Vichy - Fluid Corrective Foundation. 
'Don't be labelled just because of your skin concern'

Acne. Once you have experienced it, you know how it feels to suffer with it. In a world where so much relies on, and so much emphasis is placed on image, being an acne suffer can make you feel like an outsider.

From the age of 13 onwards - I had acne.
13 - 16 my skin erupted and all during my secondary school years I endured the teasing from class 'mates'.
From the age of 18-20 I then experienced ' adult acne' which re-surfaced on my cheeks in painful, unsightly red sores.
The stress, bullying and torment of these years left me mentally and emotionally scarred.

I still get spots and blemishes now regardless of what I use on my skin and what I eat. Thankfully, my skin has never reverted back to the way it was during my teens and early 20s. I have accepted the fact I have acne prone skin, and this alone has slowly helped build my confidence.

Looking back, I think my experiences with acne lead me towards and into the makeup field. I loved how makeup could transform you, not only physically but also emotionally. It's no suprise that I now work as a full-time, freelance makeup artist.
With the knowledge I now have, I can disguise unexpected breakouts leaving me confident and ready to face the world, instead of hiding behind closed doors.

Always on the search for that 'perfect' base makeup I have tried, God only knows how many foundations. I went through the phase of using MAC studio fix ( too drying ) MAC studio sculpt ( too oily ) and Estee Lauder double wear ( too heavy AND too drying )
You name it - I've tried it.

I wanted a foundation that didn't look heavy on the skin, but also gave great coverage. I also wanted a foundation that didn't budge on my oily skin, but also didn't start to look shiny and get patchy after a few hours. Yes, I also began to think I was searching for the impossible.

Finally - after searching, for what feels like an eternity I have found my miracle product.
Introducing Vichy, Fluid Corrective Foundation 16hr.

The foundations come in this 'tube like' packaging, with a screw lid. It helps save on usage, as you can just squeeze out the amount you need. This 'God send' also has a SPF of 35

I dread to think how many foundations I have tried and the thousands I must have spent. It just doesn't bear thinking about!
With my job, I can be up at 4am, and back home at 7pm. It's imperitive that I have a foundation that is longlasting but also gives great coverage.

This foundation is creamy, gliding onto the skin and drying beautifully. It doesn't oxidise ( get darker throughout the day ) and it looks exactly the same when I get home from a job, as it did when I applied it that morning. I set the foundation with their setting powder, which also helps to prolong it's hold, giving a lovely matte finish.

I used this foundation on a client,only the other day. This lady had rosacea and thread veins. Like many ladies who suffer from this, she did not want a foundation that was going to look heavy on the skin, but also didn't want a foundation that was too 'high' maintenance. Ie - need's touching up every hour or so. This foundation gave a lovely coverage without looking caked on. Just beautiful.

Vichy do 5 colours in this range
Opal - being the lightest

The ONLY downside to this product is the colour range. I really hope as this brand becomes more popular they expand the range of shades.
Opal - being the lightest shade, is still a little too dark for me. I do need to blend it down the neck to ensure I dont get the dreaded 'tide' mark.

This foundation has been a god-send for me this summer. No more worrying that my makeup is sliding off whilst I'm working, or that my spots/blemishes are visible to clients.
I will be doing a seperate post for their Dermablend, setting powder, as I feel it needs a review all of it's own!

Vichy can be purchased online, but if you want to test the colours out first, large branches of Boots sell it. This particular foundation cost me £18.00 from Boots, but is currently on offer at £13.50. (23/07/2015 )
Worth every penny.
Vichy do other products for base makeup, including concealers and a cream foundation. I would love to try the concealers on myself and clients.
Have you tried any of the Vichy range?


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