Duchess Katherine - Princess Bride

Okay ladies.

I seem to have a theme going on at the moment.

This Bride, isn't a bride to be.

Oh no, she is now a Princess bride.
Introducing. Kate Middleton.

It seems wherever you go at the moment everyone, everywhere is talking about this new Duchess.

She only has to buy a dress from a high street outlet and they are sold out within hours.
The perfume she wore for her wedding day sold out, and the waiting list for a bottle is now two weeks....

I get asked a lot, to recreate her makeup look. Her signature look is very fresh, natural and understated.

I was quite amused to find most of the products, she wears, I already have, stashed away in my MU kit. Two of which I wore on my own Wedding Day.

So, do you want to recreate her signature look?

Let's have a peek in her makeup bag.

Nice and Natural

It is claimed that Kate uses the Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow's.

I carry a few in my kit, being very natural they are great for Bridal makeup.

Kate uses the matte 'Ivory' colour all over the lid. This colour is great at evening out skin tone, and brightening the eye.

She uses 'Rockstar' all over the lid, upto the crease. Rockstar is a metallic texture. So it's not very high in pigment, just very high in shimmer. The colour is like a grey/slate. It does create alot of fall down on the cheeks. Apply before foundation.
You have to 'pack' this colour on to create any kind of build up.

She uses 'Slate' in the crease.This is matte, and a deep grey tone. Use sparingly

Priced at £15.50 each

I've used the above colours to recreate the 'Kate' Eye.

Bobbi Browns Ivory Eyeshadow as a base. Upto brow bone. Rockstar ( can you see the slight shimmer ) on the lid. Slate on the outer corner and crease. Kate Signature eyeliner has also been applied to top and bottom.

Renowned for her signature eyeliner, Kate uses Bobbi Brown's Black Ink, Gel Eyeliner.

This stuff is good. It stays put and creates a lovely defined line.

If you find this a little too pricey, at £16.50, try Maybelline's own gel eyeliner. Cheaper, and it comes with it's own little eyeliner brush.



£7.99 ( with brush )

The Duchess loves the Lancome Hypnose mascara.

These mascara's are great, I would go as far as to say, some of the best I have used.

They aren't cheap at £21.00 a pop.

I do tend to find they dry out very quickly, which is the only downfall. This may be due to their high water content.

But the colour pigment and richness of the actual mascara ( this particular one ) is fab.

Kate is another, supposed fan of the iconic, YSL, Touche Eclat. Who isn't? She can use it under eyes for shadows ( remove that Rockstar shadow fall down ) or on her brow bone to brighten.

The Duchesse's cheeks always seem to have a certain 'glow' to them. Would you agree? She teams it up with a blusher and soft shimmer.

 I used this very blusher on my Wedding Day. It's gorgeous. Don't let the colour deceive you. It look's bright in this picture, but also when you see it at a Bobbi Brown counter. When you apply it, it's so natural. The colour is perfect for fairer skinned girls. It complement's the skin beautifully and builds up gradually. Grab yourself one of these! £18.00

The very popular Shimmer Brick.
Bobbi brought this out as a limited edition but the customer response to it was so high she brought it out permanently. Along with quite a few other's.

Kate uses the Bronze Shimmer Brick.

Dust it directly over blusher or above the cheekbone for a subtle glow.

These are not 'glittery'. They are great when you feel a little under the weather or your skin feels a bit flat. They add an undeniable flush and glow to the skin.



I've never seen the Duchess wearing a strong lip colour, have you? I think she would look stunning with a strong red lip! Her everyday lip colour compliments the rest of her makeup perfectly.

Bobbi Brown has so many lipsticks, and there are a handful which are very popular for bridal or everyday natural use. Kate is keen on the Sandwash Pink colour which she has apparently used for quite some time......
£18.00 each

Kate sometime's like's to use Bobbi Brown's Crystal Lip gloss on top of her regular lipstick.

This particular lipgloss is one of my all time favourite's.
It's called Crystal, so you would think it would have some kind of shimmer running through it
Its just a clear gloss. Very thick, very glossy.
I love using this gloss on top of lipsticks. It brings the colour to life, and creates extra dimension.

Priced at £14.00

Kate alway's looks great head to toe. Her nail's are always polished to perfection. These two colour's were what Marina Sandoval of the Joe Hansford Salon in London combined to create Kate's Bridal Nails.

Essie. No 423 Allure.
And Bourjois. No 28 Rose Lounge

I have never used either, but the colours look so pretty I may have to invest in both!

Have you used either of them?

I'm a fan of the classic French manicure......

What do you think of Kate's makeup? I think she look's gorgeous whatever she wears. Clothes or makeup.
Have you used any of these product's? What do you think?

What ever will Kate wear next? Whatever it is, we can be sure of this. Makeup or clothes, it will sell out within hours.

Kate. The new Style Icon.



  1. I absolutely love that Bobbi Brown lipstick colour ... must find online :)

  2. Hey Rach. It is lush! What I would say, is the colours on internet sites, spesh Bobbis one, rarely give the true colour. In fact, they can look like a completely different shade when you see them in the store! But it's a popular colour anyway! Very pretty and natural. :)

  3. I adore Kate Middleton. Love her simple style.x

  4. She just know's what work's and looks amazing! Her style is simple, but perfect!