Wonderwoman Eye Makeup

I sometimes feel like I'm Wonderwoman. Minus the amazing figure, long flowing hair and special powers.

Running around, doing a million things at once - maybe I should design myself a special outfit.

In a way, makeup can transform us into someone else. Maybe you fancy being someone else for the day, makeup has the power to do that.

I was in a makeup mood this morning, and I have designed a look, influenced my our very own, Wonderwoman.

I'm calling it a 'power' makeup. It's strong, sharp and shows you mean business. Its definitely a look for a night out with the girls, probably not a first date makeup ( that will be coming later )

Why not try it this weekend and tweet me the pictures?

As the look I've created was inspired by Wonderwoman, it has alot of red and blue, with injections of gold and of course, black. ( Think long, thick, wavy jet black hair )

The products I used for this look are as follows:

Mac Paint pot in Painterly
Mac loose pigments in Bright Fushia and Old Gold.
Mac Lip pencil in Cherry
Ben Nye Palette. I used the blue and black from this palette. Ben Nye shadows blend really nicely, so are great for building up as they don't create strong colour immediately.

Brushes: All Mac
Again, they don't have to be MAC. But you will need an angled brush, and several buffing, eyeshadows brushes. I also use too many, you can just be more organised, and clean each brush in between colours. Im far too lazy for that.

Other essentials for a look like this are:

A black eyeliner, either in a liquid or gel. I prefer to work with gel, but again it's personal preference. I recommend Bobbi Browns in black.

A concealer, to clean up any shadows fall down and to use at the end to create the 'sharp' clean angle.

Makeup remover or face wipes. Trust me, it's a good idea. My kit is full of this stuff. I like to decante into smaller bottles like the above. Bobbi Brown Instant Long wear remover. Great little product. This particular one came in a Christmas Set, I kept it and just refill so I don't have to carry a huge bottle around with me.


Base. I love Mac Painterly because its a neutral tone, looks great on most skintones, and being matt and neutral it helps to make eye shadows 'true' in colour.

Apply and let it dry. Apply anywhere you will be applying makeup. It will act as a setting base.

Apply Mac Pigment in Old Gold to the inner part of eye:

Then apply your choice of Blue shadow allover the eyelid.

Take Mac Bright Fushia and apply as your crease colour.
Blend so the blue and fushia diffuse, but still visibly, look seperate.

Curl lashes and apply mascara, then apply your choice of false lashes.

Apply liner. Flick liner out, do not worry about taking shadow or liner too far out, this will be cleaned up at the end.

Then apply a black matt eyeshadow into the outer corner only, of your eye.
Bring the shadow underneath the eye.

Use Cherry lipliner in your waterline. Now, I'm not saying this is the best idea to do all the time. I didn't have a red kohl pencil to hand, so I improvised.

Adjust and adapt the look to your personal prefereences.

When you are happy with the shape, and colour intensity, take either your face wipe, or makeup remover ( using a brush or cotton pad / bud ) clean the area around the eye, upwards, creating a sharp angle to the shadow.

Use your concelaer to clean it up and sharpen it furthermore.

Voila. Done

Finish the look with a perfect base and choice of lipstick.

Go on, try something other than a smokey eye this Saturday night.



  1. oh wow this is incredible! looks amazing. im definitely going to try this out! :)

    1. Thank you! Do try it and send me a piccy!
      Ruth E

  2. This is lovely Ruth :) Love that sharp edge!

    1. Thankyou lovely :) Just took it all off, have an asda delivery coming soon. May have scared the driver off ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Hey :) Thank you :) I loved creating it!
      Ruth E

  4. This is amazing! Your eyes look fab. Would love to know how you do your eyebrows!

    Be great if you could check out my latest post: Enrapture Amplify Jumbo Waver Review

    I am also running my 1st blog giveaway here where you could win MAC, Jewellery plus other goodies.

    Thanks! Charlie xx LurchHoundLoves.com | UK Fashion Blog

    1. Hey Charlotte, thank you for your comment. I have a slight eyebrow obsession, so Im constantly trying new products for them. Currently using MAC retractable pencil in Spiked, with any dark brown powder pressed ontop.
      Will check your blog out :)