Dermalogica Face Mapping

In my 20s, I used my fair share of Dermalogica, skincare products. At this time I had greasy skin,  daily breakouts and consequently, low self esteem.
Fast forward 15 years ( where did the time go? ) my skin craves plenty of TLC in the form of face oils, and rich moisturisers, alas still with the same monthly breakouts.
Therefore, I couldn't contain my excitment when Dermalogica and Preen Me contacted me, inviting me to take part in their #Myfacemystory campaign.

You may have already heard of Dermalogicas Face Mapping, service and like myself passed it off as another fad *slaps wrist*
If you, like so many men and women in this UK, spend hours looking at new skincare products, buying them, trying them and discarding them (and let's be honest, leaving them to fester in the bathroom cupboard) this service was put together with you in mind, and you need to read on.

'During a Face Mapping® skin analysis, the therapist will divide your face into fourteen different zones. Each zone is examined inch-by-inch through touch and sight, and the findings are outlined on a prescription sheet, where conditions including congestion, breakouts, dehydration, and/or hyperpigmentation are illustrated. Basically, Dermalogica Skin Therapists know how to read your skin!'

My Dermalogica Face Mapping experience consisted of several steps.

Step one:
Filling out a questionnaire in regards to my current skin care regime/skin concerns and so forth. This was then handed to the Skin expert, who was carrying out the face mapping service.

Step Two:
Having my skin analysed by the Dermalogica Skin expert through the means of a skin scanner. Alot less terrifying than it sounds, I assure you.

I actually loved this part of the whole experience. This nifty piece of machinery detects UV damage,
oil production, cell renewal and comedones ( blackheads )
You sit in front of the machine, with your skin expert on the opposite side. She can then evaluate your skin, through the findings. The best bit? You can actually see what she is seeing.
I have pigmentation, as I have freckles - these were shown as black specks/darker areas on the face.
I had a red/pink area around my eyes, which showed dehydration.
I also has small white 'flecks' visible - which showed my skin was renewing itself.
The findings will be different for everyone, and it's amazing to see it first hand.

Step Three:
Having my skin analysed through touch and sight.

The final part was having the Analyst observe my skin through a magnifying device, through touch and sight.
Your Dermalogica skin expert will access your skin, and it's all to do with 14 different zones.
The face mapping idea is that the skin on your face is indictive of the bodies internal health. The face landscape being divided into 14, different areas.
For example: Areas 13-14 are the jaw line. The area here is linked to the ovaries, hence why many women break out here, before or during menstruation. 
The areas and descriptions are far too indepth to breakdown here, so do go to the Official Dermalogica Webpage, to see the full explanation of all 14 areas. It's fascinating, and may help give you some insight into your own skin health.
Dermalogica Skin Mapping

Step Four:
Having a personalised, Skin Prescription put together from the results of the above findings.

To conclude the whole experience, Judy then gave me a breakdown of my skin health, and products I should maybe try to give me the best complexion possible!
I loved that skincare was being 'prescribed' for my individual needs, just the same as if you were to go to the doctors. You are assessed and prescribed the correct medication, to heal your ailments.
This is just the same, but for skin!

How much easier ( and relaxing ) does this sound, then stressing yourself out in a department store or local chemist, trying to find yet another skin care regime, you won't use.

Book in!
Dermalogicas Face Mapping is a FREE service, yes you heard me correctly, FREE.
I had mine done at Burleigh Springs in Loughborough and was told that the use of the skin scanner costs a mere £5.00. If you then buy any of the products recommended to you, this £5.00 is minused off your bill.

There is no commitment to buy the products recommended to you. You are given your prescription sheet, and can buy them whenever you wish.
The products are higher priced, but that's because they work! They are pure products, scientifically proven to work if professionally recommended. You only need the smallest amount - and you won't be leaving these in the bathroom cupboard to fester!
The best bit? If you are not happy with the product after trying it, you can have it/them exchanged.

I was gifted the four products that were recommended for me, and I will be sharing these with you during the following weeks. I'm already in love with them.

Click below to find your nearest Dermalogica expert, and get booked in. You won't regret it
Find my nearest Dermalogica expert

*This entire experience and and Products were gifted by compliments of Dermalogica, as part of the Preen Me VIP programme.

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