LA Girl Concealers

Another company who it seems, business has boomed for during 2014/2015 is LA Girl Cosmetics.
Like so many new makeup companies, LA Girl now has a huge following with Makeup Artists and on Social media sites, especially Instagram.

Top to bottom - Nude/Medium Bisque/Warm Sand/Warm Honey/Classic Ivory/Beautiful Bronze

Makeup gurus, and Instagram 'celebrities' have gone crazy for these concealers, so naturally - I had to see what all the fuss was about.
The majority of the makeup work I do is going to be seen on camera, and live on for years to come in photographs - so it's imperitive that the makeup I use is suitable.
I constantly have clients who ask why they look so white or washed out in photographs and the reason is always the foundation/concealer/powder being used.

Certain foundations can look great to the naked eye, but in photographs can look lifeless, grey and washed out.
Any makeup product with a high SPF and even talcs will interfere with flash photography, but not only flash photgraphy, just photographs in general.
Flash photography - Wear an SPF? The flash will reflect, leaving you looking as white as a ghost.

The LA Girl concealers are HD - High Definition. If you see makeup that specifies this, you can be sure it will look great in photos.
HD makeup is not just reserved for foundations now, but concealers, blushers and powders are also popping up from different makeup companies - claiming the all important 'HD' stamp.

Why are the LA Girl concealers so popular?

Seveal reasons:
They don't cost the earth - and for this I LOVE LA Girl. I think alot of people are finally cottoning on, that alot of bigger brands really do mark their products up far too high, price wise. If you can get a product just as good, at a quarter of the price - it's really, a no brainer....

They are compact and 'mess' free - I love how versatile they are. If you are a follower on Instagram - you will know how crazy people went for these last year. They are used alot in contouring/highlighting techniques.
With the design of the packaging, its easy to pop it into your makeup bag for re-touch ups during the day.

They are HD - Look great in photographs.

Give great, customisable coverage with a creamy texture

Great range of colours, on their website there are 18 colours advertised.

They have a 'brush' applicator - which again is great for contouring. Just apply them directly to the skin.

One downside for people outside US - are the shipping fees. You will need to do your homework and search sites to find the best deal and what you are prepared to pay.
I tracked a supplier down on Ebay - so didn't pay a fortune in shipping fees.
All six of these concealers came to around £28.00 - with postage.
As with ALL successful makeup companies/products you will get the odd idiot selling / charging a fortune for them, so be careful - shop around.

LA Girl have other fab makeup products that I am dying to try - but annoyingly, I need to eat and pay bills.
Being a makeup artist is an expensive game................

Have you tried any LA Girl products?


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