MAC Face and Body Foundation

I don't know about you, but I have seen a sudden surge in people wanting to find the perfect foundation.
I mean, a serious surge.

I currently work part time on a high end makeup counter, and every day I am inundated with the same questions:

I'm looking for a foundation to suit my skin.
I want the perfect foundation.
I always look white in photographs.
What would you recommend for a nice foundation

Now, in my freelance kit, I only have one.

I used to fuss around with all sorts of different kinds, but trust me when you have to carry it round god knows where, and constantly worry about the glass jars smashing, or the cream formulas melting in the summer you need to make some serious decisions about what needs to go and what needs to stay.

I decided, I needed to find one foundation, in several colours. That I could manipulate and adapt whatever the occassion called for.

I'm sure alot of you have heard of MAC Face and Body.

I know alot of girls ( and guys ) have probably invested in one, and those who haven't wanna know what all the fuss is about.


Now, I could end the post here. Invest is what you need to do, but lets talk about why.

I have always been a ( see older posts ) fuller coverage kinda gal.
I love to look like I have no pores, and no flaws, and no shine etc etc.

So, it took alot of willpower and self talk, to even contemplate trying this foundation, let alone thinking it worthy enough the have place in my kit.

This foundation is constantly flaunted around in the fashion world. Its endlessly talked about by beauty editors and used by countless celebrities worldwide.

Face and Body, you could say, is Iconic.

It comes in a lovely plastic bottle. So, in my mind, its portable. Not just for MUA, but for everyone.

It has a lovely consistency. It is a water based foundation. So its very 'fluidy'.

The name face and body, indicates just that. It can be used ALL OVER. It's perfect for use when you are wearing more revealing clothes. Great for backless dresses, low tops, short skirts. It magically covers over every pore to give you an airbrushed, flawless look.

Now the top thing I love about this, is it gives the skin a healthy glow. See this foundation as a 'second skin'
You can't see it on, but it look gorgeous. It give a glow, not a matte finish.

Being water based, its hydrating.

One of the most beneficial things about this foundation is, it contains no talc.
You know when you do your makeup, and you go out thinking you look good? All your skin matches.
( Well, you thought it did )
You get the photographs turn up on facebook the next morning. De-tag.

Your face looks like a ghost. A lot of foundations ( especially full-coverage ) contain talc. When photographs are taken the flash makes you look lighter.

Not a great look, and even worse for wedding photographs.

Face and Body is HD - High Definition makeup. Looks great in photographs, and close up.

Those of you who maybe feel more comfortable in fuller coverage, you can rub the foundation between your fingers, so the water contains evaporates. This leaves a creamier and fuller finish to the foundation.
You can always add a little concealer on top and powder too if you want to feel a little more 'polished'.

I love the feel of this foundation on my skin. It feels weightless and clean. I also love how this foundation dries on the skin. Once dried, you look like you are ready for a photoshoot. Glowing.

Pop into your nearest MAC store and get a sample.

You'll soon see why all the celebs are a fan.

Ruth E


  1. ive wanted to try this for a while but i thought it wouldn't have a lot of coverage for me.. but now i really want to try it! im a new follower to your blog, and would love if you could check out mine! xxx

    1. Its worth it hun. Really, if I can covert anyone can! Get a sample first, it gives such a lovely finish to the skin. I love it, you can always layer it on too :)
      You have a lovey blog, im now following.
      Ruth E