The only way is.... SUDOCREM

Well, I heard a couple of years back that Cheryl Cole was a fan of this.
Really, I asked;
'Has she got a baby now?'
'No Ruth, she uses it on her face'

Her face?!

The only way is Sudocrem..........

Now James Bennewith - aka - Diags, from TOWIE fame is now a fan, and Superdrug have reportedly had a 146 percent increase in their sales of this 'miracle product'.

What do you think?

Now, my earliest memory of this stuff was my mother using it on us as children.
I never had any in my makeup kit.

Till now.

When I heard that Cheryl Cole used it, I though, well, there must be something in it, right?
Apparently Cheryl uses it for blemishes.

Thats a great advert in itself, seeing as she has none!

I bought some for my makeup kit a few years back now.
And it comes in handy.
It's great for use on blemishes, or those really 'angry' spots you get. You know the ones that appear just before you are due to go out/have a date/get married..........
Not just happy with having Cheryl as a 'user'. I wanted to know how this little pot of, lets face it, cheap baby cream is so good!

It claims to:
Soften and soothe sore and inflamed skin.
It contains a weak anasthetic to numb pain. ( for the really nasty spots ! )
It also has a protective, water resistant base. That prevents anything coming into contact with the area you have the cream on!

Sounds good to me!

Now, what I will say is this.

It's VERY, VERY thick. You do not need alot. A tiny amount is needed.
When you apply it, the white colour should disappear and stay oily.
If it is still white, you have applied way too much!
It lasts forever!

If you are using it mainly for spots, take out just what you need and use it. Do not keep sticking your finger in and out the pot. Cross - contamination aint good!

I would not try and apply it before makeup. Your makeup will just slide off!
I find it great if you apply it before bed, or on a no makeup day!

It is advertised as a 'healing' cream and it works.
Now don't expect to slather a layer on tonight and by tomorrow morning you have a blemish free face. It will take time. But it will heal, and you will see a difference in the larger, redder, more tenacious spots.

You can find it in most shops! Supermarkets, superdrug, boots.
Try online!
At this rate shops will be reporting sell outs of this product

See, some of the best beauty treatments, are available to all!

This fab stuff is available in different sizes, in tubes, and mousse form.
I'd go for the small one if it's for blemishes. It'll last you forever! You can't complain at that! Prices range from £1.50 upwards depending on the size and supplier.

What do you guys think? Have you tried it? Has it worked for you?
Let us know!
Ruth E x


  1. I use it on anything that is inflamed or needs healing otherwise. My mother recommended it to me when I started getting those nasty spots you described.

    I consider Sudocrem an absolute miracle. It works! And for that price a try is definitely not a loss.


  2. Hey Kelly. :)
    I love it. I put some on my chin the other night as a few little nasties decided to try and make friends!
    They didn't last very long.
    Sorry spots!

    Checked out your blog. It looks great. Photographs are really good too!
    RuthE x