in hand with time spent working in a chosen field and the experience gained from it.
Someone who has worked in a specific field, full time for many years will have invaluable  knowledge of products and application techniques that can only be obtained through trial and error.
The more experience someone has applying makeup, trialing and testing many different products, the more confident you can be in the advice they can offer to help create a makeup look, perfect for you.

Makeup Kit
A professionals makeup kit should be full of a different variety of brands and products.
A true professional will have a passion and enthusiasm for their craft. It's a makeup artists job to know the products that are available and to trial and test them, before they are deemed worthy of being in their kit.
A professional kit will more than likely have many products in, you do not recognise. Professional makeup brands that are used by industry trained professionals are not available in Department stores nor are they mainstream. These have to be sourced from specialist makeup shops.
With the rise in demand for Cruelty free/Vegan makeup, a Makeup artist should also be able to offer advice on products that can be used to cater for this.

With so much time planning your Wedding, researching and picking the best Bridal Makeup artist/Hair Stylist is so important.
Know what you want from your artist, and then research to find that perfect MUA for your big day.

Next week:
Wedding day advice for the Bride and Bridal Party.

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