W7 Butter Kiss Lipstick

Over a year ago, I was sent a bundle of W7 makeup. I remember being that excited I completely demolished the box, like a kid at Christmas. It was jam packed with so many gorgeous things I didn't know what to experiment with first!

I initially popped together a blog post, praising their eyeshadow palettes whilst the rest of the makeup got nealty placed in my makeup storage room. Yes, I have a room soley dedicated to my makeup hoard.

I moved last year, and slowly buy surely I am getting my own office space and studio, put together.
It's painstackingly, boring. But, it must be done.
Whilst having a 'sort out ' I came across these lippies from W7. Still in their original sealed state, never been opened. So in true procrastinating fashion, I digressed from the tidying and instead started unwrapping the rest of my W7 stash.

Oh how I wish I had opened them sooner. 
These lipsticks are without doubt, up there with some of the best I have ever tried. I have tried near enough, every brand available, so in turn I am fussy with what I deem a good quailty lipstick.

The name 'butter kiss' is so apt. The consistency and texture are to die for. Rich and buttery, they leave a comforting application and a full pop of colour.
The pigment is so strong that even when it wears off, a stain of colour still remains.

With only one application, a full coverage of colour is given.
I've always been a fan of higher pigment lipsticks. They are so much more versatile in terms of adapdability. If you prefer a 'stained' effect to the lips, apply with the finger - just patting them lightly.
Alternatively, mix with a gloss, for a richly coloured, glossy lip. I've even been known to use fuller pigment lipsticks such as these, as cream blushers. The choices are endless!

I've already ordered a few more colours from the W7 website, I wait in anticipation for their arrival!

The important stuff and what you really want to know.

Price: £4.95 each Official W7 Website

High Pigment
Creamy texture
Comforting feel on lips
Doesn't leave the lips dry after a few hours
Great price


I've already put an order in for the rest of the colours!
Find the full range at the official W7 Website

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