Fix me up and smooth me down.....

I confess, as well as having a slight obsession with making eyebrows look fabulous, I also get a little over excited when it comes to sitting a client down and prepping her skin with all the wondrous delights my MU kit holds.

Creating a flawless base on my clients is a major 'tick' for me. If I am not happy with it, I have been known to remove it all and start again. I know, as I'm sure you do, if your base look's great, then everything else will too.

So. I have found two products, one a staple in my MUA kit, and the other a new product from MAC that was launched three weeks ago.

So what are they? Well the first is MAC Fix+

Not a face 'hairspray'

I felt the need to share a few things with you all about this product, as it seems many people think that this 'hydration mist' fixes your makeup in place. I've even heard some people refer to it as 'hairspray' for the face.

It isn't.

So what exactly is FIX+?

It's a spring water, which delivers hydration and a soft sheen to your makeup.
Pro - Vitamin B5 - Conditioner
Vitamin E - Conditioner
Chamomile - Soothes
Cucumber - Soothes
Caffeine - Anti - irritant / Calming
Green Tea - Anti - irritant / Calming

This product can be used in different ways and for different purposes, but none of them are going to fix your makeup in place.
I am unsure why people think this, I think it may be one of two reason's.

1) They are either being mis informed about the product ie. Being given incorrect product information by the person they are purchasing it from.
2) The name FIX+ somewhat gives you, the customer, the impression it must be a spray that fixes ie. Holds makeup in place.

So what does it actually do?
In a nutshell, it hydrates the skin.
This product is great if you have a drier complexion.
It has many uses too.

I love ( if the client I am working on has a slightly drier complexion) to spritz the skin just after moisturiser and just before foundation for an extra 'moisture' boost.

If you want your skin to radiate more of a glow, or you want to manipulate you fuller coverage foundation to for a more natural finish, spritz your brush with the FIX+ before applying the foundation.
I love using my #130 MAC stippling brush for this technique.

Spritzing the skin after makeup with FIX+ just 'refreshes' the makeup. It 'finishes' the makeup. It doesn't fix it.

I've heard a few people say they prefer the look of their foundation after it has been on for a couple of hours. After it has had time to settle and your natural oils are just starting to show through.
If you like that worn in foundation look, spritz a little of this on!

But, beware. If you spritz a lot on during the day you will have an overly shiny face, and you will need to reach for that blot powder.

Priced at £12.50 for 100ml

Want to see my new, skin wonder product?

Smooth out the lumps and bumps. Does this come in a larger size?

This is just amazing. I love it. I used it on myself for the first time yesterday and I fell in love instantly.

A skin perfecting, creamy primer in a compact! Perfect!

To give you an idea of my skin type. It's very combination and very temperamental I've always had issue's with my skin and to say we have a love hate relationship, would be an understatement.

I have larger pores around my nose and forehead. My cheeks are drier and I am prone to blemishes. Yes, all of this, at thirty years of age, don't get me started.

Anyway. This miracle product smoothed away my dryness and 'filled' in my open pores. My foundation sat so much better and it made my skin feel silky smooth.

So, what is is for?

This is a new product from MAC. And, it's permanent! I am already a fan of their prep and prime range and highly recommend you go and have a look.

This beauty balm is deigned to even out uneven skin texture. So it's great if you have really open pores, or scarring. It smooths them down completely. 
It's great used on its own to give the 'illusion' of smoother skin ( it really does ) or fab used before foundation. It can even be used over foundation. Just pat it on!

This product instantly reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles by 28%. That's good enough for me. Great for the frown lines I seem to be developing between my brows.......

The packaging suggests you use your fingers to apply.
I suggest a sponge. Only a small amount is needed. It feels creamy as you apply and then sets to a silky matte finish.

