Stila UK are back!

Yes ladies, you heard me right.


When I worked in the Selfridges Beauty Hall, ( many moons ago ) I had a slight obsession with this brand.
Well, slight couldn't be further from the truth.
In all honesty, I spent more time on their counter, than I did on mine.

I loved the individuality and packaging of this brand. I loved the names, the unique products and more than anything I loved the makeup!

Now, when Stila, seemed to disappear off the face of the earth I was, it is fair to say, slightly upset.

Where would I buy my convertible colour from now? Petunia had been taken away from me and I was not a happy bunny.

These are just heavenly. They are the ultimate makeup bag acessory, the colours are gorgeous and they smell and taste just delicious. Yes, delicious.Stila Lip Glazes. Yummy.

Getting over it.

Having to accept the loss of Stila was hard, but it had to be done. So I was a grown up, and slowly discovered and built relationships with new makeup brands, but I never found another Petunia.........

Now, just when I had got over the breakup, and decided I would have to move on. Stila, like the boyfriend you never get over, came across my path the other day in Boots.

I was snooping around the cosmetics part of Boots, as you do. And from the corner of my eye, I glimsed, what I knew, was a Stila Lip Glaze.

Palms sweating, heart racing ( yes, I am this sad ) I walked over.
There, in front of me, lay all the goodies I thought had gone forever!

Lip Glazes, New face primers, and, yes... my long lost Petunia Convertible Colour!

Oh how I missed thee.... Beloved Petunia. So pretty and pink.

Now, I do not have this on any authority, but I am pretty sure that Petunia is cheaper than it was previously. Bonus! Only £16. Considering most major brands charge at least £17.50 for blusher colours.
These, what can only be described as 'pots of pretty for the cheeks' are so creamy and richly pigmented. They do not feel greasy or heavy on the skin, but fresh, dewy and light.
They are so richly pigmented, they are worth every bit of your makeup fund. Even if it means you cant afford that starbucks for the journey home. Buy this.
Mine lasted me, what seemed years. That was with constant use. You only need a small amount to fake a healthy glow.

The beauty world are very quickly recognising the potential of this brand. Check out the Stila Blog for press release details.

The colour, Camilla, was among some of the products used at London fashion week by Stila Makeup Artists.

Stila have brought back our old favourites, and have brought with them some new friends. New Primers, new foundations and even a new HD Beauty Balm.

If you have never used this brand, I seriously recommend you get yourself accustomed with it.
Stila makeup has a certain, undescribable magic, which will always have a spell over me. Like kid's in a sweet shop, you will want to pop all their pretty products into your basket. And the best bit, this 'sweet' shopping adds no extra calories ( maybe just a minus to the bank balance..... )

Stila can be found online. With FREE SHIPPING. So, now..... there is no excuse!
Boots and Harvey Nicholls also stock.

Check out my Wedding blog post. Part one to see a new Palette from Stila Cosmetics.
See you soon lovelies!

Ruth E


  1. Stila is on my wishlist at the moment :) I am so happy Boots has started stocking them!

  2. I love Stila, I want all of Stila, all of it!