Saw you blushing

I remember the first time I ever used a blusher. I fell in love. I bought it with my first ever pay packet, from my first ever job. I remember feeling ever so grown up as I handed the cashier my own money to purchase my own blusher.

It was from Maybelline. They don't even make this particular colour anymore ( I was 18 at the time ) It was cased in a slimline plastic, rectangular case, and was the softest, candy coloured pink. I loved it.

It's pretty evident that my love for blusher may have spiraled, a little out of control.
Yes, I work as a makeup artist, but sometimes I seriously judge the motives behind my makeup buying.

You know the good angel and bad angel you sometimes see on peoples shoulders in particular films? When the character is considering whether or not they should be doing something? When the little angels balancing on the shoulders whisper little words, to validate ( or not as the case maybe ) the characters actions.
I get that. When buying makeup.

Do I really need ANOTHER blusher?
Yes Ruth, it's for your kit. You need it.
But I already own, so many, and I'm sure I have one similar to this.
No, you don't. You have one that has less glitter. You need the glitter.
But I could just build the other one up, or add more glitter to it.
No, just buy it.

Okay, justified.
As you can see, I don't need much persuasion.

So, here I have tried, ever so hard I might add, to narrow down my collection, to my absolute favourites.
Please don't ask if I had to choose one, which would it be, because quite frankly, I can't.

First off. My favourite for blushers, without question is Nars.
I Love Nars. The pigments are so strong, and the colour's you see, are what you get.
I am on a mission to own all their blushers, but my budget does not allow. Yet.

So, my favourites.

Angelika - NARS This is one of my long time loves. Its a soft, baby pink, with a 'soft diamond sparkle' running through it. Looks amazing on very fair skins.

Crazed - NARS This is one of the most pigmented blushers I have ever used. Unfortunately, I think it was a limited edition, as it is no longer on their website. Gorgeous. Amazing colour on a dark / deep toned skin. Stunning. Can be used on fairer, just use sparingly. Deep/claret colour, again, with a subtle shimmer.

I think we've all heard of this one. Orgasm - NARS. 'Nuff said.

Taj Mahal - NARS Burnt orange/copper. Looks amazing on Asian skin tone / Olive skin tones. Lush

MAC - I have lots of MAC blushers, but I have chosen the ones that are in their permanent line. From left to right. Dollymix  - Deep red/pink. Strong colour, slightly frosted.
Dainty - soft pink, frosted. ( mineralise ) 
 Pinch 'o' peach - Matte, peach/pink tone. Lovely on all skin tones. This colour even suits the darker of skin tones. Blushbaby - A Matte, pink/nude. A great colour to contour on a lighter skin.
Tenderling - This is another 'dont judge by appearance' blush. Looks very plain and ordinary sitting on the tester stand. When you apply it, it is the loveliest, softest pink nude tone. Great for minimal blush, and for bridal makeup.
Harmony - A little darker for a nude, looks great teamed up with a nude lip and smoky eyes.

Stargazer. I bough these when I was studying. I got them from New Look. They also sell them at Charles Fox in London. I would seriously recommend these. They were only £3 each, and they are fantastically pigmented. This picture does not do the colours justice. They are NEON colours. They come out stronger the more you apply. Love these.

What are your favourite blusher's? What's the next blusher on your list to buy?

Stay tuned for my final Bridal Makeup installment coming soon. Lips and cheeks.

Till then my lovelies.



  1. I want your blush collection! :)

    1. Oh, I have so much more ahahahaha, I love them! The sleek ones are amazing too.....
      I want all the NARS ones. They are the best!

  2. I love blush also! use far too much of it! I use Rimmel, as its good quality for money :D


    1. Ive never tried the rimmel blushes! I had a bad experience with a rimmel foundation and it put me off :/ Ill have to have a look at their blushers!