Nice and compact

What does it contain?
Silicone - Skin smoother
Silica - To help absorb face oil
Coffee extract - Anti inflammatory

Now, this product is great if you have drier or have uneven skin texture.
What I will say is this. Where I am oilier, my forehead and nose, I had to apply powder a lot quicker after using this product. I used this beauty balm in replacement of my normal primer to test it. On oilier areas it seemed to contribute to a shinier forehead and nose which subsequently meant my makeup did slide off. If you are oilier and want to use this. Powder straight after your foundation and keep it on hand, just in case.

Priced at £21.50 for 10g

Have you used either of these products? If you have which one and what did you think? Have you got your own tips on how to use them? I'd love to know!


MAC Lipstick must haves

I am a self - confessed, lipstick addict.

I love lipsticks, and I particularly love, MAC lipsticks.

Never have I seen so many gorgeous lipsticks shades in one place.

You want a specific colour? MAC will have it.

My MU kit is jam packed, overloaded with these beauties. Almost like a pirates treasure chest, I love 're-discovering ' my MU kit and marvelling at the array of colour's.
Happy day's.

So, do you want to have a look at my recommendations? Do you have any of these in your kit? If not, I recommend all the colour's here:

My precious....

Now, I own more than you see here, but I have hand-picked the ones I think are fab for MUA kits and also for this years lip trend's.

Aren't they just fabulous?

So what do we have here?

Left to right.
Show Orchid - This is my new lipstick crush. This one was available in the Autumn Fall Collection last year.  This one is not a MAC permanent line. It is available in the MAC pro stores tho. So anyone can buy!
It is an Amplified ( strong pigment ) colour. Pinky / violet. Heaven. This colour look's stunning on very fair / medium and dark skin tones. Its, in a word, perfect.

Lady Danger - Another popular colour. Caroline Flack wore this to the Brit Awards.
Another Amplified lip colour. Orange/red. Great colour if you have blue eyes!
Note. This colour has been limited to MAC stores ONLY. It cannot be bought in MAC concessions ( ie Debenhams, House of Fraser, etc )

Up the Amp - Again, another Amplified colour. Beautiful deep purple / cool tone.

Vegas Volt - Another favourite, Amplified. Gorgeous, orange / coral / deep tone.

Saint Germaine - A new purchase - Very light / blue / cool undertoned pink. Again Amplified, very strong colour.

Excuse the 'over abused' look of some of my lipsticks. I get a little over zealous when applying....

Left to right.

Costa Chic - My first ever MAC lipstick! I love this, and have yet to find anyone who does not like it!
It is a Frosted finish. Orange / coral tone. Looks gorgeous on many skin tone's, but especially delicious on you tanned lovelies out there. This is a 'happy colour ' Great for this season's bright lipstick trend.
Fabulous summer colour.

Russian Red - Apparently Dita Von Teese wears this. It's a gorgeous, deep /dark / creamy matte.

Girl about Town - Another Amplified colour. Pink / purple undertoned colour. Again looks fabulous on all skin tone's. Especially the darker.

So Chaud - Matte deep brick red with orange undertones.

Ruby woo -  Blue / red. Completely matte, very dry. Pillar box red.

Au natural, well, the first four anyway.

Left to right:

Kinda Sexy - This is so popular with my client's. It's a popular colour with brides. On a warm skin, say NC30-35 , It goes a gorgeous pink/beige/brown. If your lip's are slightly darker it looks stunning.
On a lighter lip it goes more a medium brown. Matte. Again, restricted to MAC shops and not concessions.

Freckletone - oooooooooooh, we love you. So does Kim Kardashian.
If you pick just one to go look at, I choose this. It looks so bland on the stand, and often gets overlooked.
No longer freckltone! You now have an array of followers! Any of you Kim Kardashian obsessives out there, she wears this. Nude / peach / beige. Lustre finish, meaning more sheer and glossy.

Myth - Another new purchase. Satin finish. Imagine the popular 1960s trend. Dark eyes, muted lips? You want that look? Then you need this colour.

Creme Cup - Gorgeous. Pink/beige. Cremesheen finish. Lovely creamy texture. Soft pink. Again, if your lips are naturally darker it will go more a cool, St Germaine tone. Best on lighter pink lip's.
Popular on brides.

