Brushes that beautify

I love makeup brushes.

I remember, being a little girl and wondering just how on earth celebrities got their makeup looking so amazing, and attempting to replicate their flawless eye makeup with my moms disposable, sponge, applicators. You know the ones I mean? The ones that still come with certain branded makeup. They are about as big as your thumb, and have a pathetic little sponge tip. I sometimes wish they would just completely re-think them, scrap 'em, and stick a mini mascara in there instead.

Brushes do make a massive difference to your makeup. Some particular looks can only be obtained with certain brushes, and some can be obtained with using just a few.

I have picked a few out of my kit, these are my personal favourites. As always, I am a creature of ( I wouldn't say habit, but..... ) ... well, if it ain't broke don't fix it mentality. In other words, these brushes work, so, I'm sticking with them.

So which ones do I love, and why?

Lets start with face brushes. Some of these I have had ever since I started my career, many have been added to the brush belt family in time.

I have found MAC and Bobbi Brown the best. Also, Nars.

I wouldn't say all the brushes from each of these companies are, in my personal opinion, fantastic. Some of them I have, and I wouldn't replace if they went missing. But the following, if I ever misplace, or if they somehow re-house themselves in a makeup draw without consulting me first, leaving me in a panic, I would have to go out and re-purchase. Immediately.

MAC #130
One of my all time fave's. What can't you do with this brush? I love it. Its great at 'buffing' products into the skin. So instead of leaving a full, obvious look of makeup. You are left with flawless, airbrushed makeup without the residue. It's fab. Its a popular brush amongst brides to be, who want the flawless skin, but don't want to see the makeup that is hiding any flaws.This brush is great if you find you powder has gone cakey. Just buff it away. Also great for applying cream blush to the cheeks. It is called a stipple brush. This brush is particularly handy if you have uneven skin texture, larger pores or acne, as stippling into the skin first creates the coverage, and helps balance texture and create a fuller, flawless coverage.
An absolute must for any of you out there who are on a mission for attainable, perfect skin.

Bobbi Brown Powder Brush.
Love this brush. Bobbi's brushes are so soft, they are gorgeous. This brush distributes just enough product on the skin without overloading. The shape also has benefits. It has a slightly 'domed' shape, which is perfect for a very soft, subtle contour. Great at giving a slight depth to cheekbones. I wouldn't recommend this brush if you were looking for a specific contour one, but it could double up as one in an emergency, but only for very soft contouring.

Nars buffing brush.
I have had this brush for, I would say, at least 10 years. I use it constantly and look how brand new it still looks. Perfect brush - my absolute favourite brush. Why? It makes my layers of, foundation, concealer, powder and bronzer, look natural, Now, any brush that can do that is pretty amazing. Wouldn't you agree?
Its great to buff bronzer on top of foundation. I hate a powdery look on my skin, unless that's the particular look I am going for. So, this brush is always on hand to buff down any naughty powder particles.

Bobbi Brown blusher brush.
Again, I love this brush as the hairs are so silky soft! This means little product is left on the face, so no clown looking blusher..........

MAC - #168 Brush.
My all time favourite blush/contouring brush.
I remember the first time I used this brush. It was like I had unearthed some kind of treasure, I was that excited. If you were not blessed with Kate Moss style cheekbones ( I certainly wasn't ) and you don't fancy cheek implants ( yes, these really do exist. Ouch ) then invest in one of these. I love, love, love this brush!
If you have amazing cheekbone-age, using this brush will accentuate them even more. If you don't, using this brush will give you the amazing cheekbone-age.
The sharp angle of the brush means more product is placed in a certain area, so gradual build up of colour is obtained.

MAC - #226 Brush.
Now I bought this from a limited collection line, so I am unsure if its still in circulation. It was this year, so it may be, and it may be available in the MAC Pro Store.....

I love this brush for deep crease definition, Its cone shaped, but still very soft. So it's great at building crease colour definition. I love this brush for bridal makeup. The shape of the brush creates great, even shape on the eyelids. Perfect if your bride feel's tired, or want's a soft defintion to her crease. The colour build's, without the intensity. So you don't need to buff after to soften.

MAC - #224 Brush.
I have lots of these. Its a staple in my kit. Great at diffusing colour. Buffing colour down if you have gone in too heavy handed. So great at rectifying mistakes. Also great if you are a fan of the very 'blown' out makeup.
I also love this brush to apply concealer to the face and under eye area. Buffs it in, for a barely there finish.

MAC - #217 Brush.
Another staple. Lots in my kit. I little bit firmer and shorter than the #224. Great for soft crease definition.
Great for smokey eye also.

MAC - #219 Brush.
Love this. A great brush for strong, crease cut eye makeup. Perfect for Asian bridal makeup where they like strong lines, and strong crease definition. Also great at smudging down eyeliner, for a more 'slept in'  look.

MAC - #266 Brush.
Great for applying eyeliner, the angle really helps create a nice 'cat flick' if you desire. Also fab for applying product to the brows. I've also been known ( when I cannot find my lip brush, or if it is covered in red lippy) to use it for lips. The angle is great for the cupids bow.

What are your favourite brushes? Which brands do you rate?
Let me know! I'm always on the look out for new little ones for the brush family.....



  1. Fantastic post. I love make up brushes, I own far too many, more that I probably need. I am currently loving the Real Technique brushes and crown. The mac 266, 317 & 168 are firm favourites too. I have never tried Bobbi brown or Nars brushes, will be looking into them more for sure. xx

    1. I have yet to try real techniques brushes. I watch the sisters use them alot on you tube. They do look like a worthwhile investment. I just buy brushes for the sake of it now I think! I tell myself its essential.... Really? :) Thank you for your comment :)

  2. Excellent post.. Thanks for sharing. I like all the brushes and going to try this... Requesting you to keep writing like these useful posts. Visit my beauty blog

  3. My favorite brand is MAC and Eco Tools.

    xo, Jersey Girl
    Your newest follower :) #bbloggers

    1. Thank you for your comment Jersey girl!
      I have never tried Eco Tools? Will have to look into them :)