My makeup kit.... Some of it

I'm always being asked just how much makeup I have.

Well, I have been collecting it for ten years, so, the answer to that question is. I have alot!

I have to go through my kit every so often, and get rid of products that I have had far too long. Or products that may smell a little funny! Or just to see what stuff I am running low on.

Any makeup artist will know, and tell you, your kit, is your life.
Without it, I would feel lost. Without it, I can't do my job.

Sad as I am, I even have days ( yes, on my days off ) where I will just go though my kit.
Look through, try things on, get ideas and think of new looks for future projects.
Proof I think, that I take my work home with me! But proof also, I love my job!

Do you want to have a look then?

This is my basic kit. So, I do have more. I have my theatrical kit too. Which doesn't get as much use as I would like sometimes. I may do a little feature on that one for you next week!
Ok. You ready? You might want to sit down and get comfy. Get yourself a drink, maybe a notepad and pen to jot down any questions you may have when reading through? I love questions!
Ive also tagged my favourite products,brushes,accessories. These are the products I cant live without.
Bear in mind, this is not all of my kit, it would take a very , very long time to photograph it all. And to be quite honest you would probably find it all extremely boring!

( I have included links, for all companies mentioned at the end of this feature )

So lets start with the favourite part of my kit. Lip, lips, lips .................

Yes. My lipsticks are very much MAC. Why? Because they are fab. I can pretty much find any colour I want at MAC, and pretty much, any texture.
The colours are known within the Makeup Industry. As a Makeup Artist, or even lipstick crazy lady ( that's me either way ) you can look at many photographs in magazines/advertisments, and know the colour the artist has used on that particular model. Because the MAC colours are so recognised. A few that are MUA faves, and ones that are used regularly are:
 Russian Red and Ruby Woo. Both Matte Reds.  
Russian Red : A Creamier Matt, Deeper Red and  
Ruby Woo : Very dry, completely Matte. Blue undertoned red. Great for making your teeth look whiter.
Other's you ask? Okay. Well you have Myth. Great nude colour. Completely blanks lip colour out. Good for a 1960s look. Pink Nouveau. Satin Finish. Cheryl Cole wore it. The bright blue pink. Strong colour. Looks great with a tan.
Other favourites would be: Frosted Finish, Angel and Lustre Freckltone. Both, famously worn by Kim Kardashian. Both very pretty, natural colours.
I could go on forever, because there are so many popular colours. Did I mention Rebel, Cyber, Snob, Costa Chic, Vegas Volt, Impassioned.... Maybe a MAC Lipstick Blog is on the cards? What do you think?

Being a Makeup Artist, I am always on the look out for new products, and you will be amazed at the stuff you can find which doesn't cost the earth. Great if you are starting out as a makeup artist, or looking to bulk up your kit at little expense.  
Barry M Lip Paints are fab. I love them. I find his Pinker Lipsticks have amazing pigment throughout. Infact, I wore one the other night and trying to get it off was interesting. My lips were still pink the morning after. Ahem....
You can buy ( if you look to the left of the pic ) stack pots from makeup shops. These particular ones were from Screenface. Great if you come to the bottom of a lipstick and have alot left, scoop it out and pop it in the stack pot. Also great if you don't want to be hauling all your lipstick around with you. Which is what I used to do. #Nightmare. Sometimes I even use the Barry M Kohl pencils as lip pencils. The two on the right hand side. The pink and the Orange are great, They are strong and matte. Now, I do not have it on any authority to use them on the lips. but us makeup artists love to improvise. Ive been doing it for a while, and I'm ok. Almost ;)  If you are unsure get in touch with Barry M.  
Nars Lipglosses are lush. Very rich in colour, but I have to say they don't taste too great. I love to use Nars Orgasm lipgloss on top of lipsticks to warm them up as it has a little gold running through it.

My trusy palettes. I couldn't do my job without these! Major makeup houses. MAC/Bobbi Brown have realised that Makeup artists and women allover, want to be able to create THEIR OWN palettes, with THEIR colour choices. With MAC and Bobbi, you can do this. Their prices vary, but with both,they are adaptable. So your chosen colour slots in, can be changed around and replaced when you run out!
 This is great news for MUA worldwide. I have palettes for different hues of colours, and can change them around if I have a particular job coming up with the relevant colours slotted in. How much time does this save? Loads. Women everywhere can now take their colours in one palette. Forget your heaving makeup case, and eyeshadows falling out wrecking your clothes!
 Both companies also do blushers palettes. Bobbi has the upper hand here, with her blusher and eyeshadows the same shape. So technically, you can fit her blushers AND eyeshadows within ONE palette. Bonus.

MAC 15 Pan Palette on top left hand corner. My favourite new/limited, Sleek blusher palettes in middle. Love, love, love these. Great colour pigment. Can be used for various looks.

I love finishing powders, and highlighters. Highlighters have come a long way the past few years. They haven't got to be shiny, glittery or overly frosted. The brushes you use will slightly manipulate your chosen medium. I like to use MACs Soft and Gentle Mineral Skinfinish in a 'C' shape around the brow bone down to the cheek bone. Buffing it as I go. Everyone will ask what you are wearing as it gives a beautiful 'glow' to the skin. Gorgeous.

