Crown Brushes - Best Makeup brushes in the business. Yes, really!

If you are a regular client of mine, then you will know - I love my Crown Brushes.
Whether I am working on a Photoshoot, doing a lovely Brides makeup, or even a one to one Makeup lesson - you will always find me using my trusty Crown brushes.

Now, I own ALOT of makeup brushes - Although my excuse is, I have been buying them for the past 13 years!
Having worked for some of the biggest brand's in makeup, I know a good makeup brush when I see and use one - and you can't go far wrong with brushes from these guys.

If you already use their brushes, you will know that the quality is second to none - but you will also know that their prices are amazing.
Yes, you can buy two or three brushes from Crown, and not have to take out a second mortgage to pay for them.

Here I have listed a few of my favourite brushes from Crown. Let's start with a few of my favourite base brushes.

Love, love love this brush. I always reach for this brush when I want more of a natural finish to the foundation I am using. Being a larger brush, less product is distributed - leaving the skin looking deceptively flawless. The popular duo brush - buffs the product onto the skin. I also love to use this brush if applying makeup to the body.

This is my FAVOURITE Crown, Face brush. This is catergorised under their bronzer brushes section - but I also use it with cream foundation. The bristles are so tightly packed it buffs whatever makeup product you have on them so effortlessley onto the skin - it's fab for anyone with larger pores as it smooths makeup over them. It is also great for powders, and bronzers - as it leaves a natural, subtle look - helping mimick a natural tan.

A relatively new purchase, the brush hairs are tightly packed into the furrell and softly angled.
This brush is great is you are a fan of contouring your cheeks - and buffs whatever makeup medium, whether it be powder or cream beautifully into the skin.

Another new purchase, great brush for more controlled, contour work and more precise placement of product.

Love this duo brush, in smaller form. You have to feel the brush hairs, to believe how fine, and delicate they are. Absolutely love this brush at buffing concealer onto problem areas. It's so soft, it  distributes just enough product - so you get no build up. Heaven.

I use this brush for concealer under the eye - the shape makes it easy to 'pat' and 'place' the product just where you need it - you can then use the same brush to pat until evenly distributed.

Here are a few Crown brushes I have, that not many people own - and many ask about when they see them in my brush belt.

I like to call this a 'bigger blending brush' - bigger than your average blending brush.
It's great at softening down any harsh edges in re to eyeshadows and using transition colours ( lighter, complimenting colours ) to soften. A great brush to have to really 'blow' shadow out - resulting in a soft fusion and gruduation of colour.

My all time favourite angle brush for eyeliner, whether it be powder or gel - and also for applying product to your brows. I find the brush handle, longer than other brands - therefore giving greater ease of use.

Finally! A brush to use with cosmetic glitter! Any Makeup artist will know the pain of trying to apply eye glitters/glues with your average makeup brush - and also trying to clean them after!
This silicon 'brush'  means you can pat the glitter onto the eye/face, avoiding a lot less product fall down. Cleaning of this brush is also so easy - wash in warm water!

Love this brush - for so many reasons. It's a true multi-purpose brush.
Use it to smudge eyeliners, shadows, create a cut crease, crease work, applying highlighter to inner corners of the eye/brown bone - the list is endless.

Tiny smudge brush. Feels softer on the eyes than a larger brush, great for more detailed eye makeup - I've even used this as a lip brush on more than one occasion.

BK41 Bought this over Christmas - love using this to 'clean' up eyeliner - making it look sharper and more defined. It's also great if you are a fan of the sharp, clean brow - great for applying concealer with.

Check out the official Crown Brushes website here - for lots of other fab brushes and also makeup and accessories.

For an exclusive 15% off all brushes and accessories, Using the link below type 'Blush' in at checkout. 

You are welcome!


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