Chocolate Heaven

I know I am a Makeup Artist, I also know I have a beauty blog. But as anyone who knows me well enough knows, I also have a little obsession with all things Chocolate.

I have always loved chocolate. For all problems and situations, Chocolate is at hand.
Bad day at work = Chocolate
Lady pains = Chocolate
Snuggled up with my duvet and film = Chocolate
Cup of tea = Chocolate

Yes, I love Chocolate.

All followers on twitter will see I make a joke of commenting I will write reviews for any Chocolate company, if they send me plenty of chocolate, no, really, I will......

Well, funnily enough some companies are getting in touch asking me to do exactly that. Who am I to refuse?

So, I have decided to allocate a special place for all things Chocolate on my beauty blog.

Chocolate and makeup. My two favourite things.....

Royston Broadley

Now, it was very hard to not eat these BEFORE taking the pictures.....

Top right hand ( on saucer ) White Raspberry. Gluten free.
The heavenly Coffee truffle. Delicious.

Amaretto milk chocolate. Gluten free.
Comes in a lovely gold box, with your choice of message on front. I had four chocolates in each of my boxes.


This lovely little company makes personalised Chocolates, just for you.
Perfect if you want to proclaim your love, maybe you are unsure just how to propose? ( just a thought.... )
Birthday? Leaving pressie?

I was sent two, lovely dainty boxes, with some delicious chocolates in.

The heart truffles, alongside the white hexagon shaped truffles are gluten free.

These Chocolates are, are top quality. I kid you not.
The white truffle was heaven. Crispy outer shell, that cracks to reveal a soft, silky, buttery centre.
Now, I am not a keen fan of coffee Chocolate, but I would eat these coffee truffles over and over again. Not over powering, but subtle coffee undertones.

I would highly recommend this lovely little company for wedding favours
The company director, Royston, is friendly and seems happy to accomodate.

If someone bought me these as a gift I would be a very, very happy lady.

Order here:

Here's to Chocolate tasting heaven.


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