MAC Lipstick must haves

I am a self - confessed, lipstick addict.

I love lipsticks, and I particularly love, MAC lipsticks.

Never have I seen so many gorgeous lipsticks shades in one place.

You want a specific colour? MAC will have it.

My MU kit is jam packed, overloaded with these beauties. Almost like a pirates treasure chest, I love 're-discovering ' my MU kit and marvelling at the array of colour's.
Happy day's.

So, do you want to have a look at my recommendations? Do you have any of these in your kit? If not, I recommend all the colour's here:

My precious....

Now, I own more than you see here, but I have hand-picked the ones I think are fab for MUA kits and also for this years lip trend's.

Aren't they just fabulous?

So what do we have here?

Left to right.
Show Orchid - This is my new lipstick crush. This one was available in the Autumn Fall Collection last year.  This one is not a MAC permanent line. It is available in the MAC pro stores tho. So anyone can buy!
It is an Amplified ( strong pigment ) colour. Pinky / violet. Heaven. This colour look's stunning on very fair / medium and dark skin tones. Its, in a word, perfect.

Lady Danger - Another popular colour. Caroline Flack wore this to the Brit Awards.
Another Amplified lip colour. Orange/red. Great colour if you have blue eyes!
Note. This colour has been limited to MAC stores ONLY. It cannot be bought in MAC concessions ( ie Debenhams, House of Fraser, etc )

Up the Amp - Again, another Amplified colour. Beautiful deep purple / cool tone.

Vegas Volt - Another favourite, Amplified. Gorgeous, orange / coral / deep tone.

Saint Germaine - A new purchase - Very light / blue / cool undertoned pink. Again Amplified, very strong colour.

Excuse the 'over abused' look of some of my lipsticks. I get a little over zealous when applying....

Left to right.

Costa Chic - My first ever MAC lipstick! I love this, and have yet to find anyone who does not like it!
It is a Frosted finish. Orange / coral tone. Looks gorgeous on many skin tone's, but especially delicious on you tanned lovelies out there. This is a 'happy colour ' Great for this season's bright lipstick trend.
Fabulous summer colour.

Russian Red - Apparently Dita Von Teese wears this. It's a gorgeous, deep /dark / creamy matte.

Girl about Town - Another Amplified colour. Pink / purple undertoned colour. Again looks fabulous on all skin tone's. Especially the darker.

So Chaud - Matte deep brick red with orange undertones.

Ruby woo -  Blue / red. Completely matte, very dry. Pillar box red.

Au natural, well, the first four anyway.

Left to right:

Kinda Sexy - This is so popular with my client's. It's a popular colour with brides. On a warm skin, say NC30-35 , It goes a gorgeous pink/beige/brown. If your lip's are slightly darker it looks stunning.
On a lighter lip it goes more a medium brown. Matte. Again, restricted to MAC shops and not concessions.

Freckletone - oooooooooooh, we love you. So does Kim Kardashian.
If you pick just one to go look at, I choose this. It looks so bland on the stand, and often gets overlooked.
No longer freckltone! You now have an array of followers! Any of you Kim Kardashian obsessives out there, she wears this. Nude / peach / beige. Lustre finish, meaning more sheer and glossy.

Myth - Another new purchase. Satin finish. Imagine the popular 1960s trend. Dark eyes, muted lips? You want that look? Then you need this colour.

Creme Cup - Gorgeous. Pink/beige. Cremesheen finish. Lovely creamy texture. Soft pink. Again, if your lips are naturally darker it will go more a cool, St Germaine tone. Best on lighter pink lip's.
Popular on brides.

Impassioned - Amplified - Bright pink. Strong pigment.

Costa Chic - I know, I featured it again, because, I love it.

All priced at £13.50 each and all having the unique MAC 'vanilla' scent.

There  are so many other colour's MAC do, go have a look. And please, please, go have a nosey at Freckltone and tell me what you think. It's a MUA must have!

What are you favourite MAC lipstick's?

Ruth E

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  1. Hey! Out of those i own, Up the Amp, Impassioned ( my first ever Mac lippy), Girl About Town ( i love!) and i did have Myth but i lost it probabaly in a random nightclub back in my mid twenties :( I might have to do my own Mac Lippy post, although it mainly contains pinks haha! My most used Lippy is probably Big Bow from the Hello Kitty collection. I can't pick a favourite as i love them all! xx

  2. I've never seen Big Bow! Is it pink?! I loved Candy yum yum. I never got one :( Sold out too quick!
    Ruth E

    1. Hey Ruth

      I tagged you in a 'get to know me' post, if you fancy participating, you can do so but visiting my blog :)

  3. I am so jealous of your lovely little collection! Russian Red is an amazing colour!


  4. I love Russian Red! I wear it when I want some real ommmph!
    Stunning colour!

  5. I can never choose my all time favourite mac lipstick, so much choice! i've always had a soft spot for pervette though, since that was my first. I want to try girl about town :)

  6. My first lipstick was the Costa chic too:D and i absolutely love it!!!

    1. Hey! Yes, I am actually having a phase of wearing this lush colour!