Dermalogica - Daily Superfoliant

'Daily Superfoliant resurfaces skin and helps prevent premature signs of pollution-related aging'
Diana Howard - Vice president of research and development for Dermalogica

Hands up, who else loves how their skin feels after a good, exfoliation?
I love all things skin care, but if I had to choose just two skincare essentials that I couldn't live without ( please don't ask me to pick just the one! ) it would be a worth while exfoliator and a good, quality face oil!

I was fortunate enought to be gifted the new Dermalogica, Daily Superfoliant to trial. From the first try - I was in no doubt, that this product was a game changer.

I don't know about you, but I always struggle to find a facial exfoliator that's just right.
I find many, too harsh as I'm left feeling my skin has been stripped of any known moisture.
Others, I find too wishy-washy, as I hopelessly add more to my face, willing it to be more 'exfoliator worthy'.

The Daily Superfoliant, doesn't look at all impressive when you pop it into the palm of your hand. Infact, it looks like a handful of soot. But, bear with me.
I had been re-assured by a Dermalogica, skin specialist that this stuff, was amazing. So, with that in mind I bypassed the fact it looked like my face was covered in ash.

After cleansing, Carefully, tip a little into the palm of you hand ( around a teaspoon size is recommended. You can always add more ) then add a little water to the exfoliator. This activates the product. Once the water is added, the product turns into a very, lighty foamy paste. At this stage, you apply to the skin.
The feel on the skin, is comfortable. It doesn't feel harsh, but leaves the skin feeling revitalised and fresh.

Once you have washed it off, effects are immediate. My skin looked brighter, clearer and more refined.
Your skin will feel 'clean' like you've just stepped out from having a professional facial.
I was impressed.

As with all exfoliators, the more often you use it, you will begin to see a more long-term effect to the complexion. I have been using it, every other day for the past few weeks and I can already see a huge improvement to the clarity and texture of my complexion.

Activated Binchotan Charcoal Powder to extract dirt and oil
Rice bran, which gives the powder it's grit
Niacinamide, which has anti-inflammatory properties
Lactic acid to remove dead skin cells

One thing to bear in mind with this product.
It can be used daily, but for myself, I found this too much. I do have sensitive skin, so reduced use to every other day.
This is also recommended on the Dermalogica website.

Priced at £55.00 for 57g


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