Impassioned - Amplified - Bright pink. Strong pigment.

Costa Chic - I know, I featured it again, because, I love it.

All priced at £13.50 each and all having the unique MAC 'vanilla' scent.

There  are so many other colour's MAC do, go have a look. And please, please, go have a nosey at Freckltone and tell me what you think. It's a MUA must have!

What are you favourite MAC lipstick's?

Ruth E

Click here for more!

Affordable, reasonably priced Organic skincare. Surely not?

As with Organic food, I have found Organic skincare the same.
Expensive and 'exclusive'. Exclusive to the few who can afford the prices on a daily/monthly basis.

We are constantly hounded by Organic food advertising.
I know it is so much better for me . I know it is hand reared, chemical free, pesticide free and all the rest,  but like the next person. I can not afford it.

I thought the same was true towards Organic Skincare, until now.

I was very fortunate to receive some lovely goodies from the good people at Purity Skincare.
Now, they were very generous and sent me their whole range.
Lucky girl.

Lovely, 'Pure' Product's.

Have you heard of Purity? If not I suggest you read on. If you have, I still suggest you read on.....

Skincare Snobbery.

Now. I am a self confessed skincare snob. Yes, snob.

I have worked for some very well known, prestigious cosmetic companies and have been very fortunate to try some truly gorgeous, indulgent, skincare products.
I hold my hands up. I love the excitement and 'thrill' of trying a brand new, high end skincare product.
My 'trained' eye and mind are somewhat drawn in by the clever wording, airbrushed faces and glossy packaging.
Over the years I have 're-trained' myself, ( I think this has come with age, experience and tightened purse strings ) and become more accustomed to the clever advertising and aesthetically pleasing 'frills'

I now shop for quality, and honesty. I want to know what I am putting on my face and what my skin is actually absorbing. I also want to know exactly what I am getting for my money.

Q.So what kind of products does this British, organic skincare company sell?

A.'Purity Organic Skincare is a British brand, conceived and created to bring intelligent, sustainable and organic beauty to each and every one of us.' ( Purity Website )

Q.Organic Skincare for all? Is it affordable?

A.Purity Organic Skincare has launched exclusively in 400 Superdrug stores nationwide - the company's first ever certified organic skincare range. All products are fragrance-free and suitable for sensitive skin. Purity Organic Skincare is an affordable range that can be used everyday, redressing the "elitist" barrier often associated with organic skincare brands. The products are priced from £4.99 to £8.99. ( Purity Website )

Q.Sorry, how much? Well that's a turn up for the books. And for Organic skincare?

A.Eco-cert certified, with 98% of the ingredients of natural origin and an average of 82% of the ingredients processed from organic farming. ( Purity Website )

Intrigued? Want to have a little peek at the products?

Finally, a foaming face wash that doesn't leave my face, tight.

The Facial Wash
Priced at: £4.99
This product contains:
Sweet Almond Oil ( Moisture retainer and skin conditioner )
Aloe Vera ( Renowned skincare ingredient with many benefits. Anti-inflammatory being one of them)
Glycerine ( Moisture magnet. Great for drier skins )

I love the simple, concise packaging of this cleanser. It took me a while to work out how to open it, but when I did it made perfect sense. You push the lid down, and the opening pop's up. This save's a lot of mess on the users part. ( wet hands and plastic packaging does not bode well with me )

The actual product when used left my skin feeling 'clean'

I know this is the desired effect of cleansers, but how many actually leave your skin feeling like that?
The following, some what, strange comparison was the best way I could describe how this cleanser made my skin, 'feel'
You know that mind numbing feeling you have when your sinuses are completely congested? When you feel down right awful, just wishing your airways would open, for just a while?
Now, can you recall the fantastic feeling you have when you get out the Vix or Olbas Oil, and for a short time you breathe it in and your sinuses, miraculously, open up?
This is how I compare the 'clean' feeling. Maybe a strange comparison. But that's exactly how it feels. Like your skin is breathing, and any 'congestion' has lifted. Your skin has a 'zing'.

