Another skin care post - Bobbi Brown Face Oil

My pursuit for perfect, angelic, flawless skin is proving to be a little obsessive.

To you regular reader's, you will know only too well I am always on the look out for new products that will perfect my skin and get rid of all known ailments.

I have found some fabulous products that really work at curing and nursing poorly, acne ridden skin.
Again, I mention a lot that during my teenage years, the choice available for those of us with acne, was very limited.
We were subjected to OXY or Clearasil. If these did not suffice then there was always the doctors prescription......

It' great to see so many products out there now which genuinly help to control spots and also help minimise their appearance.

One thing, even more so now. I am thirty, and I have noticed a change in my skin. It still loves to erupt every so often, and the fear overwhelmes me that my adult acne is back to stay, but more so I have noticed it's need for more moisture.

I dont know why this is.
I know I do not drink as much water as I should, I also know working with air conditioning and central heating, full time, is not great for your skin either.
I don't think my skin thanks me for the fact I wear makeup everyday to work. ( I have too )

But in my defense I have never had a 'normal' skin type. More so, very combination and very erratic.
So what to do?

A while ago, when I worked for Bobbi Brown, ( who's skincare products I have an absolute weakness for )
I was introduced to her Face oil.

Funnily enough, and tell me if you agree, I was always under the impression if you had problem skin, you wouldn't want to add anything oily to it? Surely that would contribute to the oiliness?

Oh how wrong I was!

When I used harsh 'oil stripping' skin products as a teenager it seriously played havoc with my skin.
So, on one hand I had these angry, red spots, then I had excessively dry skin also, as the products dried my skin out.
Then I would overload my skin with moisturiser to compensate the dryness.
So all in all, my skin was a right bloody mess.

My skin was in overdrive, it wasn't sure if it was too dry or too oily. It didnt know how to react, the balance of my natural skin was completely off the scale.

What to do?

So I was told by a Bobbi Brown trainer that this oil is amazing.
I looked at him like, well for that price I should expect miracles.

I invested in one, again, in the pursuit of skin perfection ( keep dreaming Ruth )
Now, you may wonder, you just bought it, like that? What if it's awful?

I have read so much about face oils, and they are, it seems, the 'in' thing.
So many companies now sell them, and a lot sell the cleansing oils, of which I am a big fan.

The selling point for me though?

A girl who was at the training with me. I had seen her 6 months previous.
In the six months previous, her skin had been red ( roseacea ) and spotty.
Now six months in, her skin looked amazing!

She told me she was given the oil, to trial. As she had tried everything out there, with no avail, and she had serious skin confidence issues, nothing like me.

The oil had worked wonder's to balance her skin out, So, instead of stripping her skin of natural oils, therefore producing far too much and aggravating the skin. The oil had soothed her skin. Because oils are so light they absorb through the hair follicle quicker.
Also, the oils help to 'balance' the skin. So when the oil is applied the skin tells the brain:
'Hey, im okay here, my skin is in balance, dont produce anymore oil.'

Seeing the difference in her skin sold the product to me.

Who would I recommend it for?
Teenagers, it will calm and balance your skin, You WILL see a difference. Give it three to four weeks.
Normal skin - Use it as a weekly treat or a bedtime moisuriser
Dry skin. It can be used UNDER moisturiser for extra hydration, before makeup too.
Mature skin - I used it on a 50 plus bride the weekend, before applying her foundation. Her skin looked plump, hydrated and dewy. Heavenly.

Which oils does it contain?
Sweet Almond
Also scented with the following oils:

Now, something I am hot on, is this.
Do not expect miracles overnight. The amount of customers who complain that skin products dont work.
How long have you been using it? Four days.
Don't expect dry skin, to magically disappear overnight or your blemsihes to be gone by the weekend.

Skins natural renewal process is four to six weeks. The older you are, the longer it takes for your skin cells to renew. Younger skin renews a lot quicker than say a 30 - 40 - 50 year old.

Persist and be patient. I look at it a little like this:
You go to weight watchers, to gradually lose weight. It will take a while, not overnight. Skincare is the same. Give it time, you will see the results.

Liposuction or weight watchers?
Skin peel or good skincare regime?

Its worth the wait.

When I had more time on my hands, I would take a good twenty minutes, to half  hour a night, taking my makeup off, exfoliating, massaging oil in etc.
The condition of my skin, was fantastic. But it took time, and I have seen the difference to now, when I'm a quick cleanse and moisturiser kind of girl.

Another tip with this product? Usage.

Don't tip it into your hand. You will use far too much, and it will be gone in no time.
Use it properly and you will have it for months.

When you open the bottle, it has, what I call a 'well'. Tip the bottle, BEFORE you open it. The residue collects in the 'well'. Open and just use what is left in the well. More than enough.

Another great tip, if you crave that lovely dewy look from your foundation, with the added bonus of skin goodness and hydration, mix a tinniest bit of this in with your fave foundation.


£40 for 30ml.

If you cant justify this, think of ALL the oils that are contained in it, there is alot of oil in that glass bottle.
Spa facials are pricey, just one a month adds up. Here you have your own Spa facial.

I have tried other face oils, this, is my fave.
Other don't feel as hydrating. This feels richer, and the results are, I feel, second to none.

All skin textures, tones and ages will benefit, in some way.

Do you use a face oil already? Which ones do you rate?



  1. I use the Pai Skincare Rosehip Oil & it works wonders for my skin. I think that sometimes we are so set on cleansing and cleaning our skin that we end up stripping it of it's natural oils which in turn causes it to become unbalanced. Which, of course, causes break outs! I am also 30 and I have found that although my skin has calmed down since my teenage years it does sometimes break out.

    I fully believe in face oils & I'm glad this works for you! x

  2. Ohhh, Ive never heard of this skincare brand! I'm glad someone understands my love for face oils! Love 'em!

  3. I'm intrigued but tbh my skin is pretty good I get the odd blemish but apart from that its fine would you recommend trying this anyway or would it upset my skin? X

    1. I'd recommend it as part of a really good skincare regime. Maybe use it a couple of times a week for a skin treat? You will see a difference in your skin, and it is great under makeup. I did get a few spots for a week after using it, but I always do when I use new skincare products till my skin adapts. I love it! Oils balance skin, so I genuinely think it does all skin types good :)

  4. i first know this product when a friend of mine endorse it to me. She said that their product line is great when compared to the one i am using before. And I guess after a month of using it, it really surpass my previous brand.

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