NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Serum

With alot of my skincare products, I am always on the look out for that perfect serum or moisturiser.
It doesn't bear thinking about, the amount of money I have spent in the pursuit of ( possibly unattainable ) skin perfection.

Having heard so many glowing reviews about NIP + FAB products I decided to take the plunge, reveling at the prospect of a new product to try and fingers crossed, hopefully; fall in love with.

Debating prices and scouring various reviews, I eventually decided upon the Glycolic Fix Serum.
This particular ingredient, I know suits my skin - so I was already anticipating beyond, amazing results.
This overnight serum contains 4% Glycolic Acid and also Soothing Aloe Vera. Another staple favourite in many skincare products.
Glycolic Acid is a favourite among skincare enthusiasts. Helping to exfoliate, reduce fine lines and over time, reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone. What's not to love?

The serum is a gel like, texture and I find one pump is enough for the whole face, working the remaining product, down the neck.

It dries pretty quick upon contact without leaving a sticky residue, feel or tackiness.
Like most serums, it leaves no shine or texture to the skin, just sinking in ready for your next skincare, step.

The important stuff and what you really want to know.

£14.95 for 30ml. Pricing at Superdrug. Correct as of the 4th January 2017.

I have sensitive skin, but this stuff seems to suit my temperamental epidermis, pretty well.
Not overly scented.
A gel like texture, unlike some serums which are more of a liquid/watery consistency.
Great, pump dispenser. I love packaging that is designed like this. I find one pump provides just the perfect amount for the whole face and neck.

None. If I was to be picky... As with all cosmetic/skincare packaging that conceals the actual product thats contained inside, ( Either due to the material or colour ) you never know when it will actually run out, until, it runs out.

After 4 weeks of use
With regular use, my skin looks more refined, clearer, brighter AND smoother.
I suffer with dry patches on my face during the colder months and this has really helped.
Makeup sits so much better after using this for several weeks.
No breakouts, and improved skin texture.

Buy again?
100% Yes. 

I would love to try more from this seemingly, fabulous range.
Have you tried any NIP+FAB products?

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