W7 Eyeshadow Palettes

This week, I have felt like a child at Christmas. I have had a few unexpected parcels land at my door, and W7 was one of them.
I have a HUGE bundle of makeup from them that I will be working through, so I thought I'd start with these fabulous, eyeshadows palettes.

First glance, you would be mistaken into thinking they were the Urban Decay, eyeshadow palettes.
They have the same 'tin' packaging - which I personally love, as they are easy to clean! (What's with the cardboard packaging that is so popular at the moment? It looks nice for a while, give it a few weeks in my kit and it look's a tatty mess - let's all make these tins please... )
They are the same size, and once opened they have the same design, containing 12 eyeshadows, and a small applicator/brush.

In the Nude
The camera doesn't pick up the lovely shimmery highlights, but they are there!
12 colours.
Natural Nudes
3 Matte colours in Cream/Light/Mid Browns. Great if you just want a matte eye makeup or to define your eye crease.
Alot of the colours in this palette I can see are similar to many MAC colours. Think of the colours:
Jest/Naked Lunch/Mulch/Satin Taupe/Woodwinked
Altogether, a gorgeous palette.

In the Buff, Lightly Toasted
Two Matte tones, in a colour similar to 'Brule' from MAC and a colour that looks a little like 'Cork' from MAC.
You have 7 frosted shades, which are of fabulous pigment. Colours similar to, 'Amber lights', 'All that glitters' by MAC.
Colours are very 'earthy' tones 
You also have two darker shades. One is a Black, with glitter running through it and the other a Charcoal, again with glitter running through it.

In the Night 
One Matte colour in this one - In Black.
This palette has three neutral shades, think Peach/Champagne tones.
You have one deep Purple, alongside another light Purple.
A gorgeous rustic Red, very much like 'Cranberry' from MAC, acompanied by an AMAZING pink, with glitter running through it. This colour would be great, 'patted' on top of a colour or straight onto the eyelid.

I know alot of the brushes you get included with eyeshadow palettes are usually pretty naff - but I would use the finer end of these brushes. It's really great at running under the eyes to add colour and definition - as for the sponge applicator tip - I still wish companies wouldn't bother. It CAN be used to PAT eyeshadow on with, but apart from that - there's really no point.

Now - as for the eyeshadows themselves, how do they compare to other higher end, or higher priced
or a SINGLE eyeshadow it's great.

I have A LOT of what would be classed as 'cheaper' makeup in my kit, not because it's cheap - but because I use it, rate it and it does the job. That's it.

These shadows are of high quality. They are rich in pigment, not full of talc, giving a wishy washy application of colour.
The colours are rich, and they blend well. I would recommend popping an eye primer on first, to give the best colour pay off.

If you are after an eyeshadow palette, but cannot afford £35 upwards for one invest in one of these . You will not be disappointed.
These cost a mere £9.99 each

W7 also do another palette called, 'In the Buff' - Which seems to be filled with very natural, earthy tones - with a mix of frost and mattes.

Take a look at their website here

What do you think? Have you tried these? If so which palette?
Stay tuned to me on Instagram - where I will be posting some new makeup looks using these.


* These makeup items were sent to me for review

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