No residue was left on my skin. It did not feel taut or in desperate need of moisturiser afterwards, which I'm afraid is my past experience of foaming/gel cleansers.

Now, for those who like a creamier consistency to their cleansers I would highly recommend this product.
Conditioning Cleansing Lotion
Priced at: £4.99
This product contains:
Sweet Almond Oil
Aloe Vera
Oats ( Another recognised, skincare saviour. Great for drier skins. Especially, Eczema )
Avocado Oil ( Condition's skin )
Rose Water ( Tones the skin )

Get rid of the day's stale makeup. Eye friendly.

This is yummy.

It has a lovely rich feel. Not really heavy in texture. The consistency is still light, but rich at the same time. I would say  the consistency is a little lighter than double cream.

I used it allover my face and eyes.
As I often mention in my posts. I often wear a lot of makeup for my job. This stuff was great in removing it all.
Being fragrance free, it left no sting in my eyes, nor did it leave my vision blurred.
If your prefer the feel of a cream cleanser to a gel one, this product is fab.

Facial Exfoliator.
Priced £5.99


This product contains:
Coconut Shell ( The exfoliating properties lie here )
Coconut Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Aloe Vera

Now, I love exfoliator's. In fact, I love exfoliator's that are very thick and almost, 'rough' in texture. I have congested skin, and love the feel of a product that rubs my skin up the wrong way!
I already have an exfoliator I adore, so I wondered how I would get along with this?

Purity's exfoliator is, again, not too rich in consistency. It is quite light and doesn't feel too heavy when you are applying it to the face. The exfoliating properties lie in the coconut shell that is contained in the product. I loved the idea that in reality, I was rubbing coconut onto my face.
Even though it didn't feel like the product was really exfoliating, ( as I said, I love rough and ready exfoliator's ) as it was so gentle, after I washed it off, it did leave an extraordinary glow to the skin, and an undeniable 'silky to the touch' feel.

Now, they do say that exfoliator's for the face should be gentle, and that the ones for the body should be fuller and more coarse in texture. ( But I love my thick, rough face exfoliator's. Naughty Ruth )
Even though it felt different, it gave fantastic results.....

So far, so good.

Up next we have the
Anti Aging Mask and Serum.
Priced at: £8.99
It has has a very 'gloopy' texture to it, ( yes, that is the only word I could find to describe it! ) like a serum normally does, but a lot thicker.

Have fun pulling faces in the mirror when this has dried. Did I? No......

This product contains:
Sweet Almond Oil
Aloe Vera
Cranberry Seed Oil ( Rich in Omega 3 , 6 and 9. Repairs skin and assists with moisture retention )
Rosewater ( Tones )
Vitamin E ( Anti-oxidant)

Now, if any of you have ever used one of those face masks that you have to peel off? This is how it feels. After applying it, and the product start's to dry, it tightens on the skin. The difference being with this mask, is you wash, rather than peel off.  I loved catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror when it had fully dried. It had tightened my pores that well, it looked like I had none. (If anyone knows of any skincare product that actually does that please, get in touch.)

I looked like a waxwork model. If only my skin looked like this everyday......

With this Serum you can leave it to dry and wash it off. Or leave it over night. I wouldn't bother leaving it over night. I found the next morning most of it had rubbed off and bits of my pillow fibre's had actually stuck to my face. ( I looked in need of a good wash )
Leave it on as advertised  ( ten minutes ) then wash it off. You see a difference in the skin immediately.

Anti-Aging Moisturiser
Priced: £5.99

Prime your skin with this fabulous Moisturiser

This product contains:
Coconut Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Shea Butter
Vitamin E
Beeswax ( Sooth's, softens and protects )

Now, this moisturiser is very different to anything I have used before.
The consistency of it is creamy, rich, and only a little is needed.
What I noticed is that the cream takes a while to absorb into the skin. You have to 'work' the product into your skin as it almost has a waxy texture to it. ( this, I assume, is the Beeswax ) When it eventually absorbs into the skin, it leaves a lovely finish. I noticed as the moisturiser was not 'greasy' it left a lovely demi-matte finish to the skin.
As well as leaving a lovely, natural finish to the skin, it also ( although I'm not sure how ) acted like a primer. My makeup seemed to last a lot longer than what it normally would.
My conclusion is, due to the product drying to more of a matte finish and not being overly greasy, my makeup, naturally, sat better.

