Sanctuary. Invest in this.

I rarely get excited over skin care.
It seems my whole career revolves around me searching out new makeup for my kit.
Till now.

Over two weeks ago I turned 30.

When I hit the big Three Zero, I decided it was probably high time to invest in some decent ( reasonably priced ) skin care.

Reluctantly, I went into Boots and skulked over to their Skincare Section.
Most of my teenage years had been spent here, in this very section. Spotty faced, looking at the latest blemish fighting, skin perfecting products, which funnily enough, never worked.

However, this time round I was hunting to find some new, miracle products to inject some life, radiance and moisture into my somewhat laggin, lackluster, sandpaper textured skin.

Nothing really grabbed my attention until I walked over to the Sanctuary range.

I had heard so many good things about this company. My own mother, who is a self confessed, bargain hunter, (will only pay decent money for quality kind ) has a bottle of the Sanctaury Cleansing Oil stashed away in her bathroom.

The one thing that grabbed me was the packaging. Yes. I admit it. I like nice packaging, it draws me in. Any packaging that is pink, and has words such as 'youth boosting' printed on the front in enough to get anyone's attention.
But, saying that, if the price tag and description does nothing for me. It's staying on the shelf.

Pretty in pink

They have so much variety. Polishing cleansers, warming cleansers, brightening cleansers, oil cleansers, I didn't know where to start.
It probably didn't help I had walked into the store 15 minutes before they were due to shut and I was getting the evil eye off the shop assistant.

So, I chose quick. I know I wanted a cleansing oil. That was the easy part. Sanctuary, having so many gorgeous products I was torn between them all and time was ticking. In the end my very happy shopping basket had the pleasure of carrying. Sanctuarys, Warming Microbrasion Polish.

Rather impressed with my quick decision making ( I am very indecisive ) and excited with my new purchases, I paid and set off home to try them out.

Never one renowned for my patience, running my bath, I opened the products like a child would his or her sweet wrappings.

First I got started on the Ultimate Facial Cleansing Oil.
I pumped two loads into the palms of my hand and massaged it over my face.

Good enough to eat. But, don't.

The satisfaction that I felt as the oil some what dissolved away the remnents of the day, was truly worth every penny. The work, the travel the stresses ( the makeup ). All of it gone. 
The oil is divine. It is not highly fragranced, which I love, and anything that can dissolve all the makeup I have been wearing since 8am that morning gets the thumbs up from me.

I love facial oils as they balance the skin, rather than strip it of it's natural oils. This one contains four essential oils:
Argan Oil
Soya Oil
Avocado Oil and Organic Jojoba Oil.

Priced at only £12.99 for 150ml.
Check it out here.

Now, I could have stopped there ( as if ) but couldn't quite resist testing out the 'Warming Micro Brasion Polish.

Scrub up

'Youth boosting facial.
Warming Micro Brasion Polish.'

Bet that got your attention didn't it?

This has a very rich, full consistency when you squeeze it out into your hand.
I don't know how they do it, but the minute you start to massage the product onto the skin, it warms on contact.

The 'coarse' texture of the exfoliator, again, is balanced. Unlike some cleansers that feel more scratchy, or others where you struggle to find exactly where the exfoliating properties lie.
Any of you who are fans of exfoliators, I would highly recommend this.
You 'feel' the product working as you use it, you feel the benefits coming into play as you wash the product away.

I love to leave it on the skin whilst in the bath. The warmth of the scrub opens the pores, drawing out all the nasty little impurities.

Just Divine.

I'm sure Sanctuary would recommend massaging it for no longer than a suggested time, I'm pretty sure I massaged it far longer than necessary.

Containing Natural Kaolin, (clay) to draw out impurities, marine earth, to polish and Beeswax and Jojoba to soften and smooth.

Sanctuary use some of the best natural ingredients available, to provide a spa experience, for you, in the comfort of your own home.

Check it out here. 

I love it.
Priced at £12.25 for 100ml

The following morning, my skin was glowing with health and vitality and my makeup glided on effortlessly.
I've been using them both for two weeks now.
My skin in just two weeks is already in much better condition than it was prior.
It's smoother, and any dry patches seem to have disappeared. Fabulous.

I did come out in a few spots after using the scrub, but that is to be expected. As with all products that claim to 'draw out impurities' , they are doing exactly that. So a few blemishes after use are perfectly normal.
After the blemishes had gone, my skin looked clearer and more refined.

So Sanctuary, you now have a new follower. The product's I have tried have lived upto the expectation and RuthE recommends you all get out there and have a look at their range. The range is large and varied. Not too large you feel overwhelmed, just large enough to find a product just right for you.

I'm looking forward to trying some other Sanctuary products very soon, and when I do, I'll let you all know about them.
I already have my eye on a couple, well maybe more than a couple.

Buy it online here:

Boots also stock this gorgeous range.

I feel a new addiction coming on.....


  1. They sound like great products I'll have to give them a try! great review :) x

  2. Thankyou lovely. I love these two products! A bit too much some may say! Check bk later for another blog post. Little 'royalty' post.......
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