Anastasia Beverly Hills - Dipbrow Pomade

If you are a follower of all things beauty social media wise, you will have witnessed the craze that currently surrounds 'eyebrow makeup'.

Eyebrow tutorials are forever arising on different platforms, with a host of new makeup products to choose as your makeup medium.

Unless you have been living on another planet, any avid follower of beauty will have heard of Anastasia Beverly Hills. Renowned as the 'eyebrow queen' to celebrities and clients alike.
This lady styles top celebrities eyebrows such as the Kardashians and top models, to name but a few.

Several years back she launched her first eyebrow, makeup range - including brow pencils and stencils.

Back in 2014 I purchased her new eyebrow makeup, which was a worldwide success - Dipbrow Pomade.
I had got to the point where I was using MACs, Dipdown eyeliner through my brows, to give a nice strong colour and sharpness ( not to be mistaken with sharpie.... )

Anastasia's Dipbrows were plastered all over every social media site with photographs of perfect brows filling my social media feed, so naturally I had to give them a go.

I purchased the colours Blonde, Chocolate and Dark Brown. I know that just recently the colours for this successful makeup line, have expanded. New, lighter browns have been added which would be perfect if Blonde was too light and Chocolate/Dark brown, too dark.

I found that most people who purchase these, feel it takes them a while to master an application technique they feel comfortable with. It does take a little practise and also several attempts to determine, how much you actually NEED to apply at one time.
The texture of the product is very similar to a cream eyeliner, which helps it glide on perfectly, and the pigment being rich enough to ensure you do not need to go over one area, more than once.

I personally found that less is more with this product. You really only need a small amount for maximum effect. I also like to use a disposable mascara wand to brush through the brow after application, to remove any excess product.

Blonde - A great colour for very fairer blonde, grey hair. I have a few mature clients, who now have this in their makeup kit. It's a soft colour, and is virtually undetectable once applied. Very natural.

Chocolate - My personal favourite. I have dark brown hair and this is perfect for me.

Dark brown - Not too dissimilar to Chocolate - I sometimes switch between the two.

It's a perfect product if you want to strengthen the shape of your brow, add definition while you are growing them out or even add more depth to the natural colour of your brow.

I use an angle brush to apply, and find that once it dries - it stays put all day.

A perfect product for the brows, once you have mastered how to apply it! Also great value for money. I find eyebrow pencils, with daily use need replacing alot sooner than these do.

I purchased mine from Cult beauty at £15.00 for one.

Have you tried these? What was your first impression?


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