Finally, we have.

Anti-Aging Moisturiser.
Priced at: £7.99

I heart you.

Cranberry seed Oil / Omega 3,6 and 9 ( Fatty acids essential skin needs to prevent anti aging )
Rosehip Seed Oil ( Skin restoring and softening )
Vitamin E
Ceramide 3 ( Limits water loss )
Rose Water ( Tones )
Sweet Almond Oil
Shea Butter
Aloe Vera

Wow! All this for only £7.99! Serious skin benefits here!
The consistency of this product is very different to the daily moisturiser.
Its richer and fuller in texture, but also richer when applied to the skin. It is alot easier to 'work' this product into the skin.
This, alongside the Serum mask, are my favourite Purity Skincare products.

So. Has my Skincare Snobbery been cured?

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to sample and review these products.
My misconception, that all Organic Skincare is overly priced has been changed.

My skin has really taken to this product range. The moisturisers in particular have made a noticeable difference to my dry and lack-luster skin.

If you only try one product from this range, splash out on the serum, or one of the moisturisers.
If you are a mom, wanting to find her teenage daughter a great, first time, skincare regime, then look no further.
You have the peace of mind, knowing what she will be using on her skin is Organic, filled with goodness and won't upset the delicate balance of the teenage skin.

I love this skincare brand.
Just fabulous.

Purity, I put it to you.

If you ever extend your range, please, please, please bring out an, Eye cream and Facial oil. This would be pure heaven to me.

If you are on the look out for some new skincare, if you want the peace of mind, knowing the products you are using are organic certified and will do your skin some good. If you turn your nose up at pretentious price tags or veer away from the exclusivity of 'organic' skin care products. Then give this skincare range a try.

'Exclusive' organic skincare, available to all.

Have a snoop on their website here:


Blogger Appreciation Award

Hello my lovely followers/viewers,readers

I have been rushed off my feet this week!

I had a well deserved break over Easter, but now I am back at work, with what seems to be a never ending shift!
Roll on Monday ( my day off )

I am currently drafting some new posts, which I hope to get up next week!

But, back to the subject in hand. I have been awarded a lovely little award by the gorgeous, MakeupbyHolly.
Why, thank you!

I didn't quite get it, and soon realised ( a week later. Oh the shame..... ) what it actually was, and I had to pass it on to some other lovely followers!

So, here ya go!

The rules:
    Thank the person who gave you the award by linking their blog in your post.
    Answer the following four questions.
    Award the Blogger Appreciation Award to new followers/fellow bloggers.
    Let the blogger know you have awarded them.

Here are the questions!

1) How long have you been blogging?
 Well, not very long. I think just under two months. That's it! 

2) What are the 1-2 reasons you started blogging?
I have been working in makeup, years. So long in fact I think I should have shares in certain makeup companies. I have a slight obsession with makeup, I wouldn't call it unhealthy, my husband and family may disagree.......
I started blogging because makeup is one of my favourite things to talk about. I get asked so many questions, being a makeup artist. I thought why not write it all down in one place for people to read.
I would also love to be a professional beauty writer one day.... Who knows.

3) What types of blogs do you like to follow/read?
 Anything beauty and food. Yes, that's my other obsession. Food. There are some great food blogs out there. Cake ones especially.

4) What one thing would you like to improve on as a blogger / on your blog?
We can always improve, can't we? I think so. Whether it be your writing, your layout, your photos, your content. I've heard it all, even after only two months. I think blogging is personal to you. It's your place, for your thought's and idea's. Everyone has, what they feel are their weaker and stronger areas.
For me. I just wanna blog. Give people access to all I know, and hope people enjoy reading it along the way.
I would love to start making my own Makeup Video's some day soon. That maybe a while away yet :)

I would like to thank my mom, my dad, my sis, my friend, her friend..........

