Not a name I had heard in the beauty world, until a few weeks ago.

During one of my Admin days, which are better spent nosying through Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, I discovered these guys.

I think everyone on planet earth has heard of Elizabeth Ardens, Eight hour cream.
I myself have used if for years, and swear by it - but have I stumbled across a product just like it, or better?

LipGlam retails at £9.99 for a 12ml tube.
It's a handy size so can be popped in your handbag or like me, next to my office computer alongside my makeup brushes.

It's advertised as a 100% natural lip balm that lasts up to 8 hours - but just like Ardens 8 hour cream, it is a multi-purpose product, and who doesn't love a multi-purpose beauty product?

It can be used as a:
Lip Balm
Cuticle ointment
To smooth split ends ( yes, really )
Eyebrow balm
For dry skin relief

Hypoallergenic and 100% fragrance/colour free/paraben free

If you already use Ardens 8 hour cream, you will know it has quite an oily consistency once blended onto the skin area, but it also has a distinct smell.

The texture of LipGlam is quite dense but non-greasy which I like, but it has no fragrance.

I had very dehydrated lips after a bout of illness, and this stuff worked wonders after just a few hours.

I'm impressed - I love how such a compact, beauty product can have so many uses. I've started to use this before applying Lipliner/Lipstick.
Lipliner glides on and does not 'drag' and lipstick is left with a delicate, sheer sheen.

One tip with this product. If like me you live in the UK, which is renowned for its unpredictable weather - this product does not like the cold.
This may be due to the product containing Lanolin - I'm not sure, but like other lip balms it will solidify in the tube.
Not too bad if you are home, just run it under a hot tap but if you are out - this may prove a little more difficult!

Regardless, I've popped this in my Makeup kit and only product's I deem worthy have a place there.

Check out their website
Official LipGlam Website


*This product was sent to me for review

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