Blushers: Another of my little obsessions. Too much blush can break a look, too little can do just the same. Keep your blusher and lip colour within the same colour family for a 'pulled' together, polished look to your makeup.
MAC have a great selection of colours, in cream and powder.
 Dark skin looks amazing with 'Fever', a deep/dark/matte, claret red popped on the apples of the cheek. 
 'Gingerly' looks fab on NC35 - NC40 Skintones.
 Lighter skinned? Pop a little 'Pink Swoon' on, or try 'Tenderling'. Beautiful on a fairer skinned bride to be.

I love these 'extras'. Fake bakes wash off brozer. Great for emergency touch ups if someones fake tan has gone 'wrong'. Washes straight off. Strobe cream. MAC ( are we seeing a theme here?..... ) An apparent favourite of Kylie. I've heard she uses it on her Derrier.... It firms skin, but more to the point, it illuminates. Great if you want a glow to skin. Not great if you have acne ( i do ) it illuminates the scarring and spots. You will need to use a concealer to cover, which will then take away the glow... slightly pointless :( Great on porcelain skins, illuminates. 

I don't particularly rate Bobbi Browns eyeshadows for pigment. She does bring out lovely limited colours, which are usually high in shimmer and great for evening use. She has a few particular colours in her permanent line that I do use, Bone, being one of them which is ideal for a base colour. But all in all alot of her colours are very powdery and need alot of buildup.
MAC eyeshadows on the other hand, are great for colour pigment.

Barry M Nail colours are a staple in my kit. I always try to keep upto date with the latest colours in and the camel colour on the right is very popular right now. #310 Mushroom.

MAC Pigments are a must! You have to have these. They can be used multi - purposely. Cheeks/lips/eyes/body. Always check with the leaflet you get inside when you buy as certain ones will warn they can be used ONLY on certain areas. They are so rich, you only need a small amount. At only £16.50 they last years. Little tip. Try your favourite MAC pigment, mixed in with your body cream. Apply it anywhere you want to sparkle!

I've chosen a few of my fave brushes for you. People ask all the time for the best brushes. It's all about what kind of effect you are hoping for. Because, contrary to belief. Retail artists, when they say you can't achieve all looks with one brush? They are telling you the truth. If you want smokey eyes, you need a blending brush. If you want a flawless base, you can't expect to achieve the skin envy you have of the makeup assistant who is serving you, with a sponge. These tools, are essential. They take time to collect, but a few, good ones will stand you in good stead.
These are my faves. Bottom to top.  
MAC #130 Short Duo Fibre Brush. Great to 'buff' products into the skin. Good for all liquid/cream/powder. Gives an 'airbrush' finish to skin. 
 #224 Tapered Blending Brush. Great for concealer, under the eyes, on the face. Perfect for smokey eyes. It gives a lighter application of colour due to the 'looser' hairs. Perfect for natural/buildable application. 
 #242 Shader Brush. Great for concealer and for applying cream eyeshadows. My oldest brush here!
 #217 Blending Brush. A firmer/shorter version of the #224. Gives quicker colour build up. Also good for buffing concealer under the eyes.
 #168 Large Angled Contour Brush. My personal favourite. Great for giving depth and contour to the cheekbones. Gives a sharp finish to your blusher choice. 
#266 Small angle brush. Fab for use on brows, and for gel eyeliner. The angle does the work for you!
The two NARS brushes I have had for a long time. Check their website out for details. The no's have rubbed off them! The large one, I love. It wasn't cheap. But I love it, If I lost it I would have to buy one immediately! It buffs bronzer into the skin so well, you would be fooled into believing you have a natural tan. The bristles are so packed together and soft its just a pleasure to use it! Looking on their website, Im pretty sure it is their #19 Bronzing Brush. The other, smaller one I love to use for small work. Its similiar to the MAC pencil brush. Thinly packed and great for contour work, or smudgeing eyeliner into the lash line. I prefer the NARS one over the MAC because it isn't scratchy/ So soft. Beautiful. Look for Nars brushes here .

Well, I hope you enjoyed having a snoop round my kit! If you have any question, get in touch. Would you like a blog feature on anything I have mentioned here? What do you think to a MAC lipstick/ Celebrity wearing feature? Leave your comments below. :) As always, it has been a pleasure writing for you all! Have a fab weekend, and stay tuned for a exciting blog post next week :) Ruth E x

Links for companies mentioned, here:

MAC Cosmetics Uk :
Barry M:
Sleek :
Bobbi Brown :


  1. wow great to see some of your products! im currently building up my kit too and im loving mac and sleek at the moment too! x

  2. Oh my god.. make up envy!

  3. @ Hayley. It took me almost all day to photograph and sort it haha! I do have an awful lot of the stuff :/ Sleek are really great for your kit. Their new blusher palettes are to die for. Well, not literally..... ;)
    @ Lucy. Do you want me to do a blog on my theatrical stuff? Nah, maybe not, not much fun. How bout a feature on the best MAC Lipsticks out there, and a little giveaway..... hmmmmmmmmm :)
    RuthE xox

  4. This is so helpful! Im building up my kit at the moment, am doing a bridal makeup in Oct and ive realised theres so many things i still need to get! Can i ask you where you got your mixing palette from ? xx

  5. Hey Holly :)
    I got my mixing palette working for a company. But I'm pretty sure you can get them from makeup supply shops. Try Screenface, Charles Fox or MAC pro.
    Screenface and Charles Fox are really good, reasonably priced products.

  6. Thanks Ruth, i'll check these companies out :) We never had anything like that when i worked for Lancome so def need to get this x

  7. You're welcome lovely.