Thank you so much for my award. I'm truly touched!

My nominees for this weeks Blogger Appreciation Award go to.....

Drum roll please...

Enjoy! Who will you pass it on to?


Sanctuary BB Cream

BB Cream.
The first time someone asked me if I used a BB Cream, I looked at them, dumb founded.

Sorry? A what cream?
What on earth is a BB cream?

Blemish Balm, Beauty Balm........
I don't know if I should admit to this, but I have yet to try one.
I know, I know. I hear your gasps.
I can get very stuck in my ways, I know what I like ( makeup wise ) and rarely change.

But It seemed everywhere I went someone was talking about this, BB cream. I wondered, do I need to invest in some of these for my Makeup Kit?

As I was stocking up on some essentials in Boots the other day, I was faced with, yet again, another advert for BB Cream.
Something had to be done. It was time. Time to leave the stability of my full coverage foundation and venture into the unknown. Already adament this so called, BB Cream would have no power over my trusty Studio Fix, I wandered over to the nearest makeup counter to have a ponder.

Pushed for time ( as always ) I had a little play, but nothing really took the shine off my love of foundation and I left, unattached.

A few days after this insignificant shopping trip, the lovely people at Sanctuary got in touch and almost as though they had direct access to my thoughts, I received in the post the following.

Oh look, a BB Cream!  Thankyou to the lovely people at Sanctaury who, it seems, possess pyschic abilities as well as make gorgeous skin care products

Now, if that isn't the makeup/skincare world trying to tell me something, then what is?!

I am already a huge fan of anything 'Sanctuary'. Their products already fill the majority of my bathroom shelving.
So to recieve a BB Cream from them was a total Brucy Bonus. ( See what I did there? )

Did it live up to the BB Fever that seems to be taking over, to be frank. The world?
Read on my lovely viewers.

The first thing that hit me when I opened this product was the smell.

The smell of this product is just gorgeous, infact, addictive. Closing my eyes, the smell reminds me of  long hot summers, long dresses, dewy skin and cocktails by the pool.
Infact, think long, summer evening walks, freshly cut grass and bouquets of flowers.
That should give you some idea of how delicious the scent is. 

Just what gives this product its delicious smell?
Limonene, Sweet Almond Oil, Bergamot and Grape Oil. To name a few.
Sanctuary pride themselves for using only natural plant extracts and essential oil's to fragrance this product.

In fact, I put it to Sanctuary to create their first ever fragrance and use this scent as it's top note! They have captured summer in a tube with this product. Feeling the winter blue's again since the sun seem's to have left us? Give this product a try! RuthE

To truly appreciate the luxurious scent of this product, apply a little to your hand, massage it in and let the oils contained diffuse......

Now, I am not going to lie.

It is a little too warm for my skin tone. But, I am extremely fair. Im talking NC15 fair. Think Liv Tyler. Without the stunning bone structure, bee stung lips or raven hair.
I can appear so light over the winter I have been known to look almost transparent....

I always swatch on white paper. This photograph has not been altered. This is the true colour of the Light to Medium colour. This is the lightest colour Sanctuary do in their BB Cream.

Many companies have only 2 or three colours. Not catering for the very Pale or very Dark. It's like stepping back in time from when the first foundations were made or before MAC existed. Two or three colours for all.


Now, with the extra ordinary, guest appearance ( one week only ) of some thing called, the sun? Last week. I felt compelled to search out my Fake Bake, and attempt the bronzed godess look.

So, with my skin a little warmer than usual, Sanctuarys BB cream in Light to Medium was just right for my skin.
I would say with fake tan, I can range from a NC20 - 25.

Now, taking into account, I like full coverage. Any girl who likes her foundation and powder will know where I'm coming from.
I think my own obsession with full coverage foundation stems from my acne ridden teenage years, which have clearly left emotional as well as physical scars.

