Can't live without you

I'm hoping to start a trend here.
A very simple one, yet one I think will be popular with beauty bloggers and makeup lovers alike.

I have had some well deserved time off work starting from this weekend. ( I really needed it )
Unable to actually relax for too long, or try to, NOT TRY and do 'something productive', ( I have serious issues, I need to feel like I have achieved something each day ) I find, some what, difficult.

I decided to label/sort/decant my makeup kit.
This is usually a long, drawn out process, but the feeling of satisfaction once completed, is second to none. ( see, I really do have issues! )

As I was looking through, I found a lot of products I actually forgot I had and started to swatch, play and try them all on. ( I'm easily distracted )
The fact that my face now resembled a clown, and my hands were covered in, well, I'm unsure exactly what towards the end did not concern me.
Nor did the sense of achievement I felt looking down at all my labelled drawers/clear bags/palettes.....

The fact that I had found six Collection Cosmetics Clear mascaras did. This is my 'can't live without product', so if I fear I have lost one ( usually I misplace it, or it decides to go make friends with another makeup drawer, usually blushers ) I go out and buy myself a brand new one. This happens a few times a month, so I end up with more than one.
So, why I had six is pretty obvious now.
Three of them were empty, and the other three had half the product still remnant.

So, this particular product is my, 'I need this product, everyday, without fail, product'
I'm sure we all have one. Eyelash curlers, concealer.....

Mine, is this.

This was the first cosmetic product I ever bought. My mom did not let me wear 'makeup' till my late teens, so I figured buying this was crafty, as my mom couldn't say I was wearing anything, 'cus you couldn't see it. Ha!

I loved it because it separated my eyelashes without the colour, but more than anything because I could use it on my, wait for it....
Bushy eyebrows.

I had thick brows when I was younger, I was teased, and people called them caterpillar eyebrows, now I pretty like 'em, because I can shape them better than I could if they were thin.

But I love this particular mascara because it controls the brows hairs and keeps the shape in place.

See, I caught on long before companies were making expensive 'brow gels' ( when let's just be honest, they are just clear mascaras )

Thank you Collection Cosmetics, please, please do not ever discontinue this product, because quite frankly, I have become so attached to it I wouldn't quite know what to do if you ever did.

So what was your first makeup purchase, ever? Do you still use it to this day? What product can you, really, not live without?



  1. ''Soap & glory's scrub your nose in it'' is a product i can't live without! my first make-up item was dream matte mouse, that was 3 shades darker than my skin tone;) xx

    1. I was looking at the Soap and glory stuff the other day! I have tried their body products, but as of yet, not their face ones. Next purchase maybe!