Elegance in a lipstick

I don't know about you, but I have a slight thing for vintage/expensive looking/dressing table worthy perfume bottles and makeup. I don't think that my new obsession ( and I completely blame ITV for this ) with such TV shows as, Downton Abbey and Mr Selfridge have helped the cause.
I love the style of the Grantham girls in Downton. Their hair, clothes and the homes they live in..... Ahhhh.
I also love how they had such ornate, delighful bottles and accessories on their dressing tables. I've starting to see ( or maybe I'm just searching out ) these kind of pretty things, slowly making their way into our shops and beauty halls.I have always loved the more 'vintage' look to makeup, as a 'pose to the more modern look of some brands.
I love the elegance of Chanel. Their perfume and makeup packaging, I'm sure, plays a huge part in what sells them. Imagine Chanel or Dior packaged in Modern, black packaging. Or cheap plastic. Doesn't really have the same feel does it?
Hands up those who have bought a cosmetic product more for the packaging than the actual product? You stand their weighing it up.

' I don't need it, but it looks so beautiful, it's not that expensive... '

One brand I am loving for the gorgeous packaging at the moment is, Tom Ford. Yum.
Now, brace yourself, its a bit darn pricey, but wowie. Its on another level. His lipsticks in particular are dressing table and handbag worthy. You know, the kind of lipsticks you want to get out after lunch and apply in front of your work colleagues. Not the £1.99 ones that only grace the staff toilet mirrors.
This lipstick cost.....ahem..... £36.00 I know, I know..... but, look.
The colour I purchased, was Blush Nude. ( and sorry, no swatches. I still can't bring myself to use it )

I was tempted, so tempted to buy so much more. But, I need to eat....

Look at it. The minute you take it out the box, the expense speaks for itself. It's evident this wasn't bought from your local chemist. The weight of it ( for a lipstick ) is quite extraordinary. The colour of the actual case is a glossy, inky black that's fringed with a gold lining. The top is imprinted with the initials. TF.

When you open the case, the tip of the lipstick bullet is also imprinted with the same initials. The smell of it is also lovely. Usually, I only like the smell of MAC lipsticks. The well known Vanilla scent.
Most lipsticks I have found let the whole experience of buying it, down.

Nice packaging - Check
Nice colour - Check
Smell of lipstick? - Chemicals. Major fail.

This one smells of what I think, Angel delight. Try no to eat it.
When you have revelled in applying your favourite Tom Ford shade, be satisfied with the sound it makes as you shut it.
Yes, crazy as it sounds, Tom Ford has actually 'created' ( I'm not sure if he has, knowingly ) an experience for you when you purchase this lipstick. From the moment you see it in the shop, all the way to getting it home and every time you use it, its heavenly.
I think, if Lady Mary was around in this day and age, she would pick this as her favourite lipstick to adorn her dressing table.

Tom Ford, I applaud you. You have made the PERFECT lipstick experience, who can follow? I'm sure, that door is firmly shut.



  1. Swoon! I have a Tom Ford wish list as long as my leg but I always feel so guilty spending money on myself being a mum :( xx

    1. I felt guilty buying it, but I used my blog as an excuse. It was 'research'.

  2. I only want a Tom Ford lipstick for the packaging, nothing else. lol. x

    1. I just have it on my dressing tabel for decoration ahahah. I cant bring myself to use it. I just can't.