Fix me up and smooth me down.....

I confess, as well as having a slight obsession with making eyebrows look fabulous, I also get a little over excited when it comes to sitting a client down and prepping her skin with all the wondrous delights my MU kit holds.

Creating a flawless base on my clients is a major 'tick' for me. If I am not happy with it, I have been known to remove it all and start again. I know, as I'm sure you do, if your base look's great, then everything else will too.

So. I have found two products, one a staple in my MUA kit, and the other a new product from MAC that was launched three weeks ago.

So what are they? Well the first is MAC Fix+

Not a face 'hairspray'

I felt the need to share a few things with you all about this product, as it seems many people think that this 'hydration mist' fixes your makeup in place. I've even heard some people refer to it as 'hairspray' for the face.

It isn't.

So what exactly is FIX+?

It's a spring water, which delivers hydration and a soft sheen to your makeup.
Pro - Vitamin B5 - Conditioner
Vitamin E - Conditioner
Chamomile - Soothes
Cucumber - Soothes
Caffeine - Anti - irritant / Calming
Green Tea - Anti - irritant / Calming

This product can be used in different ways and for different purposes, but none of them are going to fix your makeup in place.
I am unsure why people think this, I think it may be one of two reason's.

1) They are either being mis informed about the product ie. Being given incorrect product information by the person they are purchasing it from.
2) The name FIX+ somewhat gives you, the customer, the impression it must be a spray that fixes ie. Holds makeup in place.

So what does it actually do?
In a nutshell, it hydrates the skin.
This product is great if you have a drier complexion.
It has many uses too.

I love ( if the client I am working on has a slightly drier complexion) to spritz the skin just after moisturiser and just before foundation for an extra 'moisture' boost.

If you want your skin to radiate more of a glow, or you want to manipulate you fuller coverage foundation to for a more natural finish, spritz your brush with the FIX+ before applying the foundation.
I love using my #130 MAC stippling brush for this technique.

Spritzing the skin after makeup with FIX+ just 'refreshes' the makeup. It 'finishes' the makeup. It doesn't fix it.

I've heard a few people say they prefer the look of their foundation after it has been on for a couple of hours. After it has had time to settle and your natural oils are just starting to show through.
If you like that worn in foundation look, spritz a little of this on!

But, beware. If you spritz a lot on during the day you will have an overly shiny face, and you will need to reach for that blot powder.

Priced at £12.50 for 100ml

Want to see my new, skin wonder product?

Smooth out the lumps and bumps. Does this come in a larger size?

This is just amazing. I love it. I used it on myself for the first time yesterday and I fell in love instantly.

A skin perfecting, creamy primer in a compact! Perfect!

To give you an idea of my skin type. It's very combination and very temperamental I've always had issue's with my skin and to say we have a love hate relationship, would be an understatement.

I have larger pores around my nose and forehead. My cheeks are drier and I am prone to blemishes. Yes, all of this, at thirty years of age, don't get me started.

Anyway. This miracle product smoothed away my dryness and 'filled' in my open pores. My foundation sat so much better and it made my skin feel silky smooth.

So, what is is for?

This is a new product from MAC. And, it's permanent! I am already a fan of their prep and prime range and highly recommend you go and have a look.

This beauty balm is deigned to even out uneven skin texture. So it's great if you have really open pores, or scarring. It smooths them down completely. 
It's great used on its own to give the 'illusion' of smoother skin ( it really does ) or fab used before foundation. It can even be used over foundation. Just pat it on!

This product instantly reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles by 28%. That's good enough for me. Great for the frown lines I seem to be developing between my brows.......

The packaging suggests you use your fingers to apply.
I suggest a sponge. Only a small amount is needed. It feels creamy as you apply and then sets to a silky matte finish.

Nice and compact

What does it contain?
Silicone - Skin smoother
Silica - To help absorb face oil
Coffee extract - Anti inflammatory

Now, this product is great if you have drier or have uneven skin texture.
What I will say is this. Where I am oilier, my forehead and nose, I had to apply powder a lot quicker after using this product. I used this beauty balm in replacement of my normal primer to test it. On oilier areas it seemed to contribute to a shinier forehead and nose which subsequently meant my makeup did slide off. If you are oilier and want to use this. Powder straight after your foundation and keep it on hand, just in case.

Priced at £21.50 for 10g

Have you used either of these products? If you have which one and what did you think? Have you got your own tips on how to use them? I'd love to know!



  1. Ive been wanting to try the mac fix plus forever! Might have to pick this up next time im at Mac:)

    Fashions on Top

  2. Ooo i havent the skin smoother sounds fab! i have fix plus too in my kit.clients seem to love it too :)


  3. @Hayley. Do you find they think of it as a spray that will keep their makeup on too? Skin smoother would be amazing on brides with drier skin and really open pores. I used it on lady with rosecea other day, it filled in her pores but helped with her flaky skin. Bless her.
    Thankyou for the read and comment :)