On holiday, with the sun, fresh fruit and lots of water, I love the look of my skin and for one time a year only, out comes the tinted moisturiser. This is a rare occurance, and never happens here in England...

BB Cream's are not a foundation. They are similiar in texture to a tinted moisturiser, with a little more coverage.

Could I get used to this type of coverage?

Sanctuary BB Cream. A little camera shy... Doesn't like the flash button

Now, the Sanctaury BB Cream can be used alone, or as a primer under makeup.

I tried both. As a primer it worked really well. It gave good staying power of the makeup and as a base created a lovely glow to the foudation. Using it as a base actually made the foundation I applied after, look alot fresher and fuller in coverage than I had anticipated.
As it does even out skintone, less foundation is needed.

So, for my next trick I decided to completely step out of my comfort zone. I decided today to wear just the BB Cream with a little blush and this seasons bright orange lipstick.
What was I thinking?

I actually received a few compliments at work. It's a very different look for me.
But using just these few products my skin looked youthful, plumped and dewy.

BB Cream's are great for quick application and a natural, dewy look to the skin. RuthE

No animal's were harmed during the making of this cream....

The texture of the product is rich, buttery and silky. After applying it to your skin it leaves the most glorious glow which doesn't seem to go flat. As with many illuminator's, I have personally found, they either give a fantastic glow to start, then within minutes the some what fantastic results, vanish.
Or the 'glow' that is guaranteed resembles more 'face has been dipped in a frying pan' as a pose to a delicate sheen.

This product does give a healthy glow from within which lasted throughout the day. The Silica contained is what help's absorb excess oil's on the skin, so you won't be left greasy faced.
The product also contains Glycerin, which is a 'moisture magnet' for skin. Great for drier skins.

So the benefit's if you invest in this product?

  • As well as providing a sheer to medium coverage, it's great to know this fab product also has so many skin boosting/moisturising benefits.
  • Its smells like summer and freshly cut grass.
  • Perfect size for your handbag, Perfect handbag accessory. Great for travel. Pop some on after that long flight......
  • Clean, crisp packaging.
  • Be the envy of everyone with gorgeous, undeniable sun kissed skin. 
  • Luxurious feel. Rich, buttery texture.  
  • Your skin will not look oily, nor matte, Just healthy.   
  •  Even's out skin tone
  • Why is it called a 'Brightening Facial?' A low form of Hyaluronic Acid naturally rejevenates the complexion. Iridescent powder illuminate the skin.

Any downsides?
Nothin major, no.

  • If you are very fair, the lightest colour will be too warm for you.
  • If you are used to fuller coverage makeup, it will take some getting used to. It is a tinted balm after all.
  • I would recommend a little concealer after application for more of a ruddy skin tone, or tenacious spots.

This product would be just perfect for your upcoming holiday. A pleasure to use, with it's delicate, citrus fragrance and rich satisfying consistency. RuthE

So, have I been converted?
I doubt I will ever turn my back on my security blanket, full coverage foundation. But I will definetely be keeping this gorgeous smelling, (summer skin in a tube) BB Cream, in my own personal makeup kit.
It's a perfect product for those hot summer day's when you don't want to apply a foundation that within an hour will have turned into a greasy mess and slid off your face.

In fact this product would be ideal for the summer bride who does not like alot of makeup and want's that typical 'bridal' glow.
Check out Part one of my Bridal Makeup for other tips on creating that perfect Bridal makeup.

Have you used this product? Do you already use a BB Cream? If so, which one. Do you know of any that cater for very fair or darker skin tones?

Sanctuary. I love this word, as much as I love this brand.
Invest in some of their products today, allocate yourself a couple of hours ( book the bathroom ) and have yourself some 'me' time....

Buy Sanctaury BB Cream here.

Also available in Medium to Dark
Boots Stores also stock Sanctuary products.
Priced at £14.99

Create envious summer skin, try Sanctuary BB Cream. RuthE